The vilification of British MP Chris Williamson must stop

Chris Williamson MP

Press release by Labour Against Zionist Islamophobic Racism

Labour Against Zionist Islamophobic Racism (LAZIR) is appalled at the treatment that Member of Parliament Chris Williamson is facing from 118 MPs and peers (listed below). His resuspension is ludicrous.
We fear these people are doing this so Mr Williamson misses out on getting reselected as MP for Derby
We believe these politicians are completely mistaken if they think that Mr Williamson has done anything wrong. We believe they are completely out of touch with the half million-plus members of the Labour Party. They represent nothing more than the deranged Zionist-supporting zealots whose main interest is in tarring our Labour Party as being in some way anti-Semitic when it is clearly not.
What these MPs and peers are foolish enough to do is to agree with the reactionary Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) that any criticism of Israel is the same as criticism of Jewry, when that is quite untrue. We share Mr Williamson’s views, as expressed in February, that we have painted ourselves into a corner by giving too much ground and being too apologetic. Anti-Semitism is wrong, but what the JLM and those listed below believe is that criticism of Israel as racist is in some way anti-Semitic. They are deluded in so doing and by their actions they condone the racism that Palestinians suffer in their homeland on a daily basis. The sooner these politicians stand aside and make way for a new batch of Labour MP’s, who represent the membership views, the better.
LAZIR would welcome trigger ballots to deselect the following 60 MPs on the grounds that they are de facto supporting Zionist racism and out of touch with the Labour Party. The MPs in question are:

  • Abrahams, Debbie (Labour), Oldham East and Saddleworth
  • Ali, Rushanara (Labour), Bethnal Green and Bow
  • Antoniazzi, Tonia (Labour), Gower
  • Barron, Sir Kevin (Labour), Rother Valley
  • Blackman-Woods, Dr Roberta (Labour), City of Durham
  • Bradshaw, Mr Ben (Labour), Exeter
  • Bryant, Chris (Labour), Rhondda
  • Buck, Ms Karen (Labour), Westminster North
  • Cadbury, Ruth (Labour), Brentford and Isleworth
  • Chapman, Jenny (Labour), Darlington
  • Cooper, Yvette (Labour),  Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford
  • Coyle, Neil (Labour), Bermondsey and Old Southwark
  • Creasy, Stella (Labour (Co-op), Walthamstow
  • De Piero, Gloria (Labour), Ashfield
  • Doughty, Stephen (Labour (Co-op), Cardiff South and Penarth
  • Duffield, Rosie (Labour) Canterbury
  • Elliott, Julie (Labour), Sunderland Central
  • Ellman, Dame Louise (Labour (Co-op), Liverpool, Riverside
  • Frith, James (Labour) Bury North
  • Green, Kate (Labour), Stretford and Urmston
  • Greenwood, Lilian (Labour), Nottingham South
  • Hodge, Dame Margaret (Labour), Barking
  • Hodgson, Mrs Sharon (Labour), Washington and Sunderland West
  • Jarvis, Dan (Labour), Barnsley Central
  • Jones, Darren (Labour), Bristol North West
  • Jones, Graham P (Labour), Hyndburn
  • Jones, Susan Elan (Labour), Clwyd South
  • Kendall, Liz (Labour), Leicester West
  • Killen, Ged (Labour (Co-op), Rutherglen and Hamilton West
  • Kinnock, Stephen (Labour), Aberavon
  • Kyle, Peter (Labour), Hove
  • Lucas, Ian C. (Labour), Wrexham
  • Lynch, Holly (Labour), Halifax
  • McFadden, Mr Pat (Labour), Wolverhampton South East
  • McGovern, Alison (Labour), Wirral South
  • McKinnell, Catherine (Labour), Newcastle upon Tyne North
  • McMorrin, Anna (Labour), Cardiff North
  • Malhotra, Seema (Labour (Co-op), Feltham and Heston
  • Matheson, Christian (Labour), City of Chester
  • Moon, Mrs Madeleine (Labour), Bridgend
  • Murray, Ian (Labour), Edinburgh South
  • Nandy, Lisa (Labour), Wigan
  • Onwurah, Chi (Labour), Newcastle upon Tyne Central
  • Perkins, Toby (Labour), Chesterfield
  • Phillips, Jess (Labour), Birmingham, Yardley
  • Phillipson, Bridget (Labour), Houghton and Sunderland South
  • Powell, Lucy (Labour (Co-op), Manchester Central
  • Reeves, Ellie (Labour), Lewisham West and Penge
  • Reeves, Rachel (Labour), Leeds West
  • Sheerman, Mr Barry (Labour (Co-op), Huddersfield
  • Smeeth, Ruth (Labour), Stoke-on-Trent North
  • Smith, Jeff (Labour), Manchester, Withington
  • Smith, Owen (Labour), Pontypridd
  • Smyth, Karin (Labour), Bristol South
  • Sobel, Alex (Labour (Co-op), Leeds North West
  • Streeting, Wes (Labour), Ilford North
  • Thomas, Gareth (Labour (Co-op), Harrow West
  • Watson, Tom (Labour), West Bromwich East
  • Whitfield, Martin (Labour), East Lothian
  • Zeichner, Daniel (Labour), Cambridge.

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