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The government has given the green light for another massive hike on the cost of travelling by train. [1] Lots of us rely on the train to travel to work or visit friends and family. The price hike could mean a real struggle for many people to find the money from already tight budgets.
There’s already been a big public outcry and it’s growing by the hour. Now newspapers are reporting that the government “may back down…in the face of mounting opposition”.[2]
Let’s add to the mounting opposition! If thousands of us add our names to a fast-growing petition against the price hike, it could be enough to persuade David Cameron that he needs to call it off, or risk too many angry voters at the next election.
Can you sign the petition and then forward this email to friends and family? 

Britain’s train fares are among the most expensive in Europe, and prices have gone up and up in recent years. [3] In the past our taxes have been used to help pay for railways, because governments recognised how important they were.
But now they don’t want to support railways in the same way anymore – even though they’re more important than ever. So they’re cutting public support for them, and pushing prices up instead. [4]
David Cameron knows this is a sensitive issue – that’s why the government changed its mind about a big price rise last time. [5] Our massive petition to save England’s forests succeeded because it showed the government just how many of us wanted them to change their minds. [6]
Can you sign the petition to call off the train price hike?

Thanks for being involved,
Marie, Ian, Hannah, James and the 38 Degrees team
PS: There are lots of Conservative MPs who have constituencies where huge numbers of people take the train to work every day. Many of them face close battles to keep their seats at the next election and they’ll already be putting pressure on David Cameron not to increase fares. Let’s add to the pressure with a huge petition:
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[5] In 2011, the government wanted to put prices up by 8%. After a public outcry, they reduced the price hike to 6%. Independent: Commuters plead with Osborne to prevent 10 per cent rise in rail fares
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