The Stench of Benghazi



The Stench of Benghazi

… by  Karl W. B.  Schwarz


[ Editors Note:  Karl Schwarz is one of the few guest columnist additions I will be making over the summer. He has a long and diversified career not only in business, but in politics and as a Geo-political columnist , one of the few that have actual sources other than already published material.

I first met Karl in Atlanta when he was running an independent presidential campaign, a rebellion of all he had learned about the Bush crowd while on the Republican National committee. Having lived in Little Rock, Arkansas he knew the Bill and Hillary Clinton stories from beginnig to end. He has been published extensively for some time now on Rense… Jim W. Dean ]

Karl W. B. Schwarz is the Managing Director, CEO of a nanotechnology company in Europe.  As a native of Little Rock Arkansas is an authority on the Clintons and assisted the Kenneth Starr Special Prosecutor investigation of Bill and Hillary Clinton known collectively as The Whitewater Investigation. 


– First published on Rense, June 6,  2014  –


Whe are the real perpatrators of this attack?

Whe are the real perpatrators of this attack?

When trying to turn back the insanity of the myopic stupidity of the United States government it is often necessary to pay attention to current events and predicting which ‘chess move’ they are trying to set up next. 

The winds of war produce both bad results but they also uncover the truth for those paying attention.  Sometimes those hot winds blow away the obfuscation and the facts are clearer to see.

I think there are major revelations about to come out regarding Benghazi and 4 dead Americans including a US Ambassador to Libya.

Ukraine has been a long sought goal since 1991 and the collapse of the USSR.  They want Ukraine to be the next low wage labor pool for the EU (both cheap labor and tax base for a failing European Union), and NATO pushed to the border of Russia.  You have to dig deep and pay attention but that is actually 2 disparate and competing factions trying to carve up Ukraine for their own purposes.

They were in error, as is usually the case that Russia was just going to sit idly by.  Russia is in fact a Superpower and if the USA cannot handle Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, (and Georgia August 2008), only complete idiots would think they can take on Russia. Well, Washington DC is wall-to-wall idiots but that digresses from the point at hand.

As matters surrounding ISIS / ISIL and the failed regime change in Syria have evolved, and the attack of ISIS into Iraq, many apparently unrelated facts are surfacing.  These facts are connecting back in time to clarify a picture about Benghazi that has been intentionally kept out of focus for the world to see clearly what the parties were up to.

I knew in 1993-1996 that some true nutcase warmongers were trying to design a global war on terror to be launched against Islam.  That was the doing of war hawks in the USA salivating at the chance to be the sole Superpower and global masters as Empire America.  The Israelis has a hand to play in that and their Fascist Zionist Neocons because they wanted US war power directed at the enemies of Israel.

That is exactly why I walked out on the RNC on June 6, 1996 and warned them they would kill America if they launched such an idiotic scheme.  Here we are 18 years later and the devastation is utterly complete on America and it was self-inflicted by people that need to be put out of the US political process and put before US District Courts on criminal charges.

"Cowboy Bush"

“Cowboy Bush”

For example, I knew shortly after 9-11-2001 that the Bush Administration intended to take out 7 nations during his administration.  As we all know now they failed to take out the first two being Afghanistan and Iraq.

There was no ‘mission accomplished’, yet they persisted with a myopic game plan that had led to nothing but death, destruction and chaos.  It is also led to staggering levels of US debt and nothing to show for it other than more photo ops trying to evade the central issues and questions.

It has also led to colossal damage to the United States itself, to the point their entire Petrodollar Empire is collapsing even as you read this.  That will have huge negative effects on the USA and who is to blame are these one-phrase mynah bird morons in Washington DC that only know two phrases.

Phrase One being ‘regime change’ due to humanitarian reasons, and of course democracy, self-determination, freedom and liberty are callously part of the mantra.  That their methods of regime change are genocide and war crimes are points they hope others do not pick up on and see clearly for what they are.

Phrase Two being ‘another 9-11 is headed at USA’ and yet they refuse to get to the bottom of why 9-11-2001 happened in the first place.  They have worn out the USA and the world with their incessant propaganda and fear mongering as their justification for the warmongering.

Where there was a time that true enemies of the USA were somewhere in the thousands, they now number into the tens of millions due to the stupidity of Washington DC and the pursuit of an unattainable global empire.

After 9-11-2001 and even before the assault on Afghanistan on October 7, 2001, generals inside of the Pentagon had already been notified that Iraq was next.  That was the first two weeks after 9-11, not when they started lying and falsifying evidence in 2002 in advance of the US-UK assault in March 2003.

Shortly after the Afghanistan assault to take over the Trans Afghanistan Pipeline right-of-way on October 7, 2001, those same generals inside the Pentagon were sent a memorandum from Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld informing them that 7 nations were the objective; Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, and Iran.

After the Bush cabal coup, the Pentagon just let itself be cheaply used.

After the Bush cabal coup, the Pentagon just let itself be cheaply used.

Bear in mind the dates, in 2001 but the overall strategy for US imperialism dates back to 1993-1996.  Also bear in mind that all 7 of those nations are enemies of Israel and are Islamic nations.

Do not think for a moment that those nations were collectively behind 9-11-2001.  None of them had anything to do with it; the US government and elite were after a strategy of global US military domination.  That can easily be proven in a court of law when parties join hands and do just that.

In an unguarded conversation, former 4-star general and supreme commander of NATO General Wesley Clark was openly discussing what he had learned inside the Pentagon shortly after 9-11-2001.

The folks at Storm Clouds Gathering have put together a great piece on Iraq and in this video are the comments of retired General Wesley Clark, at 8:50 into this video presentation.

The only thing this Storm Clouds Gathering video does not present are facts I have reported repeatedly in the past.  George H W Bush had US Special Forces posing as Kuwait Navy and firing at both Iraq and Iran at least 8 weeks before US Ambassador April Glaspie told Saddam Hussein that the US had no interest in their ‘Arab-Arab dispute’. I personally know some of the US soldiers that were sent to start a war by President George H W Bush months before the US Ambassador basically gave Saddam Hussein a green light to solve the dispute with Kuwait on his own.

If I were POTUS, I would have the name George H W Bush stricken from the new war toy Nimitz-class aircraft carrier.  That is how low my regards are for that man, and even lower for his Village Idiot son.

I still remember the vile words uttered by George H W Bush:  ‘Saddam, get out of Kuwait!!!’  The only reason Iraq invaded Kuwait was the USA refused to help resolve a legitimate dispute, professing that they had no interest in an ‘Arab-Arab dispute’.  You will see former US Ambassador to Iraq in the same video above that features General Wesley Clark, too.

I will soon post why Hillary Clinton needs to be shown the door.  Most readers will be surprised at what that article discloses about George H W Bush and why I will never vote for anyone named Clinton or Bush.

I am the type of man that is adamant about the truth.  To me sending Americans or soldiers from any other nation to die for a lie is despicable.  We have now seen such despicable lies uttered by US Presidents regarding Iraq 1991, Afghanistan 2001, Iraq 2003, Georgia 2008, Libya 2011, Syria 2012, Syria / Iraq 2014, and more.

The very concepts of democracy, self-determination, freedom, liberty, peace and prosperity could be fact rather than the cruel illusion they are under the boot heels of liars that have agendas.  They use such and worse for marketing purposes, but do not mean what they say.  It is all about controlling public opinion, otherwise their mantra and words are shallow, hollow and untrue.

That leads us to Libya and what was promoted as a need to implement regime change in that nation.  Actually, the USA and EU had no just grounds so they had to invent one.  The USA had no grounds to attack Afghanistan until 9-11-2001. 

They needed that Pearl Harbor to pull out the sword and have US public opinion behind their deceitful actions.  They had the same problem in Libya because the former brutal tyrant Qaddafi had implemented many programs to help the people of Libya and that has now all been destroyed by the US, EU, NATO actions to take out Qaddafi.

Gaddafi bet the farm that his NeoCon buddies would save him... and lost

Gaddafi bet the farm that his NeoCon buddies would save him… and lost

He had moved from being a despised leader to an adored leader doing the right thing for his own people.  The standard of living was excellent and climbing.

In addition to Julian Assange / Wikileaks and even before Edward Snowden and the NSA spying leaks, there is an MI5 whistleblower from the UK that has come forward with some very important information.

Her name is Annie Machon and she is relating how some ‘Al Qaeda types’ approached MI6 about funding so they could regime change Libya and assassinate its leader Colonel Muammar Qaddafi.

Take the time to watch and listen, you will learn some things you probably do not know.

I think most Americans are waking up to the reality that Al Qaeda is Al CIA-duh.  It was in fact created by President Jimmy Carter and then National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski around 1978 as part of the strategy to stir up Islamic dissent against the USSR in those CIS regions we now know as Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

The latter Brzezinski being the author of ‘The Grand Chessboard’ which we all now know is the most lunatic plan ever conceived for US domination in military, petrodollars, hegemony and control of oil, natural gas and pipelines.

The Grand Chessboard strategy was to take over the oil and natural gas, get control of huge deposits and the pipeline right-of-way to get it to world markets, and push NATO and US military bases to the very borders of the Russian Federation.

The USA lost the chess match and now is in complete desperation mode to get their train wreck back on the track.

The USA and EU had no valid reason to attack Libya, except oil and the Libyan plan to implement a gold backed dinar as the currency to trade in oil.  What Qaddafi was doing would have changed the economic power of Africa and the Middle East, which is something the USA and EU desperately wanted to avoid.  They were horrified of oil being indexed to a gold-backed currency when the objective has been economic hegemony through fiat US dollars.

Then we have Fascist Zionist Neocon War Hawk John McCain posing with ISIS rebels in Syria during his Memorial Day 2013 trip to that nation./

If that does not put the signature on the painting as to who ISIS really is, you need to pay closer attention.

Then Gordon Duff of Veterans Today disclosed that the attack in Benghazi was precision timed with the public outrage in the Islamic world toward a podcast that was put forth by Terry Jones.

Terry Jones, a long time CIA Gladio operative - kicked out of German for working with Neo-fascists

Terry Jones, a long time CIA Gladio operative – kicked out of Germany for working with Neo-fascists

The MSM keeps leaving out of their reporting that Terry Jones is CIA, a CIA-Gladio type dinosaur that surfaces every so often when the USA is implementing terrorism, chaos and disruption.

If you do not know about ‘Operation Gladio’ where the US, UK and NATO were in fact waging a war of terrorism against Western Europe nations, look it up and get an education. This was back when the Iron Curtain and Cold War were still very much a reality.

The sudden surge of Islamic outrage coincided with the release of a podcast by Terry Jones that was very insulting to the Muslim world.  The video is in the Veterans Today link above, so if you are concerned about this incessant madness take the time to view the short podcast.

CBS reported the day after the 4 Americans were killed and framed the discussion as a coordinated attack by terrorists, rebels, insurgents, etc.:

The people at Judicial Watch have filed a lawsuit against the US government to force the release of classified documents pertaining to what they are hiding about Benghazi and the death of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other people.

I know the lead investigative journalist for Judicial Watch on this matter Micah Morrison.  Mr. Morrison is formerly of the Wall Street Journal and was active in the Kenneth Starr Special Prosecutor investigations of the Clintons in Arkansas, and he later wrote the multi-volume books ‘Whitewater’ disclosing all that he learned in that fiasco.  Micah has been in my home when I still lived in Little Rock, AR.

Ambassador Stevens

Ambassador Stevens

Many people are digging into the facts to establish exactly what the CIA and Ambassador Christopher Stevens were up to in Benghazi.  Many are also digging into what links there are between the UK based military contractor Aegis Defense Services and the U.S. intelligence community.

I think most people already know that the MOD [Ministry of Defense] in the UK and the Pentagon are joined at the hip on many policy decisions they attempt to push, implement, enforce, etc.

It is not a stretch at all that both CIA and MI6 are also pretty much joined like Siamese twins on many issues. That the CIA has their fingerprints on the Terry Jones podcast that created outrage in the Muslim world, and that MI5 whistleblower Annie Machon stated very clearly that MI6 was approached to assist with the takedown of Libya and the assassination of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi are points I am not missing.

It has now come out that NSA and CIA are using social media like Facebook and Twitter as part of their ploy to affect public opinion and regime change in targeted nations.

That fact ties back in to how they stirred up Islamic outrage due to the Terry Jones / CIA podcast cited above because the podcast was blasted out all over the world in just such a manner.  It is a known fact that the outrage towards that podcast originated from within the USA.

Most that know me know that I have ‘a doo doo detector of a prosecutor’ and mine is smelling the following as to the constant evasive actions we are seeing from Obama, Hillary Clinton and both sides of the aisle in Congress.

First, MI6 was approached for funding for regime change and assassination of Qaddafi.  That is a smoking gun.

Second, the podcast that was used to incite riots and protests was in fact via Terry Jones, a known CIA operative that MSM just keeps providing “Terry Jones Lite” in their reporting.  This has every appearance of being an intentional USA act to incite riots, protests and outrage that were otherwise not present and non-existent.

It is a known fact that the podcast originated from the USA that supposedly set off the riots and protests due to the outrage it produced in insulting Mohammed, the prophet that established Islam.

Third, I always watch for what the Latin phrase ‘causus belli’ means:  “An act or event that provokes or is used to justify war”.  The USA is flat running out of excuses to justify its actions.  Their pretense of 9-11-2001 to attack Afghanistan has turned into an unmitigated disaster and the US lost the war.

The same applies and the entire world knows Bush and Tony Blair lied, fabricated and launched another Unjust War in March 2003 that has also turned into a catastrophe for US foreign policy.  The USA has lost in Iraq, too.

Fourth, their attempted regime change in Libya is now known to be a fiasco and yet another failed USA foreign policy.

Fifth, their attempt regime change in Syria has now disclosed that ISIS / ISIL were trained by US and UK advisors at a secret base in Jordan.  That regime change failed due to the recent re-election of President Bashar Al-Assad and ISIS then spills over into neighboring Iraq.  It has also been disclosed that US ‘allies’ Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, each monarchial kingdoms that do not want US-style democracy in the Middle East have been financing these ‘terrorists’ while the USA has been training and arming them.

It's a crummy photo but an historical one now

It’s a crummy photo but an historical one now

If you missed the Memorial Day 2013 photo of Senator John McCain posing with ISIS rebels, financed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait, armed and trained by USA and UK, please make sure you get that mental picture clearly in your head.

Now the USA is considering air strikes on both Iraq and Syria.  How convenient since Congress said ‘NO’, and the American people said ‘NO’ to air strikes in Syria as part of the plan for regime change.

Keep remembering the video link above where retired General Wesley Clark is disclosing what he found out inside of the Pentagon shortly after 9-11-2001. My doo doo detector says that there is a skunk in this woodpile and here is what I think it is.

I think the USA intentionally sacrificed a US Ambassador and the other three Americans to justify the continuation of a strategy that has failed miserably in Afghanistan, Iraq, Georgia, Libya and now Syria.  Over on the far side of the Atlantic in Washington DC, they need any excuse they can dream up to keep trying to keep the American people sitting still for their insanity in DC.

Would they do such a thing?  They sacrificed over 4,800 American soldiers and God only knows how many wounded, maimed and Iraqi dead on the basis of lies.  Yes, they will do such things if the agenda is more important than the truth.

Now we have Arch-Neocon Senator Lindsay Graham warning of another 9-11, McCain espousing and other MSM talking heads and Neocon Nitwits that the USA needs a war to stimulate the US economy.  That rhetoric is useless since they have already bankrupted the USA chasing and failing since September 11, 2001.

There are about 100 better ways to do that, but not when the agenda is failing and they are desperate.

Clark put the word out but never led the charge

Clark put the word out but never led the charge

This entire US-UK Twiddle-Dee, Twiddle-Dum screw up is vividly clear for most of the world to see and that includes what Retired General Wesley Clark was discussing in the video link above.  Here we are 4 nations into their game plan (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria) and the entire world now knows what screw-up and catastrophe look like coming out of London and DC.

Tony Blair suddenly re-emerges trying to wash his hands clean of blood that will not wash off and many, including me, London Mayor Boris Johnson and others are blasting Blair for his continued lies and attempts to act like he did nothing wrong.  Just for starters he and Bush raped a nation, not to mention the lies for justifying an Unjust War, the killing, genocide and a long list of war crimes.

They are running out of excuses to the American people as to why they are pursuing a plan that is destined to fail.  Lies and Unjust Wars never succeed.  History has proven that for centuries, and since 9-11-2001 the USA has emphatically proven that to be true.

There is another angle of this that better describes why the RNC Fascist Zionist Neocons and the DNC Fascist Zionist Neocons are playing political ping pong and evading the truth about Benghazi.  The ones that get blamed for why there is a US Ambassador dead in Libya is probably going to get buried in the 2014 mid-term elections and the 2016 elections for a new President of the United States.

Desperate people do desperate things and I see flashing neon lights on the foreheads of most of the talking heads and politicos in Washington DC.  Those flashing neon lights say one word:  LIAR.

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