The United Nations is an international terrorist organization



The United Nations flag with the grid over the globe is an important clue for those who monitor world affairs. They are tightening their grip on the earth and laying out their control grid piece by piece. The previous Earth Summit in 1993 produced an insidious action plan entitled Agenda 21. This plan was carried out and allowed the United Nations to acquire and control resources from around the globe and coerce local, state and federal governments to do their bidding for the sake of the earth.

In 2012, they meet again in Rio but the media campaign has already kicked off. Initial recommendations have been released by participating working groups and they are comprehensive enough to give Eco-Zealots wet dreams.

“We are currently transitioning from a world of plenty into one in which the planet’s resources have been compromised in their ability to sustain our routines. We are also in a world of global economic and social multi-level governance.”

“What is a Green Economy?

A green economy ensures fair use of ecological resources and sinks at re-generational and bio-assimilation rates. Building such an economy entails the following components:

1. Full-cost pricing: Incorporate ecological degradation into the cost of goods and services (with compensation for the poor).

2. Waste = Food: Design production to reuse all pre- and post-consumer waste as industrial or biological inputs.

3. Sustainable ethic: Foster cultures that recognize ecological scarcity and inspire consumers and producers to desire only what is most necessary and ecologically sustainable.

4. Progressive green taxes: Tax resource and sink use instead of income.

5. Wealth = Environmental Health: Create measures of value that preserve the intrinsic worth of nature” –Beyond Rio+20: Governance For A Green Economy

This so-called ‘green economy’ is a nightmare and it has been for any nation who has tried to implement it. They intend to apply a progressive tax to carbon emissions and raise the cost of food so the consumer knows exactly the ecological damage done according to their own flawed data. This will cripple economies and leave the people with barely enough food to eat and money in their pockets. The idea that the United Nations decide how much food and necessities are produced so we can stay in line with Malthusian scarcity models is madness and something we cannot allow to happen anywhere!!

“There is a need, instead, for what some participants called a strategy of “radical incrementalism”-recognizing and strengthening those elements within the existing institutional architecture that work, identifying the strategic direction of change, and implementing measured and pragmatic shifts that can begin moving the system in that direction. Progressively evaluating the implementation and progress of such measures and carefully adding to them to bring about the desired shifts is an important component of this process.” –Beyond Rio+20: Governance For A Green Economy

“An International Environmental Court (ICE) would provide a mechanism by which Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) could be enforced. An ICE would become the principal court dealing with international environmental law, addressing two main issues – Access to Justice, and Scientific Understanding. An ICE would provide legal standing not just to states but also to civil society, corporations and individuals. ICE judges would be recruited on the basis of specific experience and have access to scientific advisors ” –A Pocket Guide To Sustainable Development Governance

The United Nations is not satisfied with their current influence and control over governmental affairs. They have big plans, plans such as the creation of a World Environment Organization (WEO), International Environment Court (ICE) and Global Parliament for the Environment (GPE). These organizations would wield as much power as the IMF and the WTO and bring about punishment for victimless crimes. Imagine having to go to court because you don’t recycle. The green police infrastructure will be created piecemeal and under the radar. Being a ‘global warming denier’ could have real repercussions. The really sad fact is that they are using our taxpayer money to create a weapon against us.

“The United States initiated the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1933 as a work relief program wherein unemployed youth were enlisted to implement a natural resource conservation program. Participants planted three billion trees, constructed more than 800 state parks, and built infrastructure to make public lands accessible. The program also built awareness and appreciation of America’s natural beauty and resources among the population.
A similar program in which youth serve for a year as stewards of the land could arise within countries around the world. Citizens would work as public servants at water treatment plants, waste disposal sites, farms, environmental remediation areas, and urban transportation centers. This would give youths a sense of contemporary ecological challenges and enlist them in helping countries meet their provisioning needs in a sustainable fashion…While civilian corps systems have historically been national in scope, there is reason to expand them beyond national boundaries. A transnational, regional, or even global service in which people serve in the world’s ecological hotspots would provide a steady stream of sustainability workers, expand global consciousness about environmental interconnections, and help build a global community-all of which are crucial to increasing civil society pressure on the world economy.” –Beyond Rio+20: Governance For A Green Economy

The new green austerity beast doesn’t provide many jobs as the goal is to scale down economies but they have a purpose for those who are enjoying their unemployment or welfare benefits. This is something that Obama proposed when he ran for president. In order for the new green economy to appear legit they must find Eco-Zealots to spread the gospel and they want your children. You can’t find a school in this country that is not talking about global warming and the environment. This lays the foundation for the new religion and so you don’t have any misgivings while living in a sustainable shanty town.
I’ve never seen any document that came out of the Club of Rome, UN or any non-governmental organization that clearly defines what sustainable living is. Our local government officials doesn’t know what it really means either but they will remove 30% of your towns parking space and eventually try to force you on to ‘sustainable’ public transportation.

As the gas prices go up and the economy slides down you are not able to own a car, let alone able to drive it. The EU wants to ban all motor vehicles that run on gas. As electric and gas prices spike, our wallets get thinner and thinner, our options are becoming fewer. Our freedoms are vanishing before our eyes. Most people don’t have time to notice the changes as people are busy surviving. Sustainability means barely living, barely able to sustain life. That gap between first world nations and third is narrowing faster than you’ll ever know. So much money goes into the appearance of improving the third world but instead of helping them up, they are pushing us down so we meet at the bottom.

“The absence of global solidarity among sovereign states undermines the possibility of a strong, global environmental ethic and thus efforts toward creating a global green economy. States pursue their national interest often devoid of global concern. A country’s flag-its patriotic symbol-thus serves as a powerful instrument for cultivating global consciousness and building momentum for a green world economy. By sewing a small image of the globe in the corner of their existing flags, countries could demonstrate their solidarity with the ecological imperative that national concerns dovetail with global ones.” –Beyond Rio+20: Governance For A Green Economy

The UN wants to govern your economy, your hopes, dreams, values and principles. Sustainable Development is a means to an end, the end of sovereignty and the end of independence. Their flag tells it all, they have laid down the grid upon the world and the wreath means that they declare themselves to be supreme rulers like Julius Caesar. There will be more information on the 2012 Earth Summit in the near future. We have no choice but to be out in front on this and shame them with their own words.

Source: Black Listed News

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