UN anti-Syria resolution biased: Russian Foreign Ministry



A general view of the UN Human Rights Council in debate on Syria in Geneva, May 29, 2013.
Russian Foreign Ministry has strongly criticized as “one-sided” the UN Human Rights Council’s (UNHRC) recent resolution against Syria, calling on the international community to change its approach to the crisis in the Arab country.

In a Saturday statement, Russian Foreign Ministry said, “The resolution is biased and counterproductive.”
The ministry also stated that the resolution, initiated by the United States, Britain, Qatar, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey, ignored the atrocities of the foreign-sponsored militants including those against women and children.
“It [the resolution] is directed against the government of Syria and ignores the crimes committed by … opposition,” the statement added.
On Friday, the UNHRC passed a resolution, supported by 37 countries, which condemned the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah for fighting alongside the Syrian Army against the foreign-backed militants in Syria.
Russia’s Foreign Ministry said the resolution emphasized on Hezbollah’s role in battling the anti-government militants alongside Syrian government forces while paying little attention to thousands of militants fighting against the government of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

“The document condemns the involvement of Hezbollah in the conflict. But its authors aren’t concerned that thousands of well-trained, armed and lavishly paid mercenary-terrorists from abroad are fighting in the war,” the ministry noted.

The turmoil in Syria erupted in March 2011. Since then, many people, including large numbers of Syrian soldiers and security personnel, have been killed.
In May, President Assad said militants from 29 different countries were fighting against the government in different parts of the country.
On June 13, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said at least 93,000 people have been killed since the outbreak of the foreign-sponsored militancy against the Syrian government.

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