Turkish Dreams of a “Radical Islamic Annex” in Northern Syria Fade Away


Jihadists in Idlib unite under Turkey’s Erdogan as commander in Chief

From the day the war began in March 2011 in Deraa, the political ideology of Radical Islam has been center stage.  From the outset of the Syrian conflict, the men who carried weapons were all fighting to abolish the secular Syrian government, in order to form a new government which would be Radical Islam.  They saw their Christianneighbors as ‘heathens’ that needed to be slaughtered.  They were not interested in freedom or democracy; they were fighting to cleanse Syria of anyone who wasn’t like them. 
Erdogan, the Turkish leader, was tasked by his NATO co-signers with the job of being the transit pointof international jihadists pouring in to bolster the failing Free Syrian Army (FSA), and the source of supplies and weapons for the NATO-backed ‘boots on the ground’, who hailed from the 4 corners of the globe.  Turkey benefited immensely from the flow of weapons, cash, chemicals, terrorists, and from the huge amount of humanitarian aid pouring in for Syrian refugees.
Erdogan didn’t have to worry about Turkish citizens complaining about Radical Islam, because his ruling AK Party was based on hard-core Islam and was in the process of turning secular Turkey into a Muslim Brotherhood safe haven, and he had a policy of silencing critics.
Erdogan developed a dream of annexing the Northern strip of Syria. His dream was about to be realized, but the Idlib offensive began recently, and his dream is turning into a nightmare.  He had supported the FSA and all the terrorists, whom he calls ‘rebels’, regardless that they are Al Qaeda affiliates, and many were associates of ISIS. He is now sending re-enforcements to Idlib, supplied with sophisticated weapons. However, the terrorists he commands are not using aircraft, except for drones.

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