Thousand attended Al-Quds rally in Karachi despite bomb blast hit Al-Quds rally participants

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Thousands of people, including women and children, took out al-Quds rally on MA Jinnah Road here on Friday to mark the International Al-Quds Day despite the bomb explosion hit
the bus carrying the participants of Al-Quds rally at Main University road killed two person and injuring 18 others.At least two participants were killed and Eighteen others injured in an explosion that occurred near the entrance of Safari Park on University Road on the bus carrying participants of Al-Quds rally.The DIG East said the explosion was caused due to bomb planted near a KESC sub-station, dispelling his earlier claim that the the blast was a result of a CNG cylinder exploding.
Speaking to private TV channel the commissioner of Karachi Roshan Ali Sheikh said the blast was the result of a planted device. The bomb disposal squad said that 2 kilograms of explosives were used in the bomb which also contained ball bearings.The participants of the Azadia Al-Quds rally, taken under the banner of Tehreek-e-Azadia Al-Quds of Imamia Students Organisation (ISO) Karachi, expressed solidarity with Palestinian brethren struggling against the illegal occupation of their land by Israel.The demonstrators were holding placards and banners inscribed with slogans against the US and Israel aggression. They were also waving flags of Hizbollah and Hammas. Hundreds of people carried portraits of Ayatollah Khomeini, Ayatullah Syed Ali Khamnai, and Syed Hassan Nasrallah.
They marched through MA Jinnah Road from Numaish Chowrangi to Tibet Centre to lodge their protest against the US-backed Israeli oppression against Palestinians. Every year, the last Friday of Ramazan is observed as Al-Quds Day, the call for which was given by late founder of Islamic revolution Imam Khomeini (ra).Addressing the rally at the Tibet Centre, Majlis-e-Wehdat Muslameen (MWM) central leader Maulana Mirza Yousuf Hussain, ISO Pakistan president Athar Imran, Maulana Baqar Zaidi, Allama Amin Shaheedi, Allama Qazi Ahmed Noorani Siddiqui and others declared that observing the Al-Quds Day was a referendum against the Zionist state of Israel.They said that the participation of thousands of people in the Al-Quds rally in Karachi had foiled the Zionist conspiracy to eliminate the voice in support of people of Palestine and condemned the attack on bus carrying the participants of Al-Quds rally in Karachi.
The termed that the attack on Al-Quds rally was a conspiracy of Zionist regime Israel saying the days of Israel are numbered.They said Israel was the biggest terrorist of the world and stressed the need to launch a war against it. “If we really want to end terrorism, the elimination of Israel is must,” they said.The speakers said the Zionist forces were bound to face defeat at the hands of the brave and courageous liberation forces while Jihad against existence of Israel would not let the dream of the Zionist state come true.
They backed the present Syrian regime and condemned the OIC decision for suspending the Syria membership of OIC.“Syria is the strong supporter of Palestinian resistance” and the present insurgency in Syria was the conspiracy to destabilize the resistance of Palestine, they added.The participants also carried posters of Palestinian martyrs. A worst traffic jam was also witnessed on MA Jinnah Road and other routes of Saddar that irked citizens for hours.Police and local volunteers adopted stern security measures en-route of March to foil any bid of terrorism. They installed the containers and sealed the entire route of the procession in connection of security threats.

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