U.S. Politicians Go John Gotti on Occupied American People

Newt Gingrich and John Gotti: Both Wear the Same Suit

The Clampdown Trash Talks Down to the 99%!  Contempt Everywhere

Self-Appointed Historian and Resident Con-Man Newt Gingrich’s Mocking of U.S. Citizens Highlights Deeper More Sinister and Dark Political Challenge to a Future America

by Johnny Punish

We all know that every politician in Washington is beholden to and represents their financial backers. With 95% of all elections won by the candidate with the most money, this is clearly the current state of affairs in the United States of America.

In fact, we in the 99% all know this to be true.  We know our system no longer represents us. We are now at war with the system and its leaders who pulled the coup d’état.  This is the war of our times.

Previously the leaders of this shadow government have been very quiet in public about their true disposition.  Like the shrewd 20th century Italian mafia leaders in the past, they dressed down, kept a low profile, and did NOT shove their power in the faces of the people they ruled.  They were smart about their rule and did so behind the scenes.  Their tools, the Politicians, always gave us the pretension of democracy while they went about their corporatocracy business running the show always making sure that we, the farmed assets, had enough bread and water to keeps us moving and grooving. They gave us expectations and those expectations were met. But like all scams, it was a mirage. They knew it. The con was on.

Now you may recall that the Italian mafia empire came crashing down when a fool named John Gotti showed up wearing $ 5,000 suits and stepping all over his flock and the police he ruled just to exercise his huge ego in what some might call the first reality TV show. Bozo the Gotti was all over TV mocking the system that gave him his power. It was brazen and in your face. People got pissed off.

The result was the dismantling of the long running Italian mafia system that bore fruit for all its assigns in the 20th century.

How did this system crash?

Well, Gotti mocked his audience. He made fools of the New York City Police and the U.S. Federal Government who previously protected the Italian mafia industry. Now, they had no choice but to take on Gotti’s empire. They did so and the rest is history.

Now let’s fast forward to our current state of affairs in the U.S.A.

We have a parallel situation in that the likes of the brazen and arrogant Newt Gingrich with his fellow politicians are all pulling a John Gotti. They no longer steal and rob the American people with a smile and a handshake giving us the pretention that they represent us. No, not anymore! Now it’s an all out in your face screw you and what are you going to do about it disposition. “Yes, I steal and yes, I lie and yes I could care less about your opinion” is their general disposition. We see it every day from almost every politician no matter what fake party they belong to.

The Occupy movement is now saying they just want “fairness” into the system. But these politicians, all of them, are working within a system that is inherently unfair and mocks the American people. It’s the proverbial John Gotti disease. So it’s perfectly O.K. for Newt Gingrich and his assigns to mock us; so they think.

The system protects the mockers and our opinion does not matter to them.

The U.S.A. is clearly and officially an occupied government managed as police state no longer posing as a republic or democracy.  It’s official folks!

But still, it’s nice that some still try to say its a democracy.  I mean democracy has a really cool marketing ring to it right?  But does anyone buy that B.S.? The facts simply don’t support the slogan.

Watch as Mainstream Media Panel Discuss Newt Gingrich and his Pathological Systemic Hypocrisy

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I have recently spoken with college students on campus of San Francisco City College and, in a un-official poll, 85% of the youth are aware that the “Crusties” as they call us in the generations above them have abdicated their leadership positions and simply do NOT care for their future. 85%! That’s an extremely high number of disenchanted souls. Anyone listening?

Now, we all know the Crusties do NOT take the Occupy movement and the youth seriously. They are just an inconvenience and water cooler talk; a mere wart to be expunged.

So now what?

We have the leaders who rule mocking us and we have a huge disenchanted youth who do NOT accept their masters laughing at them while they rob their future. It’s that clear.

So, unless there is a wholesale change in disposition within the leadership and they decide to listen and reform immediately, well we are in for a huge clash. It’s either the Clampdown or us!

Stay tuned…..

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