Trump And The Wall


Apartheid Wall
Israel’s Apartheid Wall

The United States of America, the supposed bastion of freedom and liberty in the world, has been helping a bunch of impostors – who are pretending to be Hebrews, aka Jews – imprison, massacre, and occupy the Palestinians as well as dispossessing them of their land since the founding of modern-day Israel in 1948.
Today, Israel is still an inhumane, apartheid country that uses its carte blanche from the US to do as it pleases in the Middle East. It oppresses the Palestinians, treats them like caged animals, and spreads chaos in the region regardless of how it affects the peace of the world.
The reason is because the Jews control the Federal Reserve, the real center of power in the United States or the money power of the establishment (i.e., Jewish money). In turn, the Fed wags every other financial institution in America, and consequently ends up being the root cause of all of America’s economic ills.
Not even Trump, who supposedly wants to “make America great again,” dares mention the need to dismantle the Fed. Worse, he drools every time he talks about Apartheid Israel, not unlike every other American politician. Even worse still, he picked up quite a few pointers from them during his campaign, when he used anti-immigrant epithets a la Israeli racism.
“The Israeli prime minister… gave Giuliani a message to personally deliver to Trump with suggestions… Giuliani met with Trump and his (Jewish) son-in-law, Jared Kushner, in New York… and delivered the message,” wrote The Jewish Week.
Those suggestions were intended to benefit Israel, as they directed Trump to malign immigrants with a view to kicking them out – exactly the way Israel acts toward the Palestinians – and to preventing them from entering the country, using an Apartheid-style, Israeli-type wall.

Prototypes Mexican border wall
Prototypes for Trump’s Mexican Wall

The idea is to get Americans accustomed to such a mindset, so when Israel implements its barbaric policies towards the Palestinians no American would dare be a hypocrite and accuse Apartheid Israel.
Consequently, as Trump beats the drum for his Mexican border wall, Israel can breathe a sigh of relief. After all, if the land of the free wants an Apartheid-like wall, why shouldn’t Israel.
But little do they know that no wall ever survived the ticktock of time.

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