الجيش السوري يسقط طائرتي استطلاع لـ

I am warning readers about the relatively sophisticated nature of the ISIS propaganda machine aided by reckless networks like Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiyya, the BBC and the rest of the potpourri of compromised “news” agencies in the West.  As we reported accurately 7 days ago, the ISIS rodents have abandoned their effort to overrun the airbase and have concentrated their efforts on surrounding it by assaulting the following areas: Huwayjat Sakr, Huwyjat Al-Muree’iyya, Al-Jafraa Village, and in the city, the quarters of Huwayqa, Al-‘Urfi and Al-Jubayla. 

All reports from the suspect western media should be treated as wishful thinking.  Just yesterday, the rodents attempted to take positions inside Al-Jafraa Village in civilians’ homes.  Within 3 hours, SAA paratroopers invaded the town and killed or wounded every ISIS rat inside.  The photo seen above is from Al-Jafraa Village.

Syrian state media has reported the knocking down of 2 more drones controlled by ISIS.  These drones, as we told our readers before, were delivered to the terrorists by Erdoghan’s rats.  One reader claims the drones were manufactured in the Zionist Ghetto State and, that might be true.

The airbase is fully operational.  Do not believe the propagandists who claim the rats closed it down by firing artillery at the runways.  Ilyushin transport airplanes are flying in regularly and landing on intact runways.  The same is true of the Sukhoi and Yaks which are pummeling the ISIS cannibals in the areas we mentioned herein-above.  Food and military equipment from other parts of Syria are arriving by the hour.  Even if the ISIS savages were able to strike at a runway, Syrian Army technicians would repair the concrete within minutes.  Russian made aircraft used by the SAAF can use any part of the long runways to land and take off.  I repeat: watch out for the media nonsense designed to lower your morale and the morale of our forces on the ground and in the air.

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