Top Dogs Use Their Running Dogs To Whip the Other Dogs: Is It Our Fault?



Top Dogs Use Their Running Dogs To Whip the Other Dogs: Is It Our Fault?

by Jack Speer Williams

If I were any more whipped, they’d serve me up as delicate dollops of cream toppings on their double espressos.

I wish I enjoyed anything as much as my dog enjoys everything – except for his annual bath.

The whipped dogs of the American electorate, however, have little to be happy about, what with the scarcity of decent-paying jobs, rising prices on every front, crime on the streets and in our homes, with every day bringing us more police brutality.

In trying to locate the cause of such dire problems, Americans point their fingers all about, except in the correct direction – toward themselves.

American voter ignorance is at the root of every major problem our country has.

Democratic and Republican voters whimper like the whipped dogs they are when voting in our fixed national elections, never realizing how pathetic they are being with their arrogant ignorance.

I speak out boldly because I loathe seeing well-meaning people being made fools of.

Democrats, who want the affluent to pay more taxes, have no idea that that very concept is being promoted by the richest oligarchs in the world, who pay no taxes; in fact, most income taxes are given to those magnates in some form or another, with very few Democratic voters having a clue about it.

Republicans seem to love war; but the left is also viciously pro-war, that is, if a Democratic president is pursuing them, as in World War I, II, Viet Nam, the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and so forth.

Many Republicans are so uninformed that they actually believe the media’s constant assertion that war is good for our economy. The truth is our wars are destroying our economy, as does most government borrowing and spending.

A vital economy is built by many smart entrepreneurs producing goods and services that are needed and wanted at affordable and reasonable prices. A viable economy produces things that sustain life, not end it.

But more to the point, never will America return to its glory days of production, affluence, and freedom through national elections until we have a far better educated electorate.

First of all, Americans need to understand that national elections are rigged electronically. As Mark Twain wrote, “If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.” They let us vote because it gives the ignorant masses the illusion of living in a democracy.

Yesterday’s Voter Fraud is mild compared to today’s Election Fraud. Voter fraud was the old, dated Chicago style of payoffs and single voter intimidation.

Election fraud swings millions of votes and is much easier, more effective, and costs practically nothing.

Moreover, election fraud is much easier to hide as it involves far fewer undercover operatives.

Try researching Judith Moriarty or Bev Harris for the truth about US election fraud, especially the kind that uses the Diebold optical-scan system.

Election fraud has never been easier to pull off and hide. So don’t go expecting the government to do anything about it.

Today, informed voters will tell themselves, I know who I voted for, but will ask themselves, Who did this machine vote for?

But even without election or voter fraud, the overwhelming majority of the American electorate have become too whipped with propaganda to elect pro-survival candidates.

Democrats, who want to tax the rich at ever higher rates, will stupidly select candidates that are secretly supported by foreign-based oligarchs, who pay no taxes at all to any country.

Our Republicans support mouth-foaming warmongers (who have never seen a day of combat), who are also secretly sponsored by the very same oligarchs who fund the Democratic candidates. Both parties are the wings of a single bird of prey destroying our economy and greatly jeopardizing our national security – all under the sly direction of foreign oligarchs and their puppets in governments.

Unfortunately, most Democratic and Republican voters are stuck so solidly into the created Left/Right Paradigm that political logic will not help them; they are in dire need of spiritual remedies.

There may be many theories about how to argue politics with a Democrat or Republican. None work. Point is, don’t argue with ignorance, as you will only end up empowering it. Simply give them facts, which can be proven, and leave it at that.

With the continuous barrage of heavy propaganda from the corporate media, obviously Democratic and Republican voters are America’s whipped dogs. If that is so, who are our Running Dogs?

They are the overt back slappers and covert back knifers that naturally spring from the Left/Right Paradigm that has our nation in total lockdown.

Looky me run … looky me run. I’m a Runnin’ Dog! Vote for me!

The Running Dogs are our elected and appointed public officials; they are the corporate CEOs, our university/college presidents, our tenured professors, our media moguls, famous actors, and all those who seem to benefit from our sick and dying society.

Running Dogs never attack the real ills of our society. Instead, the oligarchs (Top Dogs) have their tax-freethink-tanks invent problems, the solving of which create even bigger problems, but give the Running Dogs news bites to mouth loudly and often on TV. One such concoction is their anthropogenic (man-made) global warming scare.

The corporate mainstream media has even hidden what might be the biggest bombshell in scientific history. But some time ago, thanks to the reporting of the alternative media, we learned that an enormous sixty-one megabytes of global warming and climate change research data (emails, documents, and code) was released by whistleblowers.

This information exposed the climate scientists at the University of East Anglia in Great Britain as the frauds they have proven themselves to be.

This decade of incriminating emails and documents clearly proved that those global warming “scientists” had manipulated scientific data to hide the decline in global temperatures. They also hid the fact that there has been no statistically significant global warming for fifteen years, while our world has experienced a rapid and significant cooling for nine years.

Have any of these scientists been indicted on the criminal charges of misappropriating public funds? Not to my knowledge. Several European lawmakers, however, did call for formal charges to be brought against the truthseekers, the whistleblowers. It seems that some governments in Europe are as criminal as ours.

It is sad to watch the great actor, but pitiful oligarch spokesman, Robert Redford giving his spiel about how we created global warming (now cleverly called climate change).

Al Gore and his criminal ilk in all three branches of the federal government are Running Dogs, running for their own benefit, and to hell with what is best for humanity.

Mr. Gore and his sponsors stand to greatly benefit financially from the carbon taxes likely to be imposed on Americans as a result of the man-made (anthropogenic) global warming hoax.

And where will these increased taxes go? They will go where all taxes go by way of the federal government – some to the Running Dogs, but the majority to the Top Dogs.

Knowledgeable scientists who have not been bought off by the Top Dogs will tell you that Earth’s weather is predominately determined by our Sun, which occupies about 99% of the mass of our solar system. The Sun easily trumps all the SUVs and flatulating cows on earth in causing global warming.

Skipping Wikipedia (a Running Dog operation), research Global Warming Hoax, while again noting that “global warming” had to be altered to “climate change.” It had become increasingly obvious to everyone that the earth was no longer warming.

But with a “climate change” scareno matter what the weather does, carbon taxes can be levied and the horrors of the United Nations’ Agenda 21 can be implemented.

What is Agenda 21? I do not dare tell you about it, as it is so outrageous you would not believe me and would likely dismiss this entire article as a result.

TIP: Agenda 21 has turned the word sustainable into code for tyranny.

At the bottom rungs of the Running Dog operation is a canine species called Attack Dogs.

Attack Dogs have been trained and used throughout history to assault on command, without any thought given to the ethics of the order. Dogs who are trained to attack but refuse to do so are terminated. Attack Dogs take their authoritative orders from the cowardly Running Dogs, who worship violence and mayhem as long as they are not physically involved in it.We still serve and protect. It’s who we serve and protect that’s changed.

Through I.Q. and psychometric testing, applicants for attack dog careers are chosen on the basis of those who have average-to-low intelligence and a most pronounced lack of empathy for any form of life. This explains, in part, the reason we have, relatively recently, seen such a prevalence of thuggery emanating from police departments.

The number of psychopaths issued a gun and a badge is higher today than ever before.

Have our collective local police forces become the largest, taxpayer-funded street gang in America?

Turning mentally unstable cops loose on the public, with the authority to use deadly force, with full power of arrest, is a Top Dog ploy, implemented by the Running Dogs.

According to Amnesty International, from 2001 to 2008, cops using their “non-lethal” Tasers murdered 351 American citizens.

Electronic Village has reported that from 2009 to 2014, cops Tasered to death 283 American citizens.

When confronting armed suspects, of course, police officers are expected to use their guns and bullets. We were told, however, that “non-lethal” Tasers were to be used on unarmed citizens in order to incapacitate them, not to kill them with seventeen blasts from a crazed cop on steroids.

Speaking of steroids, they have secretly become pandemic amongst cops, under the direction of agents from our intelligence services.

Adding anabolic steroid to the diets of thousands of mentally unbalanced cops is certainly an issue that should be investigated by the Congress.

But, no; we have Congressional hacks like Representatives Henry Waxman and Elijah Cummings investigating steroid use by professional baseball players.

Perhaps nothing better demonstrates the criminal deception and hypocrisy of our fraudulent government, as it continues to create problems that do not exist while forever ignoring our critically serious problems, than this witch-hunt into professional baseball.

Would you not rather watch a roid-loaded professional athlete perform on a playing field than have a cop on roids, in your face, waving around a Taser gun he is apt to shoot you with, repeatedly, until you have a heart attack?

For anyone who is skeptical about how serious a problem this is, please do a computer search using the wordsCops on roids.

Worse yet, from the foreign, banker owned military/industrial complex, funded by American taxpayers, have come billions of dollars of stunningly sophisticated military hardware that have been given to the police forces of our cities, big and small.

The militarization of our community police includes their use of automatic rifles, grenade launchers, shot guns, cannons, and armored vehicles.

Surely by now you must be asking yourself a simple question: Why would our American government be giving our local police departments such a vast array of military might?

Next, I would like to introduce you to the basic source of what has become our dog-eat-dog existence.

The Top Dogs are actually werewolves. For them, every night has a full moon.

Now on to the Top Dogs. Who are they? Well, that’s an easy question to answer if we only name the lower tier of Top Dogs, as plenty of proof exists for that. They are commonly called the Illuminati, the New World Order, the Club of Rome, the Committee of 300, or the International Monetary and Banking Cartel. They are the secret coterie of psychopaths who are given the job of ensuring that the Running Dogs of our society continue our slide into the Orwellian world of the Big Brother, police-state control grid, while pretending to be guarding our best interests.

But as I’ve stated, they are only the lowest tier of Top Dogs and are always being replaced, while those at the top remain stagnant.

Who are those of the upper tiers?

They are a small, tightly held, sub rosa pack of inhuman werewolves, who are always on the hunt for more blood – human blood.

What are their names?

They do not have names as we know names. If they did have names, very few humans would know of them.

Why does God allow such fiends to prey on his children?

Other than to say we inhabit a freewill universe, that is a question that would require esoteric answers, well beyond the scope of this article and my ability.

But in a freewill universe, negative beings are allowed to impose their will on positive beings, if the majority of positive beings agree to it.

Does a freewill universe allow these tyrannical wolves to cull and enslave mankind?

Yes, if man agrees to be culled and enslaved.

From whom do the werewolves gain their power?

From us, the human beings of earth.

I will, however, give you one piece of esoterica that has been proven again and again in hundreds of thousands of pages of government legislation, codes, white papers, and regulations. In these laws, the fiends tell us of their plans for us. And with our ignorance or apathy of those laws and intentions, we give them the required permission to enact them. That is how it works in a freewill universe.

And, by way of many more hundreds of thousands of pages of text, the Dark Forces are also careful to tell us of their tyrannical plans, using their unconstitutional directives, reviews, and orders below to do so.

  • Presidential Directives (PDs, Classified)
  • Presidential Review Directives (PRDs)
  • Presidential Decision Directives (PDDs)
  • National Security Reviews (NSRs)
  • National Security Directives (NSDs)
  • National Security Presidential Directives (NSPDs)
  • Homeland Security Directives (HSDs)

And the widely publicized Executive Orders (EOs).

All of these directives, reviews, and orders have the full force and effect of constitutionally passed legislation by our Congress.

They put these despotic measures in our faces and dare us to do anything about it.


By universal law, the negative forces on Earth have to state their intentions and gain your agreement on them before they can implement any part of their plans. Your ignorance of or lack of disagreement with their intentions qualifies as agreement.

Clearly, no person can read all of the tyrannical measures planned for us, but the alternative media, provided by the Internet, can give us a start.

But still, you are probably wondering why those secret Top Dogs of the upper echelons of control overwhelm us with so many laws.

First of all, they are required, by a power greater than themselves, to warn us of their intentions.

But since the dogs own and control the mainstream media, they can formulate public opinion in any way they wish. And they wish to portray anyone who ever reads and attempts to report on government laws, orders, directives, or reviews as being no more than a conspiracy theorist.

It is ironic, but what the dogs call a conspiracy theorist is actually a well- informed conspiracy investigator. He or she is a person who delves into government papers and reports on conspiracy nuts, the Top Dogs – dogs, who for strange reasons, want to eliminate a large portion of mankind, while enslaving the rest.

In any case, the dogs care not a whit if they tell us exactly what they have done to us, are doing to us, and will do to us.

Moreover, there is another gravely important reason for there being so many hundreds of thousands of pages of laws, orders, reviews, directives, and other nonsense: Ignorance of laws is no defense against being prosecuted for violating them.

The Top Dogs, who are actually more like werewolves, prey on ignorance … and … innocence.

Innocence tastes best to them; but by universal law such a delicacy must be justified ­and that is where ignorance enters our lives.

Ignorance is so important to the dogs that some of their laws are classified.

Using the old “national security” ruse, Presidential Directives are classified. This is how America has “legally” been torturing men, women, and children, for years, in military bases all over the world. This torture is being done in the name of American citizens, making them accomplices in heinous practices that are far better left to the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition of the Dark Ages.

The despicable American policy of torturing human life degrades our entire population of Whipped Dogs, but empowers the Top Dogs and their servants – the Running Dogs.

In a sane society, governments would issue laws no more complicated than the general populace could easily read, digest, and agree with.

Certainly, a sane government would not overwhelm us with tomes of laws, while hiding some of them in order to trap us.

I’m no intergalactic lawyer, but it seems to me that the government’s classified laws are in violation of the universal directives, an infraction that could reverberate on the Top Dogs.

There are pending laws, however, that the government and the corporate media are being very vocal about –Hate Crimes Legislation.

The major media has long conditioned us for the need of more laws to curb hate and violence. But the Top Dogs’ corporate media has never revealed to us that within those coming hundreds of thousands of pages of laws, orders, and directives will be long passages that will label honest whistleblowers as national security risks to be picked up and imprisoned as dangerous US Domestic Extremists who hate democracy.

The Top Dogs and their minions, the Running Dogs, are, however, no more than a reflection of the low morals, unenlightenment, and lack of ethical behavior of their Whipped Dogs.

The power of both the Running Dogs and Top Dogs is derived from their corrupted Whipped Dogs. This fact is the basis of the long and vicious attack on man’s nobility, decency, and sense of fair play. As the Whipped dogs are further impoverished, demoralized, and degraded, the Top Dogs, and their sycophants (Running Dogs), are that much more empowered.

Restore what is best in man and the dogs – whipped, running, attack, and top – all cease to exist.

Fortunately, in our freewill universe, the collective mass of consciousness can relatively quickly change the direction of a nation or even a world from dogly dogma to Godly salvation.

That process entails enough people understanding the intentions of the Top Dogs and simply disagreeing with them.

No demonstrations, riots, revolutions, imprisonment, or killings are needed or wanted.

We simply need to understand and disagree, and enlighten others to do the same.

If we are to avoid a dark dystopia, a completely and utterly enslaved and depopulated world, we must now act quickly to educate ourselves and all the others we can.

Be a spark, a stimulation, a catalyst, a guide, a pointer to truth; but let those you try to help come to their own self realizations.

The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself.

St. Augustine

So the sweet little old lady friend of yours is not doing you, your family, your friends, or the world any favors when she tells you …

So stop already with the bad news. At my age, I just wanna stay strictly focused on nice positive things.

But rest assured, there is a growing groundswell of us who are Dog-Tired of all the mad dogs who are causing our country to go to the dogs.

Are you amongst us – the dog-tired? I’ll wager you are.

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