UN to Prepare War Crimes Cases in Syria for Prosecution


On Wednesday, US-pressured General Assembly members voted 105 – 15, with 52 abstentions, for empowering a panel to gather evidence of war crimes in Syria for prosecution. Russia, China, Iran and Syria strongly opposed the measure.

It’s clear where this is heading – a scheme intended to largely blame Syria, Russia and allied forces for high crimes committed by Washington, its rogue allies and terrorist foot soldiers.

Syrian UN envoy Bashar al-Jaafari denounced the proposal, coming in the wake of Aleppo’s liberation, saying it’s intended to undermine chances for diplomatic conflict resolution. It flagrantly violates international law by interfering in the internal affairs of a UN member state, Jafaari added.

According to the resolution, a UN-established panel will “assist in the investigation and prosecution of those responsible for the most serious crimes” in Syria.

It’ll “collect, consolidate, preserve and analyze evidence of violations of international humanitarian law and human rights violations and abuses and prepare files in order to facilitate and expedite fair and independent criminal proceedings.”

It’s a politically motivated scheme to absolve Western and regional nations of high crimes committed against Syria and its people – blaming victims, not perpetrators.

Throughout Obama’s war, Human Rights Watch largely served as a reliable Western propaganda instrument, supporting what demands denunciation.

Its senior international justice counsel Balkees Jarrah commented on the General Assembly resolution, saying “establishing the investigative mechanism…help(s) pave the road to accountability after years of unchecked atrocities.”

“Perpetrators now know that evidence of their misdeeds will be collected to hasten the day when they find themselves in the dock.”

Russia and China will veto any one-sided Security Council resolution intended to deny Syrians the justice they deserve.

A Final Comment

Interviewed in Damascus by Vanessa Beeley, Assad’s political and media advisor Bouthaina Shaaban expressed the following important yearend thoughts, saying:

“I feel that while western children are ready to celebrate Christmas and expecting what Santa Claus will bring them, it is an appropriate time for western people to remember Syrian children, who have totally lost their childhood during this horrible war that has been launched against Syria, for no reason whatsoever, and for no crime that the Syrian people have committed or perpetrated.

In this sense, I would like to direct a message to western media that tries to take information from those who are known to be targeting Syria, from those who are known to be feeding terrorism, arming terrorism, financing terrorism – to stop that!

To try and rely upon journalists and people who look for the truth and at least take the trouble to visit Syria to see for themselves what is happening in Syria, to look for the reality, rather than try to promote all these terrorists who have been perpetrating the most heinous crimes ever, in our country.

Syria is a country that has lived through thousands of years, because the Syrian people believe in their country. They believe in belonging to this land, so we will continue to defend our land and we will continue defend our country. Honestly, terrorism is a danger to all of us. It is a danger to Humanity, to Europe, to America, to Russia, to all countries in the world.

Unfortunately I fear that the west is not going to believe us until they suffer what we have suffered and clearly we do not want them to suffer what we have suffered, because, believe me, it is a catastrophe, what the Syrian people have suffered, in the last five years.

However, I have to pray, that next year, 2017, is going to be a better year, for Syrian people, for western people and for the world at large.

All that I ask, is that now, western people just please look for the truth. I am not asking them to speak in favour of the Syrian government or the Syrian state. I am asking them to speak in favour of the truth. Please don’t promote information unless you know this is really what is going on.

I dare say, that, corporate media have played a very negative role in our lives. It has caused death and destruction in Syria, simply by circulating stories and ideas that are totally unfounded, in Syria, and made it appear as if they are the truth of what is happening in Syria.”

Throughout Obama’s aggression, some of the worst media fakes news in memory substituted for truth-telling – available only through reliable independent alternative sources.

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