U.S. Politicians’ Priority is IsraHell


by Bob Johnson

Actions speak louder than words. The actions of U.S. politicians let us know their number one concern is not their constituents. And it’s not America. Their number one concern is pleasing the very powerful Israel lobby.

A good example of this is the U.S. Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio. Within days of being elected to the United States Senate he went to the Jewish state of Israel! You would think that with the United States being in an economic depression, and with Rubio’s home state of Florida having an unemployment rate higher than the national average, his priority would be to immediately start working to bring jobs in to his state and to strengthen the U.S. economy, not visit a foreign country.

Another example of a political whore sucking up to Israel and its too powerful lobby is Newt Gingrich. What is Newt’s top priority if he becomes President?

Newt and the other political whores know who to pray to – the Israel lobby!

Is it to stop the loss of American jobs due to corporate greed and outsourcing? Is it to bring the banksters and their Wall Street cohorts who’ve plundered the savings and 401k retirement accounts of countless Americans to justice? Or is it to help the homeless veterans and children and families living in their cars or on the streets of America? NO! Newt’s top priority is to move the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem!!!

The Yeshiva World reports that the first thing Newt says he’ll do on the very first day he is President is to move the U.S. embassy to the international city of Jerusalem. Newt’s pro-Israel priority is crystal clear. The article reads, “The National Council of Young Israel (NCYI) today praised Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich for his pledge to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem in the event that he becomes President of the United States.  If elected President, Gingrich committed that he would issue an executive order on his first day in office directing that the U.S. embassy in Israel be relocated from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.”

Newt says that Israel has the “right to choose its own capital.” What Newt seems to forget, or ignore, is Jerusalem is NOT a part of Israel. Israel choosing Jerusalem as its capital is like Mexico choosing Austin, Texas as its capital. Israel is the occupier of Jerusalem. And as the occupier of Jerusalem, the Jewish state is in violation of United Nations Resolution 478. In fact, Israel is in violation of more U.N. resolutions than all other countries combined!

Starting with George H.W. Bush through Obama, U.S. politicians have used violations of U.N. resolutions as excuses to start wars. This was done in the first Gulf war and it was done to start the unnecessary deadly and expensive war in Iraq. Obama will probably use it to start a war with Israel’s remaining two regional enemies of Syria and Iran. Since violation of U.N. resolutions are what wars are started over, isn’t it past time for America to invade Israel???

Remember back in 1982 when Israel withheld information that could have saved the lives of 241 U.S. Marines who were unnecessarily killed in Lebanon

US Marine backed down three jew tanks

A cartoon about USMC Captain Charles Johnson forcing three Israeli thanks to retreat.

(read the important book about the Mossad by a Mossad insider, By Way of Deception)? In that same time period and during that same Israeli invasion of Lebanon, one United States Marine Captain, Charles Johnson, forced three Israeli tanks to retreat while only using his 45! American forces could neutralize Israeli forces in a matter of weeks. (Here is a link to a more in-depth look at how Israel harassed our Marines and put their lives in danger for their own selfish reasons.)

All the pain and suffering the politicians cause America and the world by starting wars for Israel’s benefit, which is done to benefit their own selfish political careers, would be avoided if America followed the advice of the American founder and Deist George Washington. On several occasions Washington warned America against showing favoritism towards other nations as the U.S. now does towards Israel. Washington said, “My policy has been, and will continue to be, while I have the honor to remain in the administration of the government, to be upon friendly terms with, but independent of, all the nations of the earth. To share in the broils of none. To fulfill our own engagements. To supply the wants, and be carriers for them all: Being thoroughly convinced that it is our policy and interest to do so.”

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