Michael Gove is the Tory Shadow Education  secretary and he calls for ‘ a much tougher approach’ to confronting what he claims to be ‘ real problems’ with Muslim faith schools.(33) Mr Gove question why the government gave the Association of Muslim schools, a group of independent Islamic faith schools, a new right to establish its own separate inspection arrangements, even though its deputy chair Ibrahim Hewitt called ‘ Political Zionism a threat to world peace’.
He also argues that Jewish schools are a role model for faith schools. ‘ One of the many gifts the Jewish community has given Britain is a brilliant working model of how to combine respect for religious tradition with commitment to shared British values’ he says.
The question is what kind of values when the Secretary went to monitor Muslims schools in so called free society? He adds that he and his leader Zionist David Cameron, ‘are committed to doing everything we can to support and nuture Jewish faith schools. We want to celebrate their success and ensure they are here for generations to come.’ ‘Jewish parents who want their children to be educated in a Jewish faith school ‘shouldn’t lose that right because of a clumsy mechanism to deal with community cohesion’. Is that Community Cohesion? Or direct racism against the Muslim community, Mr Cohesion?
 See: The JC 21.03.2008 p.6

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