Transferring The “Right Of Return”


by deLiberation

RORRight of Return

Transferring the “Right to Return to Israel” from Diaspora Jews to Palestinian Refugees

There are currently more than 8 million “diaspora” Jews living all over the world. According to Israeli law every single one of them has a guaranteed “right of return to the land of Israel” simply on proof of being a Jew. Obviously they do not all wish to exercise that right or else they would have been there by now. A number of them publicly express support for Palestinian rights and more and more are active in Palestinian solidarity organizations. Many of them as well as an unknown and so far unverifiable number of those who are silent may willingly relinquish their “right of return” in the interest of justice and peace.

“Imagine all the people living life in peace,” sang Lennon.  Imagine the diaspora Jews calling Israel’s bluff.  They can. Here is one way of doing it: a transfer of the “right of return” from diaspora jews to Palestinians living in exile from their own land. By signing and submitting this transfer document testifying to their renunciation to their “right of return” in favor of the Palestinians in exile, the diaspora jews will show the world that they oppose the immoral and illegal Israeli practice of settling on Palestinian land from which their true owners have been displaced, and that they support justice and peace.

It is time for Jews of conscience to stand up and be counted. The collected signed “transfer documents” will be available for verification and the tally will be publicized and officially submitted to the Israeli government.

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