The Ugly Truth about Michael Collins Piper, Cass Sunstein and Sandy Hook

By Jim Fetzer

Given the extraordinary attention that has been devoted to dissecting the sensational events in Tucson, Aurora, Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing, I would have thought that those who deny that they were “false flag” or staged events orchestrated by elements within the federal, state and local governments are either unfamiliar with the evidence or cognitively impaired.
Imagine my astonishment to discover a new book, False Flags: Template for Terror (2013)–featuring images of Lee Harvey Oswald, Osama bin Laden, Timothy McVeigh, Adam Lanza and Dzhokhar Tsamaev on its cover–in which Michael Collins Piper argues instead that those who believe Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing were false flag events are not simply wrong about the facts of the matter but are implementing the program of “cognitive infiltration” advanced by Cass Sunstein as tools of the government.
I have done research of my own on most of these subjects, including Cass Sunstein in Birds of a Feather: Subverting the Constitution at Harvard Law“, which was first published and available at OpEdNewsuntil its editor, Rob Kall, made it unavailable, apparently because I was submitting articles about 9/11 implicating Israel in the plot.  Since no lesser an inside authority than Steve Pieczenik has confirmed that Sandy Hook was a false flag event, I was floored by Piper’s stance.
YouTube – Veterans Today –
I suppose I should not have been surprised, therefore, to discover that he also targets Alex Jones, who interviewed Pieczenik, as another Sunstein stooge.  Piper claims that those of us who are implementing Sunstein’s plan (by infiltrating JFK, 9/11 and other “truther” groups in order to sow dissension and controversy and thereby disrupt and discredit them) focus excessively on the question of HOW these events were done (such as the number of shooters that were fired in Dealey Plaza and where JFK was hit) rather than WHO was responsible and WHY.  As his book promo states,

All sorts of misleading “theories” and phony “research” muddied the waters, redirecting attention away from WHO was responsible and into focusing instead into endless competing and distracting arguments about HOW the assassination was carried out. As a consequence, truth seekers got bogged down in complicated discussions about how many shots were fired, where those shots hit JFK and how many assassins were involved. The same type of thing happened after the Oklahoma City bombing and then with 9-11 and it even took place during the past year in the wake of the tragedies at Sandy Hook and Boston. There has been a plethora of theories relating largely to inconsequential details about how these conspiracies were orchestrated and the consequence has been that much of the independent research has become bogged down in forensic and scientific debate (much of it actually ill-founded). The result is that even many Americans who suspect there’s something wrong with the U.S. government’s “official” versions of “what happened” in these cases begin to reject the idea that real conspiracies were behind these events. The truth seekers are dismissed as “nuts.”

But it appeared to me that no one can sort out what really happened WITHOUT nailing down “the details”, which are therefore ANYTHING BUT “inconsequential”. I discussed this odd and unexpected stance by Piper with John Friend, who maintains a blog about these questions and who–along with so many others–agrees with me that Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing are OBVIOUS “false flags”. So he suggested that Piper and I might have a debate about Sandy Hook, which he would host during his own radio show. He wrote to Piper and we set up the debate to occur Wednesday, 8 January 2014, from 11 AM-1 PM/ET.

The First “Debate”

Imagine our astonishment when we received an early AM email from Michael Collins Piper tells us that he was experiencing physical problems with his foot and leg and could not participate in the scheduled debate. So John notified his readers that Piper had withdrawn in this statement:
The Realist Report, 8 January 2014
He and I proceeded to have an extended, two-hour discussion about Sandy Hook, covering most of the issues,
which, to judge from comments about our conversation posted on his blog–apart from those distracted by the question of how the video footage of Flight 175 hitting the South Tower were fakedimplied that we had rather thoroughly dismantled the Piper position and that there was really not a lot left to discuss. Piper, however, was enraged by John Friend’s use of the word, “backed out”, which offended his sense of fair play and justice.  Of course, he HAD withdrawn (or “backed out”) ostensibly on the basis of medical problems, which EXPLAINED why he had withdrawn but did not alter the fact of the matter.  This led to a series of extraordinary emails from Piper in which he viciously and irrationally attacked both John Friend and me, which, in my opinion, display a remarkable loss of mental balance and great emotional instability.  These emails, which were originally sent to the editors of American Free Press and of the web site, “The Ugly Truth”, which apparently is managed by Mark Glenn, Keith Johnson and Piper, are so completely disgusting that, were he to engage us in a lawsuit, as he has threatened, his attorney would move to exclude them on the ground that they are inflammatory and would bias a jury against him:
The email exchange
As you can see from this graphic, there were quite a few, more than 30 in the first set and then another 40 or more in subsequent exchanges, in the three categories (or subject lines) provided here.  The upshot, however, was that Piper insisted he still wanted to debate me over Sandy Hook, so we rescheduled the debate to be hosted by the web editor for American Free Press, David Gahary, this time on Thursday, 16 January 2014, now from 3-5 PM/ET.

The Second “Debate”

Imagine my surprise when “The Ugly Truth” published a story with the following headline on Tuesday, 14 January 2014, two days before the rescheduled debate:

Michael Collins Piper hospitalized following what cardiologists have described as ‘massive’ heart attack


It is with great worry and personal distress that I bring to the notice of the readers of TUT the news that our dear friend Mike Piper has been hospitalized following what cardiologists have said was a ‘massive’ heart attack.


It occurred last week in the middle of the night and lasted for several days afterwards. At this point he is undergoing a battery of tests to determine the extent of the damage done to his heart. I spoke with him just prior to his being taken to the emergency room yesterday and have just finished speaking to him now. He is obviously very worn out but as of this moment is in the best place he can possibly be.

Needless to say, I was not surprised. This announcement was accompanied by a blast at John Friend and me for having observed that Piper had backed out of the earlier debate, which of course was a fact. Piper had already told others that the doctors had no idea what was wrong and were going to run more tests. So I took a day to absorb the situation and then, on Wednesday, 15 January 2014, posted the following comment:My fist comment on TUTIt was predictable that I would be savaged by his supporters, but I did not expect to read comments from those more knowledgeable about cardiac issues to add their opinions to the mix,
Comment from nursing expert
which Mark Glenn dismissed with the back of his hand, remarking, “I tend to think that a cardiologist working at one of the nation’s top hospitals is slightly more qualified to make a medical diagnosis on this matter than you are.” But thenursechronicles called his bluff:
Second nurse expert comment
We have a nice encapsulation of the ethics and integrity of Mark Glenn in running “The Ugly Truth”. When I had initially express skepticism that Michael Collins Piper had suffered “a massive heart attack”, Mark Glenn had responded, “Everything that has been stated is fact as opposed to the fantasy-based stew which you spew ad nauseum. ‘Apparent mental instability’? ‘Under stress’ because of an upcoming debate? ‘Stress-induced angina’?” But his miraculous recovery in just two days offers convincing evidence that I and thenursechronicleshad it right. For a study in duplicity and the credulity of their followers, just read this blog with care.

The Third “Debate”

Because of the stress Michael Collins Piper was under and Mark Glenn’s refusal to engage in a debate in his stead, it fell to their “Number 3″, Keith Johnson, who agreed to debate me on Thursday, 23 January 2014, from 8-10 PM/CT, with David Gahary as the host. It was announced on the American Free Press web site as “Date with a Debate: Jim Fetzer vs. Keith Johnson”, on 21 January 2014, and became the most read article there. For the first time, I actually had an opponent to debate, where our exchange–the debate itself–is archived here.
The response was rather telling. Even on a relatively neutral web site where Michael Collins Piper, Mark Glenn and Keith Johnson had considerable pre-debate support, their fans were dismayed:
One comment on debate

Another baker’s dozen or more comments about the debate can be found at the AFP web site, “Date with a Debate: Fetzer vs. Johnson”, which features a post by Wolgang Halbig, the expert on school security, whom I cited toward the end of the debate and whom I also mention again below. It seems to me that he is the single best-qualified expert in a position to address these Sandy Hook questions, where I am especially glad that he surfaced in time for me to cite his research, which is on-going. James Tracy has now published a blog about him, Retired Cop and Educator Threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook Investigation”, which includes an hour-long interview with me for “The Real Deal”.

Assessing the Outcome

Reflecting on our exchange, I think there are several reasons — apart from his obvious lack of preparation — that Keith Johnson did not fare well. One is that he never responded to the points I made right off the bat about the suppression of information about the deaths of the alleged victims. I had expected him to raise the issue of the Social Security Death Index (SSDI), which lists their names, but where it would have been the most obvious records for the government to have fixed in a case like this, where local, state and federal elements appear to be involved. I was therefore going to explain why that would be most easily fabricated evidence, which for that reason should be given the least weight.
He also never made one of the points I had anticipated by attempting to debunk the portable sign, “EVERYONE MUST CHECK IN”, and the name tags on lanyards. I had gone to the trouble of contacting a former Gold Shield NYC Detective about this, where I asked him if that was standard practice or if he had ever heard of it being done a crime scene, which he answered with a simple, “No.” He is a very stand-up guy, who actually arrested one of the assassins of JFK, Frank Sturgis, when he came to New York to kill Marita Lorenz to make sure she did not testify before the House Select Committee on Assassinations when it reinvestigated the case in 1977-78. She did testify and gave it boxes of supporting evidence, which it simply ignored.
Some of the most powerful evidence I adduced concerned the strange behavior of the alleged parents and relatives of the victims, including Gene Rosen, who played a key role in confirming having heard shots from the school and comforting six of the children who survived by providing them orange juice and allowed them to play with stuffed animals. Because I found his testimony incredible, I contacted the former head of the FBI’s Rapid Response Psychiatric Unit, who confirmed what I had suspected in spades. While his analysis of the problems with Rosen’s testimony would have come to Keith as news, since it was not included in “Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax”, he should have been prepared to deal with the other points I made, most of which were taken directly from that article.
In addition, I introduced new evidence from a former Florida State Trooper and school principal, Wolfgang Halbig, who is a nationally-recognized expert on school safety and related issues. He was so troubled by the “official account” that he has made many inquiries about an FBI investigative report on Sandy Hook, which has been sent to President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and former Director of the FBI, Robert Mueller. He has been rebuffed and told it is “classified”, but why in the world should that be the case? It ought to have been included with the “final report” from Connecticut, not withheld from the public. Because of Wolf’s inquiries about Sandy Hook, two Lake County, FL, homicide investigators showed up at his home and, on behalf of the Connecticut State Police, threatened him with prosecution should he continue to ask questions about Sandy Hook. “Why would they classify an FBI report about a school shooting”, he asks, “if it was on the up-and-up?”, which I regard as a very good question. None of this makes any sense unless we are dealing with the on-going cover-up of an elaborate hoax.

The Poll Results

I am not suggesting that my performance was flawless. During the final segment of my presentation, I cited the case of Alicia Hannan, who is a special technician for the FBI and whose husband and daughter were with her. I was sent a link about her by Keith Johnson himself, which I found very plausible. He claims to have located “Alicia”, who is actually a resident of Sandy Hook. I find that very peculiar but, if he is right, then he “snookered” me. I am more impressed by Sofia Smallstorm’s observation that, if Emilie Parker was on Obama’s knee, then she cannot be the older child who sang at the Super Bowl, which means one of those identifications must be in error. And James Tracy thought that I “lost points” by a direct exchange with Keith toward the very end, to which I plead, “Guilty!”.
But those lapses, such as they may be, do not compensate for the quality and the quantity of the evidence I advanced, where most of his responses committed one or another of the three fallacies I expected he would employ and defined at the very beginning, the straw man, by exaggerating my position to make it easier to attack; special pleading, by citing on the evidence favorable to your side and ignoring the rest; and the ad hominem, which he employed again and again in an attempt to discredit the arguments made by Mike Power, for example, where he simply ignored my own confirmation as an expert who supervised recruit training and marksmanship as a commissioned officer in the US Marine Corps.
Nevertheless, the poll results were strongly in favor of Keith Johnson. While they were initially running 3-1 in my favor over the first 120+ votes cast, the trend would later change, where a comparison of these two snap-shots is rather instructive:

The last report I have about their current totals is that Keith Johnson has around 1200 votes and I only 700, which is quite remarkable. American Free Press has determined that the poll was flawed because, simply by refreshing the page, you could vote again and again. I encourage everyone to listen to the debate and draw their own conclusions about this, since my expectation would have been — given the comparison between the earlier and later results of the second poll (about AFP doing more on Sandy Hook) — I would have expected the first poll results to have been approximately proportionally the same.
NOTE: The latest (corrected) poll results have now been published and they appear to be accurate as follows:
Final Jim Fetzer vs. Keith Johnson poll

Interpreting the Outcome

The chat room was very active during the debate, but so was Mark Glenn, who made repeated efforts to bias chat room participants negatively toward me and in favor of Keith Johnson. Here is a sample from the final stages of the debate only for the purpose of illustrating the role he took in attempting to influence opinions:

[21:53:58] DaveGoldsmith : Mark is fizzling out and running out of ammo
[21:54:04] mark glenn : HAHAHAHAHA
[21:54:08] mark glenn : another funny one
[21:54:13] Guest5806 has logged out.
[21:54:14] Guest10343 has logged out.
[21:54:18] AnnaSmith0 : It was I suppose the best they could do but it did not demonstrate an effective investigation
[21:54:22] mark glenn : what whit
[21:54:32] mark glenn : ok
[21:54:36] satanicjewsclues911 : Fetzer kicked Da-Nuts..
[21:54:48] mark glenn : then if it is not accurate, then AHY are you citing it?
[21:54:51] mark glenn : WHY
[21:54:51] satanicjewsclues911 : What a Wimp…
[21:54:53] Guest10422 has logged in.
[21:54:57] TuLe0 : fetzner is a joke
[21:55:00] AnnaSmith0 : No suspect statements..the dismissal of potentially relevant evidence
[21:55:06] mark glenn : ok
[21:55:10] mark glenn : again
[21:55:23] mark glenn : WHY are you citing it
[21:55:29] AnnaSmith0 : It’s all they gave
[21:55:34] Fake War : when fetzer is debunked by accurate Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook investigations/documentaries – he will be shown up as the puffed out fool he is
[21:55:37] mark glenn : to ? what Keith is saying?
[21:55:46] mark glenn : no FW
[21:55:47] AnnaSmith0 : You can’t make it up
[21:55:48] Guest10437 has logged in.
[21:55:50] mark glenn : he won’t
[21:56:00] Guest8442 has logged out.
[21:56:09] Fake War : he ought to be
[21:56:10] mark glenn : arguing with people like Fetzer is like debating someone who beieves the moon is made out of swiss cheese
[21:56:15] Guest10443 has logged in.
[21:56:15] Guest10437 has logged out.
[21:56:17] mark glenn : how do you reason with someone like this?
[21:56:23] Fake War : someone should shut him up
[21:56:24] DaveGoldsmith : What is Keith contributing?
[21:56:24] Guest10331 has logged out.
[21:56:27] TuLe0 : FW… I think all this has been debunked… 911, boston, sandy,
[21:56:29] mark glenn : listen
[21:56:34] DaveGoldsmith : What garbage
[21:56:44] satanicjewsclues911 : What a Ignoranus.
[21:56:47] mark glenn : Keith has provided hard evidence
[21:57:11] mark glenn : if your brains worked you would be following up on these items
[21:57:12] DaveGoldsmith : You mean he is a blowhard!
[21:57:14] mark glenn : but you are not
[21:57:18] mark glenn : for one of 2 reasons
[21:57:20] satanicjewsclues911 : Keith sound like he is going to cry.
[21:57:31] mark glenn : either you are under the spell
[21:57:35] mark glenn : or you are shills
[21:57:39] Guest6528 has logged out.
[21:57:41] DaveGoldsmith : Give Keith a suppressant. He has lost it
[21:57:48] mark glenn : No he has not
[21:57:51] mark glenn : Keith was a cop
[21:57:53] satanicjewsclues911 : Shills? What Dat?
[21:58:01] mark glenn : he was an investigator
[21:58:05] mark glenn : for almost 20 yeaaars
[21:58:07] mark glenn : years
[21:58:12] mark glenn : he did this for a living
[21:58:18] satanicjewsclues911 : Big Deal, more reason not to Trust him
[21:58:36] mark glenn : oh, so we trust Fetzer instead?
[21:58:39] mark glenn : yeah, makes sense
[21:58:40] DaveGoldsmith : He wants more “stuff”. Man, Keith’s intellect does not reach Dr. Fetzer’s ankle.
[21:58:42] Guest10240 has logged out.
[21:58:42] mark glenn : congrats
[21:58:43] Guest10526 has logged in.
[21:58:48] mark glenn : you get the idiot of the night award
[21:58:52] mark glenn : after Fetzer of course
[21:59:00] Guest10535 has logged in.
[21:59:05] Guest10201 has logged out.
[21:59:30] Guest10562 has logged in.
[21:59:32] DaveGoldsmith : Dr. Fetzer won hands down
[21:59:57] Guest9087 has logged out.

Let me add that I bore no ill-will toward any of “The Ugly Truth” crowd before I discovered their support for the “official accounts” of Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing. In fact, I interviewed both Mark Glenn and Michael Collins Piper on “The Real Deal” in the past,
Mark Glenn
USS Liberty
Mark Glenn / Denis Rancourt
What’s up with Obama’s Staff? / The 9/11 Movement
Michael Collins Piper / Joshua Blakeney & Mimi the Syrian Girl
THE NEW BABYLON / The Syrian Situation
Michael Collins Piper
FINAL JUDGMENT: Israel’s role in JFK’s assassination
Perhaps even more strikingly, during the Santa Barbara 50th Observance event, “JFK: The Assassination of American”, during my keynote address and following, I cited Michael Collins Piper’s work on possible Israeli involvement in taking him out, especially because JFK was butting heads with David Ben-Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel and its principal founder, over Israel’s desire to develop nuclear weapons. I explained that, while Israel appeared to be among the SPONSORS of the event–along with the CIA, the Joint Chief, the anti-Casto Cubans, the Mafia, the Eastern Establishment (in relation to the FED) and the Texas oil men–I could only identify one of at least six shooters who could be tied back to the Meyer Lanksy crime syndicate, which Piper posits as the key–but not exclusive–connection to Israel. The FACILITATORS were LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover, where I have discussed THE MECHANICS–the shooters and their supervisors and coordinatorselsewhere.
So I have not only shown no animosity toward Michael Collins Piper or Mark Glenn in the past, I have actually supported them by featuring them on my show. I am now inclined to agree with him about the Cass Sunstein strategy of infiltrating “truther” groups in order to sow dissension and embarrass the movement in ways that contribute to the public perception of us as “crack pots” and as “mentally unstable”. Piper is pushing for another round with John Friend and me, which may take place as early as Monday, 27 January 2014. On the basis my experience with “The Ugly Truth” thus far, however, I am also convinced that he has pointed us in the wrong direction, where his own views on Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing are so woefully inconsistent with the available evidence that they cannot be qualified as rational beliefs. And this, I believe, is the reason why, when we turn to their public persona, we find so much that is ugly and so little that is true.

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