Western politicians and of course the deceitful, manipulative, mainstream media have been shamelessly calling Libya a “failed state”. A FAILED STATE?! Who made it a “failed state”? Can we have some academic and historical integrity here or is that too much to ask in these decrepit times that we live in where monsters are in charge? I digress.
The unmaking of Libya will be a case study for all future students of geopolitics. Libya was the most prosperous and successful nation in Africa. So bold that towards the end of his tenure, Muammar Gaddafi, not exactly a saint by any stretch of imagination, was openly proposing an Africa-wide unified currency called, “The Golden Dinar” to challenge the hegemony of the petrodollar system. And that was the exact reason for his barbaric removal from office by a bunch of well-financed Jihadi Al-Qaeda savages which have now morphed into Al-Qaeda 2.0, aka ISIS. The so-called “Arab Spring” was orchestrated by nefarious entities such as NATO, IMF, WTO, the World Bank, etc. Mind you, Libya had a sizeable gold reserve before NATO’s takeover. Since 2011, a big bulk of those reserves has been sitting safely at the vaults of the Bank of England, better put, Bank of Rothschilds, in a financially autonomous place called “City of London”, not to be confused with London itself.
NATO (led by US, France, and UK) plus two of the biggest state sponsors of terrorism, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and every other nation involved in the overthrow of Gaddafi’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (literally meaning “republic” in the Arabic language) took a thriving, developed, self-reliant nation with tremendous natural resources and turned it into a backward-minded, miserable, utterly failed nation, where Al-Qaeda and ISIS savages have been roaming the land and terrorizing the local population. An unintended consequence of these intentional destabilizing policies has been an on-going emigrational catastrophe (at a Biblical proportion) since 2015, much at the expense of European nations when it comes to accommodation and the already over-stretched social services, etc. Actually, the 2015 date is a conservative point of reference since such emigration problems have been plaguing Europe for decades. But never at such a mass level where gates are smashed down and control is lost.

Back to my earlier point, NATO’s grotesque regime change in Libya has always been another de-facto balkanization effort, in effect dividing Libya into east and west (Benghazi vs. Tripoli), not to mention Libya’s lawless southern barren deserts bordering Chad, a country that Libya has had conflict with in the past in more than one occasion. All in all, we have had a situation where rival thugs and ruthless gangs compete for power in a dog-eat-dog warlord tribalism.

This divide and conquer strategy has served as a tool to make Libya’s so-called “sweet oil” even more accessible to the Europeans. “Sweet oil” refers to a type of ground extraction of oil which is much cheaper than the traditional deep ground extraction since this so-called sweet oil is more at a surface level, hence drastically decreasing the cost of drilling, drawing out the oil, etc. Naturally and as to be expected, in the midst of all this chaos, Libya’s sweet oil has been getting smuggled to the European energy market across the Mediterranean Sea, Italy in particular, and whoever else pays for it which of course is at a much lower rate. As such, this iniquitous scenario which has been ongoing since the brutal murder of Gaddafi in 2011 is essentially (among other factors) an oil theft project, much in the same way as the Northern Iraqi and Syrian oil which was being stolen by ISIS and transported via oil trucks on a well-planned 24-hours/ seven days a week ongoing smuggling operation before Turkey decided to switch sides and consequently ISIS was defeated by Russia (from the air) and the Iran/ Syrian Arab Army/ Hezbollah coalition (on the ground). Same strategy in Libya. And it turns, after the murder of Gaddafi, ISIS gradually increased its presence and influence in Libya as well – a literal replication of NATO’s Iraq/ Syria war policy.
NATO did this wicked deed through bombing, arming and supporting of terrorists as well as through targeted assassinations. And now those same lackey leaders and the same corporate, mainstream media propagandists who encouraged and celebrated the murder of Muammar Gaddafi and the assault on Libya have the audacity to casually label Libya “a failed state”, as if it was some mere, unfortunate, unpredicted tragedy that has fallen on North African Arabs because they are incapable of managing their countries and handling their business.
For the sake of accuracy, many African countries with utterly corrupt leaders are in fact incapable of managing their countries properly. That has been the norm for decades. But that was NOT the case with Libya. To fully understand the scale of the tragedy in Libya, you have to understand what Libya was prior to the NATO imperialist takeover:
During Gaddafi’s reign, healthcare was free. So was electricity. There were no interest loans. Newly weds received $50,000 to find a home. Mothers received $5,000 when their child was born. Muammar Gaddafi also wanted to create a continental currency and a central African bank, backed by Africa’s immense natural resources in order to rebuild the rich but poverty-stricken African continent. Eventually, this would have given African leaders control of the continent and sooner-or-later end the European neo-colonialism in Africa. It also would have bankrupted other large economies whose currencies are not backed by tangible resources [or sustainable economic policies] other than the tyranny of petrodollar system which, as everyone knows, is backed by the brutal military force of Washington’s 19 aircraft carriers, for example. That’s why NATO had Gaddafi murdered.

Besides, who made NATO the white knights of the world? The Europeans’ violent and shameful history in the last 500 years alone has been responsible for 100-years religious wars, colonialism, imperialism, orientalism, global hegemony, ethno-centrism, World War I, World War II, the Holocaust, degradation of the environment, greed and predatory capitalism, just to name a few. These evils have been getting implemented at a concentrated level during the past 100 years.

All of a sudden, the same Europeans pretend they are the moral compass of the so-called “third world”. Their morally-bankrupt socio-economic system] has been responsible for 500 years of theft, rape, and murder, literally all over the world: from Africa, West Asia, East Asia, and Subcontinent Asia [which the British called their “Crown Jewel] all the way to Central and South America. This hypocrisy and manufactured superiority complex is not only appalling but it is also taking us closer and closer to the edge of yet another global war just to save their corrupt, unsustainable, and predatory capitalistic monetary systems.
So I say this to them barefaced, unashamed, and unabashed: The hell with your false, so-called “democracy”, “human rights”, and “freedom” because they are anything but that. Bombing for “peace” and “democracy” is like fornicating for virginity! We have all seen your “democracy” in action in places Libya, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, and the list goes on-an-on.

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