Toulouse shooting – wag the dog, Zionist victimhood, and fraudulent War on Terror

Here is an excerpt from Mike Rivero’s What Really Happened radio show. I called in Friday, March 30 to discuss the Toulouse shooting in France, which has all the hallmarks of a false flag/PSYOP intelligence operation. French President Sarkozy recently compared this event to 9/11, and has used it to advance his presidential campaign. The Toulouse operation has served multiple agendas, which Mike and I discuss in this segment.

Here are some of the agenda’s being advanced by this intelligence operation in Toulouse:
  1. Distraction from Afghan massacre (Wag the Dog) and flawed War on Terror
  2. Jewish victimhood (Were there even any real Jewish victims? Or was the entire thing staged?)
  3. Perpetuation of fraudulent War on Terror paradigm in which fanatical Muslim extremists are out to destroy Western society through terrorism
  4. President Sarkozy’s presidential ambitions

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