‘To be murdered in the street, to be executed—this is systemic.’—Michele Kamal


Abdul-Wakil Kamal,
By John McDevitt

Justice for Abdul-Wakil Kamal!

A rally and march are being called in Newark, NJ on Sat., Nov. 15 at 2 PM at Springfield Ave. and West Market in front of the Lincoln Memorial to demand justice for Abdul-Wakil Kamal, murdered by the Irvington, NJ police just over a year ago.

“’The struggle continues’ is our theme this Saturday,” Michele Kamal, Abdul’s mother, told Liberation News. “We want to keep it out there, so people don’t forget.”

“Yesterday we met with the prosecutor. The case is going to the grand jury in the beginning of the year. I want to see demonstrations and rallies to bring light to what is going on with these police officers,” explained Michele.

“We need more than support with words, we need to be out there. We can’t just close our eyes to this. Our boys and young men—people of color—are the target. To be murdered in the street, to be executed—this is systemic,” said Michele as she called on others to come out to join this growing movement understanding that systemic oppression requires a united, organized national response.

Abdul-Wakil Kamal was shot by three Irvington police officers—a total of 15 shots were fired—10 bullets hit Abdul killing him. Abdul was unarmed at the time, trying to visit his children.

“It’s not just Irvington, New York and Missouri—it’s all over,” said Michele, linking local tragedies to the epidemic of racist police murders on the rise around the country.

“Abdul was a jokester and he loved making people laugh. He was a real family guy and he was so close to his kids. He just loved his kids. He had his faults, but that had nothing to do with what happened.”

“People say you can have closure, but there is no closure when it’s your child,” explained Michele, “I’m in this for the duration.”

Abdul-Wakil Kamal murdered by Irvington police on October 11, 2013. The people of New Jersey have not forgotten and continue to demand justice.

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