This clip gives me no pleasure…

This clip is making the rounds at the moment and, showing as it does, the very ugliest aspects of Jewishness, it gives me no pleasure at all to post it.
Personally, I don’t need to see this kind of thing to make me any more aware of the real nature of Jewishness than I already am. It’s the same with the Israelis. People used to say “Paul, you really should go to Palestine and see what the Israelis are  doing there….” and I used to think “I don’t need to go to Palestine, I’ve got enough Jewish abuse going on in my head.”
But the real question this clip poses for me is how do I tie what is on this film with all the wonderful Jews I’ve known, heard about and, some of whom, I’ve loved.
Okay, we’ve all got cricisms to make of Gilad’s anti-Zionist Zionists and God knows, I’ve experienced plenty at their hands – but no-one would suggest that they would behave like those people we see in this clip.And what about the thousands and thousands of perfectly decent Jews who, though unable or unwilling to speak out, are themselves, even if not always consciously, heartsick at what they see on their TV screens.
And what about the friends and family I know and love. Wonderful people all, how does this clip tie in with them?
The answer is that all those good Jews, when push comes to shove, no matter how much they may oppose them, they will still side with those terrible soldiers, settlers, rabbis and rabble-rousers against the so-called ‘anti-Semites’, who try to call them to account.
And it is for that reason that all these good, decent Jews will pay the price.

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