Trump Intelligence: Sometimes Really Big Lies Are Good – When Seen to Be Lies!


The US secret intelligence community bet everything on de-legitimizing Donald Trump by claiming that secret sources and methods demonstrated that the Russians hacked the US election. The evidence has not been forthcoming, and there has been such a powerful collection of voices to the contrary that it is the secret world that has de-legitimized itself, at least in the USA.

The US mainstream and progressive media bet everything on the assumption that Hillary Clinton was the inevitable candidate, and in the process demonstrated such a bias against the winning candidate and such a blindness to the will of the public that the US media is now called “fake news” – the public rejects the assertion that skeptical citizens are purveying “fake news.”

The US political duopoly – the Republican and Democratic parties that some say are two wings of the same bird – fought against Donald Trump to the very end. Julian Assange has promised an exciting 2017 – some expect him to do to the Republicans what he did to the Democrats. Political parties are now impotent.

For those in Europe who worry about what an “unshackled” Donald Trump might do to America – and to America’s relations with Europe – it may be helpful to reflect on the fact that Trump has spoken clearly about being against war and waste; against trade deals with secret clauses that disadvantage the public; and against political corruption – “play to pay.” He is, in short, against conventional wisdom and against the “Establishment” that has spent centuries fencing the commons and marginalizing the individual citizen.

For all of his flaws, Donald Trump, according to some observers represents a restoration of the voice of the people. As Europe deals with the millions of illegal immigrants displaced by America’s elective wars in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia, it might do well to consider the possibility that Donald Trump represents the end of the central banking and central politics era – and the end of centralized secret intelligence without accountability – and the beginning instead of a new era where US foreign policy will be about legitimate commerce and peace for all instead of forced globalization and war as a profit center for the few.

It is too early to tell if Donald Trump will be a populist president. While he has chosen business and military elites to replace the political elites in the service of Wall Street – Donald Trump is a “Main Street” president – it remains to be seen if he will follow his instincts and pursue intelligence reform, media reform, and electoral reform.

What might a new world order look like if Donald Trump were to rebuild the US Government?

An end to waste and over-charging. Iran and Donald Trump have one big thing in common: they both believe that Boeing and Airbus and everyone else are double-charging, and we should be paying half the list price for everything. Under Donald Trump the various complexes, from the military-industrial to the pharmaceutical to the agricultural complex are headed for a sharp decline in earnings and excess profits.

The beginning of the open source era. While there is no evidence that Donald Trump intends to create the Open Source Agency (OSA) that his National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was briefed on in 2014, it is clear that a new era of evidence-based governance relying on ethical legal open sources to produce Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), has begun. The spies can no longer repress what they have long called “open sores.” It will take time, but it is possible that a Trump Administration could see that the open source era should include two new elements no one is talking about yet:

Creating the World Brain. Education, intelligence, and research are all broken. They do not do holistic analytics and true cost economics. Bearing in mind the centrality of the five billion poor as the engine of future prosperity, a Trump Administration may reject the neo-conservative attempts to double-down on investments in propaganda – lies – and instead seek to create a means for providing everyone in the world with free access to truthful information “one cell call at a time.” The education of the individual on a just enough, just in time basis, not government regulation and micro-management, is how we heal ourselves.

Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE). Beyond OSINT lies OSEE – OSEE can achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in a fraction of the time as a fraction of the cost of the current dysfunctional industrial-donor paradigm. As a businessman, Donald Trump understands that the cheapest way to keep all those pesky illegal immigrants home is to stop supporting dictators while simultaneously enabling free solar energy, unlimited free desalinated water, free Internet, and free open source housing and other infrastructure advances. The industrial era that concentrated wealth is over – the information era of distributed 3D-printing and a re-birth of local sustainability has begun.

An end to elective wars, regime change operations, and drone assassinations. The foreign policy coup of the neo-conservatives that led to multiple foreign wars is over; the year-long soft coup against Donald Trump by the Establishment has been defeated. Europe should expect America to stop supporting both the United Nations (UN) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO); to stop placing our military in overseas bases where they serve other countries instead of our own; and to re-focus the US intelligence community on producing decision-support relevant to peace and prosperity instead of engaging in crimes against humanity around the world.

New possibilities for Internet-enabled democracy. Although the Internet is very broken – and Facebook and Google have shown themselves to be above the law and ready to censor any opinion not approved by Eric Schmidt or George Soros – Parag Khanna among others has illuminated possibilities is his two books Connectography and Technocracy. If Donald Trump created the Trump Channel that places before the public a balanced budget with line item detail; if he demands that all legislation be posted in advance of being voted on; and most importantly, if he created a 24/7 interactive polling infrastructure that empowers all citizens including the 47% that did not vote at all in 2016, to be engaged informed citizens, not only would he bury the two-party tyranny, he would create new national conversation Of, By, and For all US citizens – a new global standard.

An end to Empire, an end to Central Banking. The Holy Grail of democracy is to be found in the death of Central Banking. Central banking – the creation of false wealth out of nothing and the imposition of both interest and exchange rates too easily manipulated with income taxation that exempts banks and fraudulent non-profits from taxation, have been the death of democracy. While the soft coup has been defeated, there is still a war going on in America, between those who wish to continue sacrificing the American public at the altar of globalization and concentrated wealth; and those who wish to end the Empire rooted in central banking and secret agencies managing global criminal networks, in favor of a restored America the Beautiful.

Emergence is not pretty. In my view, Donald Trump is the ugly duckling. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. This may surprise many in Europe, but from where I sit as a former infantry officer, former spy, and champion of open source everything, Donald Trump is the change agent we have all been praying for. He absolutely merits every possible courtesy.

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