U.S. Now an Electronic Concentration Camp


By Kenneth Rhoades & Debra Poulsen

Thanks to the freedom, liberty and Constitution loving newspaper, AMERICAN FREE PRESS, the continuing crimes against humanity in the form of non-consensual experimentation on American citizens are finally being brought to the attention of citizens across the nation. If these crimes are not stopped, this will be the future for all of us.

America has become an electronic concentration camp, and the many targeted individuals who have come forward claiming they are the victims of non-consensual experimentation and torture are guinea pigs of this program until it is rolled out for everyone to “experience.”

We’re under constant scrutiny—our movements monitored by cameras, tracked by satellites and catalogued by a host of increasingly attentive government agencies. No longer does the idea of an omnipresent government seem all that farfetched. As technology becomes ever more sophisticated, the idea of a total surveillance society moves further from the realm of George Orwell’s science fiction fantasy into an accepted way of life.

In fact, surveillance has become a huge moneymaking industry in itself, with many sectors having sprung up devoted to developing increasingly sophisticated gadgets to keep targeted individuals under surveillance, with or without their cooperation. The science behind this technology is particularly brilliant.

For example, human motion analysis, a pet project of researchers at the University of Maryland, aims to create an individual “code” for the way people walk, i.e. “finding DNA in human motion.” Dubbed Gait DNA, this surveillance system works by matching a person’s facial image to his gait, height, weight and other elements—all captured through remote observation, thereby allowing the computer to identify someone instantly and track them, even in a crowd.

Oceanit, a Hawaii-based company, developed new technology that can see through walls by picking up sensitive radio signals emitted by the human body to determine vital signs such as breathing and heart rates. Ian Kitajima, marketing manager for Oceanit, stated that the technology now exists to see targeted individuals inside their own homes. Five years from now, the technology will be much smarter and will be able to tell what we’re thinking. These writers believe, from experience, that this technology may already exist.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the central research and development agency for the Department of Defense, is credited with inventing satellite navigation that many of us now have in our cars. Targeted individuals are literally tracked everywhere they go, unless the car was made before 1999. Then, of course, the GPS in a cell phone or a GPS physically mounted on the vehicle will do the job.

Indeed, since 9-11, the U.S. government has been building an arsenal of surveillance tools aimed directly at American citizens, largely paid for by American taxpayers. Targeted individuals are their research guinea pigs.

Implemented with no oversight from Congress, this surveillance program is overseen by Homeland Security and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which is a little like letting foxes guard the hen-house.

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