Two-step Solution for the American Government Shutdown


Two-step solution:

1) End the Government Shutdown;
2) A (YES or NO) National Referendum on allocating a budget for a border Wall

Everyone agrees that if a contractor is hired for a certain job, they have to do that job according to the agreed contract. The U.S. President and Congress have been elected as government servants to work for the American people. This is a very simple contract. However, our elected servants are not getting along with each other these days and have decided to shutdown the government.
A government shutdown was never mentioned as an option when these ladies and gentlemen were making all of their grand promises during their election campaign. The American people are now facing the dilemma whereby their elected servants are asking them to work without pay for an unforeseen amount of time!
These government servants are representing two major factions – Democrats and Republicans. These two wealthy factions (which represent the interest of the 1%) have no solution and only are able to complain against their opponents. This means both factions are too incompetent to run a smooth government.
The American people’s tax money funds all budgets for the government. Now that the two complaining factions (Democrats and Republicans) don’t talk to each other, the American people have the responsibility to intervene and bring an end to this destructive and hurtful behavior by the so-called “leaders”. For a family who survives “pay check to pay check”, this situation is TERRORIZING. Therefore without any delay, we need to end the government shutdown and prepare a referendum.

Let’s solve this problem democratically. If the majority of American people want to allocate some of their tax money to build a wall, then let’s do it and if they don’t, then the priority of the government should be on creating a healthcare, education and jobs for all. The referendum on the question of the wall would be a YES or NO referendum. However, there should not be any delay in ending the government shutdown. Everybody should be back at work with full pay before the referendum takesplace.

There have been many articles and corporate media talk shows regarding the question of a border wall and government shutdown from all sides. All cards are already on the table “face up”! President Trump is first and foremost leading his Fascistic minded Republicans to build a wall around democratic rights. He is threatening the American Democracy and is signaling a totalitarian style of governing by fabricating a “National Emergency”. He wants to be the sole decision maker that dictates the will of the nation! His opposition is not able to offer a better perspective. Actually Democrats fundamentally share the same views but without Trump himself!

It is time to look at all problems on a global scale. Today the American working people share the same pain and anxiety about the future of their families as do French or Indian workers or any other toilers around the world.
However, the American working people are the main force that is able to end all disastrous and unnecessary wars and prevent new wars that the Trump Administration (through Mr. Pompeo and Bolton) are stirring up these days. The American working people are a powerful force that can bring a meaningful change and peace around the world.
The 2019 government shutdown is a test for the American people to save this country from tyranny and dictatorship or endure the consequences.

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