UK: Zionist Theresa May Should Not be a Lobbyist for the Nazi State

Twenty-two Reasons Why UK Prime Minister Theresa May Should Not be a Lobbyist for a State [ Israel ] Which Rejects UNSC Resolutions

This particular state:

1. Treats the UN Security Council with contempt as it continues to openly breach UNSC Resolution 2334 adopted in December 2016 that demands that all settlement activity stop and that the state fulfills its obligations as an occupying power under the 4th Geneva Convention. This notwithstanding that Theresa May is the Prime Minister of one of the five permanent Member states of the Security Council.

2. Is not a member of NATO

3. Is not a member of the EU

4. Is not a party to the international nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty [NPT]

5. Is not a party to the international Chemical Weapons Convention [CWC]

6. Is not a party to the international Biological Weapons Convention [BWC]

7. Holds a secret underground arsenal of up to 400 nuclear warheads, undeclared to the IAEA but sufficient to destroy half the world

8. Operates a fleet of six German-supplied submarines retro-fitted to be nuclear-armed with cruise missiles and assumed to be secretly patrolling the Mediterranean to constitute a potentially dangerous threat to Europe

9. Is a major arms supplier to regimes worldwide

10. Was the perpetrator of the first terrorist act in the Middle East by bombing the King David Hotel in Jerusalem killing 91 persons

11. Its terrorists executed two British Army Intelligence officers then hung them from a tree in the seaside resort of Netanyahu

12. Killed over 1400 civilians including hundreds of children in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead that used banned phosphorus chemicals

13. Carried out atrocities against the civilian population of Gaza during Operation Protective Edge – (vide harrowing details under)

14. Holds hundreds of political prisoners under ‘administrative detention’

15. Exerts an undue influence over both the US Congress and the British Parliament through the activities of its lobbyists

16. Is funded and armed by an AIPAC lobby controlled United States Congress

17. Has a Prime Minister plus wife currently under investigation for corruption

18. Previously incumbent Prime Ministers were convicted on similar charges

19. Its embassies and diplomatic offices worldwide are engaged in continuous propaganda and attempted infiltration of foreign administrations

20. Orchestrated the assassination in a Dubai hotel of a Palestinian activist/politician. No one has yet been convicted of this murder

21. Its military killed nine civilians on board the Mavi Marmara humanitarian aid vessel in international waters; a further civilian died subsequently of his wounds. No one has yet been convicted for these murders but the state was forced to apologise and pay compensation to the bereaved families.

22. Has operated an illegal blockade of essential supplies to 1.8 million civilians in Gaza for over ten years

The list is endless, but apparently of little concern to the Conservative Government in Britain which falls over itself to accept free overseas trips and eagerly accepts invitations to lavish lunches at the House of Commons paid for and orchestrated by lobbyists

The question is:

“Why would the Prime Minister of any British government ally herself to a state that holds itself outside internationally agreed conventions and accords, and treats the authority of the United Nations Security Council with such contempt?”



According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), over 273,000 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip had been displaced as of 31 July 2014, of whom 236,375 (over eleven percent of the Gazan population) were taking shelter in 88 UNRWA schools. UNRWA exhausted its capacity to absorb displaced persons, and overcrowding in shelters risked the outbreak of epidemics. 1.8 million people were affected by a halt or reduction of the water supply, 138 schools and 26 health facilities were damaged, 872 homes were totally destroyed or severely damaged, and the homes of 5,005 families were damaged but still inhabitable. Throughout the Gaza Strip, people received only 2 hours of electricity per day. Power outage had an immediate effect on the public health situation and reduced water and sanitation services, with hospitals becoming dependent on generators. On 2 September, UNRWA reported that 58,217 people were sheltering in 31 of their school buildings, a fifth of their buildings.

OCHA estimated that at least 373,000 children required psycho-social support. “Intense overcrowding, compounded by the limited access of humanitarian staff to certain areas, is increasingly undermining the living conditions at many shelters and raising protection concerns. Water supply has been particularly challenging…” More than 485,000 internally displaced persons were in need of emergency food assistance.

Gaza City, home to 500,000, suffered damage to 20-25% of its housing. Beit Hanoun, with 70% of its housing stock damaged, is considered uninhabitable, with 30,000 residents there in need of accommodation. The only power station in the Strip was damaged on 29 July, and the infrastructure of power transmission lines and sewage pumps was severely damaged, with a major sewage pipe catering to 500,000 badly damaged. Among the infrastructure targeted and destroyed by Israel’s bombing campaign were 220 factories in various industrial zones, including a major carpentry enterprise, construction companies, a major biscuit factory, dairy farms and livestock, a candy manufacturer, the orange groves of Beit Hanoun, Gaza’s largest mosques, and several TV stations. Farms, as a consequence of damage or the presence of unexploded ordnance dropped during the conflict, are often inaccessible, and the damage to agriculture was estimated at over $200 million. 10 out of 26 hospitals closed. 

Source: Wikipedia

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