UK: Open letter from Gilad Atzmon to Zionist Labour Party


Open letter from Gilad Atzmon to Britain’s Labour Party: Stop slandering me!

Gilad Atzmon on Labour slander

Gilad Atzmon writes:­

Dear Sirs,
I note with concern that several media sources this week, including the BBC and the Guardian newspaper, have quoted a “spokesman” from the Labour Party describing me as “a vile anti-Semite.”
I was profoundly shocked to hear this language used against me by a member of your political party. Let me be clear: I am not an anti Semite, nor have I ever uttered any hate speech, nor have I ever been charged with any matter at all.
Several questions are raised by this horrible statement made against me:
1. Was the “spokesman” expressing the view of the Labour Party or merely giving his own, unsanctioned view? If he was expressing the view of the party, I would like to know how it arrived at this view and how it can be aired without evidence. If the spokesman was speaking without the authority of the party, I would be grateful if you would supply me with his / her  name so that I can consider what action is appropriate to defend my reputation.
2. Does the Labour Party engage in targeting, harassing and slandering private citizens as a matter of policy? This certainly seems to be the case, based both upon this accusation and the treatment I have received recently at the hands of Islington Council and a few other Labour bodies. It is of note that the council, in banning me from pursuing my career by playing the saxophone, considered only the material suggested by a single complainant, and never interviewed me. I explained to the council by letter that the quotations used in the complaint letter were cut and pasted and presented entirely out of context.
3. If the Labour Party believes that I am a “vile anti-Semite” or a promoter of “hate speech” can it explain why I have never been charged with any hate (or other) crime, ever? And, if it has reached such a conclusion on their own, why has it not informed the relevant authorities?
I would suggest that you spend just a few minutes of your time and watch this video where I address the current witch hunt for which your party is responsible.
I realise that this is a busy time of year so I will wait 21 days for your response before taking further advice.
With best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
Gilad Atzmon

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