This Ramadan, Check the Label – Don’t Break your Fast with an Zionist Date


Ramadan is a time of year when we remember those who are less fortunate than ourselves. It would be an affront if at such a time we helped support oppression.

Every year, Israel exports millions of pounds worth of dates to the world, which many people unknowingly buy and use to break their fasts. These dates are grown in illegal settlements in the West Bank and the Jordan Valley, on land that has been stolen from Palestinians. By buying these dates, we are in fact helping Israel to continue its occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people.

For this reason, Friends of Al-Aqsa will again be launching the ‘Check the Label’ Campaign.

Get Involved – Become a Check the Label Ambassador

There are two stages to this campaign:

Stage 1 – Contact and inform the wholesalers and shops. Letters for shops and wholesalers can be printed here.

Stage 2 – Contact and inform consumers. Letters for mosques can be printedhere and free campaign material can be ordered here.

Volunteer to be an ambassador for the Check the Label Campaign. This will mean you will help promote the campaign in your area and take responsibility of distributing leaflets, speaking to shop owners and uploading photographs of shops where dates from Israel, West Bank and Jordan Valley can be purchased.

2 thoughts on “This Ramadan, Check the Label – Don’t Break your Fast with an Zionist Date

  1. I will share in this campaign by telling my friends & other people on facebook & I’ll ask them to publish these news as hard as they can

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