The Siege On Palestinian Life

The daily life of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza is full of struggle and restrictions, a life under siege.
The siege severely restricts civilian freedom of movement between Gaza and the West Bank and within the territories. It prevents families from seeing each other for months and years. Traveling even short distances often entails a lengthy, costly, and potentially dangerous journey.
Detours to avoid blockades, checkpoints, and closed areas frequently take civilians miles out of their way and involve the risk of being turned back, harassed, beaten, or sometimes shot.
The lack of freedom of movement leads to the suffering of basic services like medical care and education. It complicates routine acts such as purchasing goods, visiting relatives, and studying at a university. In many cases, these routine acts are impossible. Economic development under military occupation is severely hampered, and often impossible.
As the UN Secretary General said, “Palestinians have waited too long for an end to occupation.” The siege on Palestinian life is not a guard against violence, it is a systematic form of violence. Read the whole report here.
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