Ukraine War Lies = Trillion$ for Pentagon

The Simpsons' Family Raises The Ukrainian Flag In New Cartoon – Deadline

But the war profiteers may not live to spend it

By Kevin Barrett

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In the top story of the week, last Wednesday the Pentagon brought together representatives of America’s top eight weapons manufacturers to plan massive increases in US military spending—and in military-industrial complex profits—in the likely case that the US-provoked Ukraine war goes on for years. As Reuters reported:

“The Pentagon’s Office of Acquisition and Sustainment, the weapons buyer for the U.S. Department of Defense, will host the 90-minute meeting, and Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks was expected to attend, one of the people said.”

The US has already lavished nearly two billion dollars of taxpayer-built weapons on Ukraine, with many tens of billions more in the pipeline. This week Biden announced another $800 million arms shipment. Russia responded with a formal diplomatic note warning of “unpredictable consequences.”

Coincidentally, at almost the same time the Pentagon held its war profiteers’ meeting, the world learned that Americans are already on the ground in Ukraine commanding the war against Russia. French journalist Georges Malbrunot, senior international correspondent at Le Figaro, broke the news that “Americans are directly in charge of the war on the ground.”

The neocon war profiteers who orchestrated the current US war on Russia may not live to spend their blood-soaked fortunes. Russia, the world’s leader in nuclear weapons, is backed up against the wall. As Putin said, “we have nowhere left to retreat.” For the Americans, this war is a game, for fun and profit and dreams of world domination. For the Russians, it’s existential.

If they lose, no more Russia. And what use is a world without Russia? Ergo, the Americans cannot win this war, because if they ever came close, Russian nukes would fly, and the US would cease to exist.

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