They are Killing Little Baby Chickens

Inglorious Basturd (Just say to "no" to kosher chicken)
Inglorious Basturd (Just say “no” to Israeli chicken)
1.  Two towns in Rockland County, New York apply for economic development grants under a special New York State development program. One town’s grant has already been approved by the town’s council and is supported by the people who live  in  the town. In addition, Rockland County said it approves the project and even the State of New York has approved it.
The other town’s grant application has no approval on the local, county or state levels and is opposed not only by the residents of two adjacent towns, it isn’t even approved yet by the town itself.
Here is the wiki page for the first town. Give it a quick read.
Here is the wiki page for the second town. Give it a an even quicker read.
Which town do you think got the grant? You get one guess, unless  you are in the Shas party – Shas party members get three guesses. Here’s a little more about the story of The Chicken Plant of New Square. (Sounds like a nice title for a horror movie, doesn’t it? And wait till you see who some of the actors are. Steven King would be thrilled and he’d just have them play themselves in the movie.)
“I must question how our grant application was denied, when a grant proposal that does not have a single approval and is opposed by the county in which it resides and is controversial, is approved,” he wrote, while asking for an investigation.”
Those words are from Haverstraw Supervisor Howard Phillips. Haverstraw is a small New York town that applied for an economic development grant from the state of New York. The grant program is called Restore New York. The guidelines call for municipally sponsored projects to demolish or rehabilitate vacant, abandoned or condemned properties. The projects must also be architecturally consistent with nearby and adjacent properties.
Haverstraw’s application was to take such a property and build quality housing for citizens over 55 years of age. The proposal is strongly supported by local residents, especially skilled craftsman, who would be doing the building. The proposal was also approved by the town itself, by Rockland County where it is located and by the State of  New York.  Also, Haverstraw is going through very tough economic times, as Phillips make very clear in the article. Phillips has written to NY attorney general Andrew Cuomo complaining about the Restore program’s turning down his town’s application.
New Square’s application on the other hand was awared a 1.6 million dollar grant for the construction of a chicken plant five times the size of the old one. Since it would be sitting right next to two other Rockland County towns who strongly opposed having a smelly chicken plant next door, the mayor of New Square, Israel Spitzer, got support from other Islamofascists such as Senator Charles Shumer, (Likud, NY), Senator Eliot Engel (Likud, NY) and Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee (Likud, New Square), plus a moron known  as State Senator Thomas P. Morahan (Moron, NY) also supported the chicken plant.  And presto, New Square now has funding for a chicken plant that nobody wants.
2. Now we here at Mantiq al-Tayr have nothing against chickens, or even eating chickens, but we do notice a trend toward the Israelization of the chicken industry. Note here the attack on this probably not Zionist-controlled chicken plant owned by Hy-Line a US founded company. Cruelty to animals is a terrible thing and is condemned by all of us at Mantiq al-Tayr. But it sure is interesting that just as Nathan Runkle’s Mercy for Animals organization is criticizing Hy-Line, the United States is working with Israel to increase Israeli poultry exports to the United States.  The bankruptcy of Agriprocessors – owned by Islamofascists, might even have helped pave the way for more Israeli imports. Sure would be convenient if Hy-Line lost market share at the same time. A search on Nathan Runkle and Agriprocessors on Google and Ixquick was interesting.
Then there is also Empire Kosher.
3. We have a great confession to make here at Mantiq al-Tayr.  Yes, the rumors you’ve been hearing are true. “Say it ain’t so, Mantiq” just won’t work. Yes, Mantiq and all the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr are, yes indeed we are ——– hummus sexuals.  We love hummus.
There is a great Arabic expression طلعت من الحفلة من غير حمص which means literally “I left the party without any hummus” which basically means that “I got nothing out of it.” Well, we need to change that expression to طلعت من البقالة من غير حمص “I left the grocery store without any hummus” because the hummus industry is about as zionized as the poultry industry is.
The biggest hummus section is by the company known as Sabra which is the Hebrew word for a Jew born in Israel.  (No it is not short for Sabra and Shatila, though maybe it ought to be.) Sabra was founded in 1986 by Yehuda Pearl, an Islamofascist. Later he sold the company to Strauss Elite (which now owns the company in partnership with Pepsi) and which claims to be the second largest food and beverage company in Israel.  You’ll find the kosher symbols prominently displayed on the product. To learn about kosher symbols, you can go here. You can also go here.
Then there is the Tribe variety. You know, Arabs have Tribes and stuff, so what a great name. (It used to be called Tribe of Two Sheikhs.)
Let me digress for a  minute.
Whenever I see food that is Arabic marked as Mediterranean, or Arabic-food restaurants calling themselves Mediterranean, I figure one of two things –  the stuff or the store is Arabic owned but they don’t want to say so because Arabs own hollywood, the banks, the media, the poultry industry and have Congress not just in their back pocked but right up their ass, or because the stuff is Israeli and they want to conceal that fact for the very same reasons. (and yes, I know that people in Greece and other non-Arabic lands make hummus.)
Back to the Tribe. Well, no, the Tribe is actually a different tribe as is pretty clear from their website and their food is, of course, kosher.
The last company with hummus on the shelf is Cedars, which as far as we can tell is owned by an an American of possible Arab ancestry and by another American of probably Greek ancestry. Yes it’s kosher, most things in your local grocery store bear at least one kosher certification, but at least it doesn’t seem related to Israel.
Nonetheless, I guess it’s back to just making hummus at home. It tastes better anyway. Please support the Israeli boycott by posting recipies in the comements section.  Also, click on the picture below for a great hummus recipe from a blog I’ve just discovered.

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