“They Don’t Care About Us”. White Helmets True Agenda

The “White Helmets” organization acting in Syria is hailed as heroes in some countries, and the West provides millions of dollars to these so-called saviors. However, residents of Aleppo (Syria) claim that “White Helmets” care only about money and saving rebels, but not civilians. People from Fua and Kafraya confirm allegiance of “White Helmets” to world recognized terrorist organizations like Jabhat an-Nusra or Al-Qaeda and testimony “White Helmets” participation in public executions. The videos that this organization produces are astounding Internet-users all over the world.

The briefing, according to the speakers, is designed to give “a clear view on what is the real agenda of these Hollywood so called “first responders” who received an Oscar for their performance”.

Below is the video of the entire presentation (English and French)

Below is the full video shown at the outset of the press conference:

Speakers during the press conference:

Guy Mettan , Executive Director of the Geneva Press Club

Vanessa Beeley, independent investigative journalist and photographer from Great Britain specializing in the Middle East. Associate editor at 21st Century Wire.

Richard Labévière, French journalist specializing in the Middle East and international terrorism, editor of the internet portal “Proche et Moyen Orient”.

Prof. Marcello Ferrada De Noli, Chairman of the NGO Swedish Doctors for Human Rights, editor of the online magazine The Indicter.

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