The Turkish government had engineered ISIS

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem, Sr
The Turkish government had engineered ISIS to destroy Kurdish dream of independence

Mossad agent Masoud Barzani the president of the Iraqi Autonomous Region

Masoud Barzani, the president of the Iraqi Autonomous Region lashed out against Turkey’s dubious role in Syria’s three-year-old civil war and accused Turkish president of supporting ISIS militants in the war-raged Iraq and Syria.

“The Turkish government has been providing crucial intelligence support for radical fighters in Iraq and in fact dozens of Turkish military consultants are participating alongside ISIS in fierce clashes with Iraqi and local Kurdish militias,” said the senior Kurdish official on Monday.

Mr. Barzani didn’t stop short in acknowledging the fact that the Kurds were incredibly gullible and naïve when they believed that Ankara would not remain indifferent if ISIS advance toward their regional capital, Erbil, but in mid-August, ISIS launched blitzkriegs across Iraq and overrun large territories in north and west Iraq and the only country assisted the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, was neighboring Iran.

The Kurdish prominent official added that ISIS and Turkish Intelligence Organization (MİT) have close ties and both of them aim to annihilate the Kurdish dream of independence.

Mr. Barzani continued by saying that Kobani’s loss might entail large scale massacre of Kurdish population and leave a bitter legacy of Kurdish distrust and hate toward Turkey for years to come.

It was in mid-July 2014 when the Saudi secret service arranged a clandestine meeting between the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government officials and ISIL warlords, and the terrorist organization promised Kurds that they would never attack their territories. After one week Mousl, Iraq’s second largest city was seized by ISIL.

Immediately after the Mousl tragedy, Leyla Zana, a Kurdish deputy from the Turkish southeastern province of Diyarbakır, met with Massoud Barzani, the President of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, and conveyed Abdullah Öcalan’s message to him. Öcalan who remains the unquestioned leader of the Kurds seriously warned Barzani from any collusion with Riyadh and explained that ISIL will pose a long-term security threat for Kurdish people.

Meanwhile the European officials in Brussels expressed their deep concerns that terrorist attacks are literally ‘inevitable’ if Saudi-backed jihadists return to their European countries.

ISIS Commanders Claimed to Have “Full Cooperation” with Turkey in Kurdish Genocide

Turkey may be a member of NATO, but as much as 60 percent of the country, which has repeatedly voted in Islamist-leaning governments, hates NATO and is allied with ISIS. The evidence of that continues to pile up.

A so-called US ally is not only allied with terrorists, but is involved in genocide.

A reluctant former communications technician working for Islamic State, now going by the pseudonym ‘Sherko Omer’, who managed to escape the group, told Newsweek that he travelled in a convoy of trucks as part of an ISIS unit from their stronghold in Raqqa, across Turkish border, through Turkey and then back across the border to attack Syrian Kurds in the city of Serekaniye in northern Syria in February.

“ISIS commanders told us to fear nothing at all because there was full cooperation with the Turks,” said Omer of crossing the border into Turkey, “and they reassured us that nothing will happen, especially when that is how they regularly travel from Raqqa and Aleppo to the Kurdish areas further northeast of Syria because it was impossible to travel through Syria as YPG [National Army of Syrian Kurdistan] controlled most parts of the Kurdish region.”

“While we tried to cross the Ceylanpinar border post, the Turkish soldiers’ watchtower light spotted us. The commander quickly told us to stay calm, stay in position and not to look at the light. He talked on the radio in Turkish again and we stayed in our positions. Watchtower light then moved about 10 minutes later and the commander ordered us to move because the watchtower light moving away from us was the signal that we could safely cross the border into Serekaniye.”

Until last month, NATO member Turkey had blocked Kurdish fighters from crossing the border into Syria to aid their Syrian counterparts in defending the border town of Kobane. Speaking to Newsweek, Kurds in Kobane said that people attempting to carry supplies across the border were often shot at.

Omer explained that during his time with ISIS, Turkey had been seen as an ally against the Kurds. “ISIS saw the Turkish army as its ally especially when it came to attacking the Kurds in Syria. The Kurds were the common enemy for both ISIS and Turkey. Also, ISIS had to be a Turkish ally because only through Turkey they were able to deploy ISIS fighters to northern parts of the Kurdish cities and towns in Syria.”

“ISIS and Turkey cooperate together on the ground on the basis that they have a common enemy to destroy, the Kurds,” he added.

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