The Terrorist War Against Syria



By Dr. Elias Akleh
September 9th, 2012
The daily incremental violent Syrian attacks and the orchestrated anti-Syrian political postures of most of the Western countries and some of the Arab states had become a low level war, spear- headed by foreign terrorist groups, some misguided Syrian groups, and vastly divided Syrian political opposition, aimed at the destruction of Syrian civil infrastructure and social fabric rather than the alleged declared goal of ousting of Al-Assad’s regime and the installation of Western-
type democracy.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union at the end of the 1980’s its friendly allies in the Middle East were left helpless to be claimed by the only remaining world unilateral power; the USA. A scheme of controlling the whole Middle East was morphed under different names during different times according to changing political situations. Such names included the New World Order, the Greater Middle East, the New Middle East, Spreading Democracy in the Middle East, Nuclear Free Middle East, War Against (Islamic) Global Terror, Axis of Evil, and finally the Arab Spring.
The American Power Elite spared no expense of the American tax Dollars, American
technologies and military resources to execute the New Middle East scheme, whose ultimate goal is to protect, to preserve and to expand the Zionist project of establishing Greater Israel in the heart of the Middle East to, initially, control the whole region.
The expansionist Zionist Israeli state project had faced major setbacks and is threatened to fail. Israeli citizens are tired of facing insecurity, of constant wars and of losing their sons. Israel’s wars against its neighboring Arab countries have become so costly and had failed to accomplish their objective. Israel’s 2006 war against Lebanon failed to destroy Hezbollah, who has become a more powerful military opponent. Israel’s 2008/2009 war against Gaza Strip had failed to accomplish its objectives despite all the military power Israel had mustered.
The Israeli economic situations are becoming so harsh even though Israel is feeding on the American tax money. Jewish alia (immigration to Israel) has been reversed and many young Israelis are leaving back to their parents’ original countries. To preserve their Zionist project Zionist leaders needed American help.
The American wars in Somalia, in Iraq, and in Afghanistan proved to be very costly financially, militarily, and politically. These wars plus the American unconditional political, financial and military support for international-laws-violating terrorist Israel have tarnished the image of the USA as a democratic loving society. The deteriorating American economy and the unfair administration’s bailouts of corrupting financial institutions had put a heavy burden on the American citizens. Many had lost their businesses, their jobs, and their homes. Encountering
beggars at every freeway entrance begging for a dollar or for “work for food” has become a common phenomenon.
A report by the American Department of Agriculture states that 17 million Americans, a dramatic increase from 800 thousands in 2011, are under the poverty line and cannot secure their daily meals. It is estimated that 47 million Americans are living on food stamps. People could not take it anymore and started to organize, i.e. the 99% and the Occupy Movements, and to protest the policies of the administration. Many American cities are declaring
their bankruptcy one after the other. To preserve control over America and to continue their imperialist expansion the Power Elite had to resort to the old tactic of “Order through Chaos” to accomplish its plans in the Middle Eastern region.
Order through chaos refers to the process of inciting hatred and division between different ethnic and religious groups within a country, whose strategic geopolitical location and natural resources are coveted by the Power Elite, to create military conflicts and terror attacks leading to many human massacres of innocent citizens. Under the allegation of obligation to protect human lives and providing humanitarian aid American and NATO troops are shipped to that country and
eventually affect a regime change installing a new government that becomes subservient to Western powers.
Terror groups are also created, financed, trained and armed to wreak havoc in other countries eventually leading to either military coups or Western invasion of that country. Some examples of these Western sponsored terrorist operations go back to Operation Gladio that was responsible for terror attacks, assassinations and coups in European and North African countries. Operation Condor is an American supported campaign of political repression, terror and assassination in Latin American countries such as Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil during the late 1970’s.
Operation Northwoods was a 1962 American covert operation to commit terror attacks against the Cuban community in Miami, to hijack planes, or to blow up American ships and to blame the attacks on Cuban government of Fidel Castro in order to create public support for a war against Cuba. The American failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba had the goal of inciting a popular uprising, similar to the Arab Spring uprisings, against Fidel Gastro.
The Salvador Option model consists of American trained and armed military death squads that turned El Salvador in the 1980’s and later Iraq in 2003 into virtual killing fields. Al Qaeda is a CIA trained, armed and Saudi financed terror group with the initial goal of attacking former Soviet Union troops in Afghanistan, and then later directed to perpetrate terror attacks against any country the American administration decides to interfere in militarily. Although many evidences
and scientific analyses point to a false flag inside job, the 911 terror attack had been used as a justification to invade Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and every other target in the whole world the American administration claimed as a terrorist base.
The misguided so-called Arab Spring is another elaborate scheme of new order in the Middle East through chaos, by the manipulation of misguided citizens and the use of state sponsored financed and armed terrorist groups, whose goal is to disintegrate, to divide, and to destroy Arab states neighboring Israel especially Syria
and Lebanon.
Syria has always been targeted for a regime change by the Western power elite. In 1949 the CIA had led a coup against then Syrian President Shukri al-Quwatli, who opposed the establishment of Israel, allowed the establishment of a communist party in the country, and opposed the construction of Saudi Arabian oil pipeline. Al-Quwatli regained presidency in 1955 and signed a military pact with the Soviet Union, as a result of the 1956 British/French/Israeli attack on Egypt, providing communism a strong foothold in the Middle East.
In 1957 a secret Anglo-American assassination plot was drawn by British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan and American President Dwight Eisenhower against al-Quwatli. Syria was pulled in the Lebanese civil war of 1976-1990 when the CIA informed Syria that Israel was about to send troops to occupy Southern Lebanon. Immediately after the American invasion of Iraq in 2003 Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld called for the invasion of Syria too as part of the alleged Spreading Democracy in the Middle East plan. When Rafic Hariri, a former Lebanese Prime Minister, was assassinated in 2005 the American administration hastened to accuse Syria even without any evidence.
Now, under the alleged continuation of the so-called Arab Spring, Syria is faced with a terrorist war aimed at the destruction and division of the country. Syria is the primary target of the Arab Spring scheme due to its support to Lebanese Hezbollah and Palestinian Hamas, who oppose and resist the Israeli occupation and expansion in the region.
Besides weakening these resistance groups the collapse of Syrian Al-Assad’s regime would open the road to Iran and close any Russian marine access to the Mediterranean Sea. A global anti-Syrian alliance of US, UK, France, Israel, Turkey, some Lebanese factions, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and lately Jordan and Kuwait, was formed to overthrow Syrian Al-Assad regime. This anti-Syrian alliance sent their special operation forces and foreign mercenaries into Syria to incite hatred and conflict by committing terror attacks against different ethnic groups and Syrian
forces, while at the same time waged a media war against Syrian government.
There are many so-called Syrian opposition groups such as Syrian National Council (SNC), National Movement for Change, the National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change (NCCDC), the Islamist Movement for the Fatherland, The Bloc for Liberation and Development, the Turkmen National Bloc, and the Kurdish Movement for a New Life among other less popular groups. Each has its own political goals and agenda depending on which foreign country is financing it. Their only uniting factor is the toppling of Al-Assad’s regime without any clear plan for what comes after that. The SNC failed to unite all these political factions under its banner, and to unite all the different militia groups under the Free Syrian Army.
This failure was due to its calling for foreign military intervention in Syria, a demand strongly rejected by genuine political Syrian oppositional groups such as the NCCDC, who boycotted the “Friends of Syrian” conference in Tunis. The SNC had also ignored the Kurdish demands during its July 2012 meeting in Cairo. Many political oppositional groups did not accept the real goals of the anti-Syrian campaign as declared by Burhan Ghalioun, the President of the SNC, when he stated that the new Syrian government, run by the SNC, would dramatically realign the power structure
of the region with the West (and with Israel by implication) and with the reactionary Arab monarchy regimes of the Gulf by cutting off Syrian military pact with Iran, and ending support to anti-Israeli occupation resistance freedom fighters such as Hamas and Hezbollah.
Unlike his father, Bashar al-Assad studied in UK and was exposed to other cultures. He adopted a more lenient form of governing which gained him more popularity among his people. To avoid a destructive fate similar to Libya, Al-Assad’s regime adopted serious reforms, called for referendum, established new constitution, called for democratic election, limited the term of presidency, and called for dialogue with the opposition.
These reforms dealt a political defeat to the anti-Syrian alliance, who claimed to seek and support democratic change in Syria. They pushed the opposition groups to reject the new constitution, refuse any dialogue, and demand al-Assad’s ousting. At the same time they pushed more weapons and money to the militia groups urging them to spread havoc in the country to create humanitarian crises blamed on the Syrian regime that would lead to foreign intervention.

Terrorists, including Al-Qaeda, were shipped to Syria. They attacked cities and perpetrated savage massacres against innocent citizens. Their first massacre in Houla (1, 2, & 3) failed to produce the results they wanted. So they perpetrated other massacres such as Daret Asseh, and Aleppo.
Foreign, American, NATO and Arab, military intervention in Syria was not possible due to the Syrian/Iranian military defense pact and to the Russian and Chinese veto in the UN. The anti-Syrian alliance was left with only one option; military and financial support to the foreign militia, mercenaries, and Al-Qaeda terrorist groups operating in Syria to weaken and to destroy the country. They do that openly, shamelessly, and in violation of all international laws.
The American administration and NATO give themselves the right to invade, occupy, and destroy other countries across the globe under the justification of fighting Al-Qaeda terror groups, they themselves had originally created, while deny the same right to Syrian regime, who is fighting terrorists within its own country.

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