The US/UK “Special Relationship”: Anglo-American “Common Values and Shared Interests” Threaten World Peace?


In his 1946 Fulton, Missouri “Iron Curtain” address, Winston Churchillcoined the US/UK “special relationship” term.
Until its 1776 declaration and war of independence, Britain colonized the US. Now it’s the other way around.
The same is true for post-WW II, US orchestrated new world order, transforming Western European countries into virtual US colonies — what the CIA-created EU was and remains all about, wanting them controlled by a higher US power.
At Buckingham Palace on Monday, Queen Elizabeth hailed what she called US/UK “common values and shared interests” — failing to explain the destructive way they play out on the world stage. See below.

During his press conference with Theresa May, Trump hailed the US/UK “special relationship,” calling it the “greatest alliance the world has ever known.” Hyperbole, deceit, bravado, and dissembling define his rhetoric. It makes painful listening.
Britain is part of US-dominated NATO, a killing machine transformed from a defensive to an imperial offensive alliance, waging endless wars of aggression, threatening world peace and humanity’s survival.
As long as NATO exists, peace and stability will remain unattainable. Its 29 members, along with their partnered Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC), Mediterranean Dialogue, and Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI) states comprise a global warmaking alliance — risking nuclear war by pushing things too far.
What’s unthinkable may be inevitable because of US rage for global dominance, Britain united with the US in pursuing it as a junior partner.
The same goes for other NATO-connected states, Israel, and their rogue partners for global conquest, colonization, control, and exploitation.
That’s what US/UK “common values and shared interests,” as well as their “special relationship” is all about — risking the destruction of planet earth and all its life forms.

Trump’s Tuesday remarks were pockmarked with bald-faced Big Lies, demonization of Iran, and demand for Britain and other NATO members to spend more for militarism at a time the only threats these nations face are invented. No real ones exist.
Trump lied about the (nonexistent) threat of “Iran…develop(ing) nuclear weapons” — ignoring the real threat posed by nuclear armed and dangerous Israel, the region’s only nuclear power along with the Pentagon’s presence.
He lied accusing Iran of “supporting and engaging in terrorism” — A US, UK, NATO, Israeli specialty, what Iran is combatting to its credit.
Theresa May’s remarks matched Trump’s in offensiveness and Big Lies. She lied about Britain’s “commitment to justice” — while her regime is slowing killing Julian Assange for the “crime” of truth-telling journalism the way it should be in deference to Washington, confining him under deplorable conditions in Britain’s Belmarsh prison.
May lied about the March 2018 Sergey and Yulia Skripal incident, falsely blaming Russia for harming them, what the Kremlin had nothing to do with, no evidence suggesting otherwise.
She lied about CW incidents in Syria, US/UK-sponsored, carried out by terrorists they support, what Damascus had nothing to do with, blaming Bashar al-Assad a bald-faced Big Lie.
She lied accusing Iran of engaging in “destabilizing activity in the region,” adding it must be “ensure(d) (that) Tehran cannot acquire a nuclear weapon” it doesn’t want, doesn’t have, and wants eliminated everywhere to prevent mass annihilation by their use.
She lied claiming “the UK continues to stand by the nuclear deal.” Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif slammed EU countries for failing to fulfill their obligations under the JCPOA, breaching an international agreement since Trump pulled out in May 2018.
She lied about China, falsely accusing its ruling authorities of “threaten(ing) our shared interests or values.” Polar opposite is true.
The shared bond between the US and UK is hostile to what just societies seek and cherish, to the rights and welfare of ordinary people everywhere, to a world safe and fit to live in.
Polls show about 80% of Brits disapprove of Trump. Tens of thousands of Brits took to the streets in protest of his presence.
On Wednesday, his three-day visit ends with commemorations marking the 75th June 6 D-Day anniversary.
In a Tuesday address, Labor party leader Jeremy Corbyn slammed Trump for spreading hatred and division, including his uncalled for denigration of London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

“I’m proud our city has a Muslim mayor – that we can chase down Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, any kind of racism in our society,” said Corbyn, adding:
“Because racism divides, exploitation of minorities divides, brings about hatred, dislike, disdain and a horrible place for individuals to live in.”

Responding to Trump’s refusal to meet him without mentioning him by name, Corbyn said

“I want to be able to have that dialogue to bring about the better and more peaceful world that we all want to live in.”

“Toxic Trump Out,” “Trump Not Welcome,” “Liar,” “Not in My Name,” “We Are the Carnival of Resistance,” and other signs showed how ordinary Brits despise him.
There’s nothing redeeming about his deplorable domestic and geopolitical agenda, responsible for harming millions at home and abroad.
There’s no end of it under one-party rule with two extremist right wings — Trump the latest in a long line of presidents serving privileged interests exclusively, at the expense of world peace and the general welfare.

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