Tripoli port: Public security spared Lebanon a disaster


Lebanon Debate “- Alaa Al Khoury

Do not leave the terrorist organizations an opportunity not to exploit it to avenge the Lebanese state and all its institutions, and works behind the border to recruit more elements in prisons or outside to carry out operations, even if the cost of years.
With the terrorist Abdurrahman Mbassout wanted to organize calling for the implementation of the “catastrophic” scenario worked by the organization for three years of planning to harvest the largest number of victims.
Revenge of the battle of the dawn of the cow, which enabled the army to defeat terrorism and killed more than 300 elements of those organizations, prompted the organization to return the terrorist Abdul Rahman Mbsout to Lebanon after a year and a half of the fighting in Syria.
The security reports revealed that Mabsout moved to Idlib in 2016 before leaving for Raqqa and joining Daqash, because the latter, as mentioned in his interrogations, is stricter and more serious in applying Sharaa and his origins, in contrast to al-Qa’ida, often “lenient”.

A clear plan was to hand over Mabsout to the Lebanese state after a period of intensive training in weapons and explosives manufacturing, and then spend his term in prison in Roumieh. Here, too, the investigations indicate that he is urging the transfer of messages through Mabsout to the elements of the organization in prison.

After a year and a half, President Najib Miqati paid a guarantee to release him through his client, lawyer Samer Hawat, on the basis that the man “repented” of the thought of al-Da’ashi and avoided this “atmosphere”.
On the 11th of last March, the terrorist intended the security of the port of Tripoli, requesting permission to enter the port as a worker in a fertilizer company.
After a public security inquiry about him through the “Judicial Bulletin” found that a statement issued against him by the Directorate of Intelligence on the crime of terrorism and belonging to a preacher organization, here Almbesout to highlight the military court sentenced him to imprisonment for three years and accompanied by the evacuation of the way.
Public Security initiated contact with the Government Commissioner at the Military Court, which ordered him to be referred to the Military Police in the north to investigate the fact that the communication was still present. Then the military police transferred the detainee to the intelligence, which brought him back to the police and was released because he carried out his sentence, considering that there are no security suspicions around him.
Investigations with Mabsout by the public security show a lot of suspicions about the man who came to Lebanon from Syria, specifically from the capital of a preacher organization before being arrested in Turkey and from there to Lebanon.
The agency refused to give Mabsout a permit to work inside the port and for security reasons because there is no legal reason to prevent his entry to work there, but the terrorist element contradicts the investigation, which aroused the irritation of the interrogators and refused to give him permission. Sometimes he says he repented and wants to live in peace with his children. Shows his hatred and hatred of the army and security forces and often reaches the point of vengeance.
And raised the suspicion is more pressing on the function of the port, despite the refusal of public security three times to give a statement for the reasons stated is a security as it can not enter “expert fighter with the Daash” in several areas to the campus of a large institution includes one of the groups of intervention in the army and his freedom and intelligence To elements in customs and public security, or about 600 elements.
The plan “A”, which was developed by an advocacy organization was clear, the introduction of a port to the port as a day laborer in an agricultural fertilizer company, and then the man examines the details of the place and prepares a list of the equipment there, and then planning his terrorist work and the announcement of the right time, The port is exposed to security and permanent contact with the workers. In a scenario that encourages revenge against killing the largest number of them, Al-Bassout prepared and prepared for such operations. The most dangerous is choosing the type of work inside the port and in an agricultural fertilizers company. Especially since the man was trained to equip them.
A scenario calling for the implementation of the port Lebanon would pay a large bill on the level of security and economic, especially that the port of Tripoli is equipped to be a door to the reconstruction of Syria, and targeting means to say to the countries concerned in the file of reconstruction in Syria that it is not safe and could be the scene of similar operations.
It can be said that the public security of Lebanon and Tripoli is a great disaster if terrorism succeeds. We have seen that many things have changed upside down, and the apparatus has proved once again that its security eye is monitoring and tracking terrorism even if it wears a “pregnancy dress”. Because the integration in the work is the point of success and reach the desired goal, which is part of the security system of the army and internal security forces and the security of a state working to spare the country “the poison of terrorism”

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