September 15, 2010

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
Get ready people because they are at it again. Yes, those wild and crazy, zany Marx Brother’s typos posing as art students, without palettes, brushes or berets are back on the scene. We’re hearing from people in B.C. and maybe we’ll even hear from people in A.D. that… Israelis with vans and pickups are modifying their rides for the mini-monster truck, explosive competitions. They’re hot and heavy. They’re in a hurry. They got to get it online, on time and never mind, it’s coming to an urban area somewhere in the great gentile, murder land of the not so United States, Canada or wherever there are a lot of you useless breeders and eaters.
Why are they revving up now? Well, folks, the bottom has dropped out on the 9/11 concealment industry. The Apocalypse is going nova with getting the truth some new walking around shoes. Everywhere you look now there’s a new group that’s hammering on that old 9/11 side walking, side winding blues. They know that ‘some of us’ know that they know that we know that they know that we know and they got to get the focus off the truth. Truth is a hot, scalding discomfort for the Zionist world conquest tour. Who knew that Zionism actually meant the entire planet? Go figure. It doesn’t matter what you figure because they got a Chinese abacus that says, “You lose”.
So, what will the U.S. and international intelligence services do about this; zilch and less than zilch? They know which side their bread is buttered on because they helped these psychopaths steal their bread and butter and sell it back to them at twice the price which is still what they can get for you wholesale, somehow and… cheaper than stolen.
Well, let’s pause a moment and list a few things; Zionista, Nazi propagandists own the world media and all the entertainment businesses. Zionista bankers and Wall Street traders made huge mistakes, betting on your future and then stole your future to pay for it. Zionista, rat fucked reptiles, plunged your countries into unwinable wars, based on a fly paper strategy of getting, yet to be created terrorists killed and or placed into rendition programs, so that they could confess to acts which were carried out by the Zionistas. Zionistas compose a certain percentage of a .2% demographic of some sort of killer human virus that condemns you for inquiry into fabricated history, which makes up fantastic stories about non events AND destroys you for saying they have the power to destroy you, which is Anti-Semitic. They aren’t Semitic but the people they are genociding out of existence are and you can’t say that. I don’t care what it is, you can’t say it.
Let’s go on with that theme. These genetically engineered vultures have been performing total mayhem upon a so called gentile world; that’s you pilgrim. They come out of a mix of people who are more silent than the silent they accused everyone else of being when they were wiped out with no population change. The single most informed entity on Earth stated their figures and no one paid attention. Winston Churchill and Dwight Eisenhower and a whole lot of other war time, memoir making famous people wrote thousands and thousands of words and never mentioned death camps and gas chambers. Oh, don’t bother to look it up; stupid will defend itself until its last, gasping ignorant breath.
Let’s keep going; a country got formed out of a myth, for a people who don’t exist, for a land without people, once they had driven the people off of their land, so that a crime family could have its own nation in order to have certain sovereign protections against prosecution. Then they took control of the money supply of major nations in order to compel a selected group of crack whore politicians to support their right to bugger them- and you- into insensibility; probably because they liked it and you do too. These whores represented your interests but you weren’t all that interested, because they were right about something; you are so incredibly stupid that you read, absorb and accept things that didn’t happen because you were too lazy to check.
They controlled the pornographic empire because that is one of the forces that militate against your having the energy to check anything. They own everything they want to own and they own you too and you don’t have the balls or the intellect to protest because it couldn’t be exactly the way it looks, because these vultures who are raping and killing with impunity couldn’t be doing the same thing to you now, could they?
Meanwhile there’s a larger group of the same group that doesn’t say a word and is therefore, somehow, kind of innocent and now you have a few, self styled representatives of hope and change from this same group, who are courageously speaking out but none of whom will admit that their own genetic misanthrope cousins did 9/11. Clarify this for me because I might be missing something, which members of the tribe have come out and said that Israel did 9/11? Which writers or spokesperson, who is a member of the tribe and who you see being published at these alternative news sites is coming out and declaring this; no, don’t tell me, not a single one? So am I to believe that they are just the advance guard of the table turning, “we’re the good guys now”; representatives of your next select group of incoming slavers?
Aren’t these the people who are most pushing the idea that there is some kind of shadowy cabal of mostly Wasp, Catholic, Masonic-illuminati puppet-masters who are just using history’s biggest, self-proclaimed victims as scapegoats once again? Ah… those victims. You just want to slit your wrists in protest against the injustice. It doesn’t matter what you hear about who controls Las Vegas; the banks, the media, the entertainment business, the arms trade, the slavery trade, organ trafficking and it doesn’t matter how many times you see it because it can’t be real because you, you are too stupid to live and the good news is you probably won’t be living for much longer.
I’m not like you. I can’t live with a fucking, self denying lie. I don’t care what prisons they put me in or what kind of crap they get away with for a little while. I have to live with myself. You do too, but apparently that’s no big deal, for you.
Now they are back again and there is no arrogance like theirs. They are even running the same ‘shuck and jive’ artist students thing again. They got black people trying to live in harmonious accord with them, when they are the ones who put them on the ships and killed far more of them than even what they claim happened to them and don’t get me started on the Bolshevik Revolution. I hope I go down in history as an example of anti-Semitism to the max. I’ll feel like I did the right thing. I feel like maybe it’s the truth.
I know how this whole thing sorts out for the Synagogue of Satan. I could delineate it for you and lay it out; as you will see it happening when it gets shown to you. Yeah, I’m that deluded guy who talks to angels he can’t see and has all kinds of invisible friends because normal people won’t hang out with him; thank god for that. I’m a chemical taking, moonwalking on the ceiling, trying to get away from you, kind of a guy, who knows my chemicals beat the hell out of what you are taking to keep yourself even more stupid than you actually are and that is a reach, since you are already at zero on the yardstick.
You’re the real problem, you teabagging, liberal calling, no neck troglodytes from the Planet Nothing. Here’s your real problem. You see the truth. You know what I’m talking about but you got no faith in the truth and you purport to live by it. You’re the worst kind of hypocrites. You are the ones who murdered your savior because somebody with money looked more powerful to you than the force that makes existence possible. You piss on the sunlight of your own survival. You sell your children into slavery because you believe what you can see is more powerful than what is holding you in place so that you can see it in the first place. That makes you stupid and it makes me free. I can see where the power lies, because I do not presume to know, nor do I hide what is evident to a child from my willfully blinded eyes.
These tools of the darkness are only what they are; limited and allowed access, dependent on your fear of them. One who does not fear them has nothing to fear as will be demonstrated shortly. Yes, they are going to Hell but Hell for them is nothing more than the impossibility of escaping from the eternal cycle of shooting fish in a barrel …but you, you could have had a soul and you spent your time felating your abusers in order to live insignificantly and in fear of a death that is guaranteed by your worship of what despises you the most. Well, they’re back again and you’re still sure you can pick the queen in that Three Card Monte game you call your life. You disappoint me but that is nothing like the disappointment you are going to experience when it all gets revealed to you.

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