British lawmaker and Newport West MP Paul Flynn was criticised on Thursday after suggesting the country’s ambassador to Israel may be biased because he is Jewish.

MP Paul Flynn has been accused of making anti-Semitic remarks after questioning whether the British ambassador to Israel should be Jewish.

Flynn added: “I do not normally fall for conspiracy theories, but the ambassador has proclaimed himself to be a Zionist.”

In my opinion, the evidence against British Ambassador Matthew Gould appears to be pretty conclusive. To read more click here.

The ultra-Zionist Jewish Chronicle (JC) quoted Flynn as saying the ambassador to Israel should be “someone with roots in the UK (who) can’t be accused of having Jewish loyalty.”

It appears that even the JC manages to differentiate here between ‘Jewish loyalty’ and ‘Jewish origin’.

But by ‘Jewish loyalty’ they surely refer to tribal and political affiliation, categories that are markedly different from ethnic origin, or religious belief.

Next, Independent legislator Denis MacShane (also notorious for his relentless advocacy of Israel and Zionism) called on Thursday for the government to show “we do not have a religious bar on diplomatic service, we do not say Jews can’t serve in Israel (or) Catholics can’t serve in Catholic countries.”

And yet, one would expect MacShane to be slightly more ‘intellectually genuine’ —  as a devoted and enthusiastic servant of Zionist interests, MacShane surely knows by now that ‘Jewishness’ does not exclusively refer to a religious affiliation: in the age of Zionism, being Jewish also potentially involves secular-political affiliation. And it is surely obvious to all that Newport West MP Paul Flynn did not criticise Ambassador Gould for being an observant Jew or for being Jewish by birth. Rather, Flynn was obviously criticising Gould’s close affiliation with Zionism; i.e. for his political ideology.

Quite rightly, Flynn rejected the allegations of anti-Semitism made against him as “ludicrous.”

He wrote on his blog on Thursday that he was “a lifelong friend of Israel and Jewish causes… Never before in my long political life has such an accusation been made…But I have been accused of being too friendly to Israel on many occasions.”

Newport West MP Paul Flynn may well realise by now that friendship with Israel means very little: Israel demands full submission. And the truth is something he had better keep for himself.


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