The Real Iranian Threat


By Dr. Elias Akleh
Iran poses a great threat to Zionist terrorist state of Israel. Iran poses even greater threat to the present hegemonic world order controlled by the Western power elite through their financial institutions and the undemocratic United Nation with all its many branches. In the perspective of both Israel and the Western power elite, Iran, as a threat, needs to be weakened and eliminated through regime change, through economic sanctions, through terror attacks, and if need be
through war.
The roots of Iran’s confrontation with the West go back to 1908 when oil was discovered in Iran by Burmah Oil Company, later called Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC), and finally became British Petroleum (BP). During WWI the British government bought a controlling share of the company because it needed Iran’s oil for its Royal Navy.
When the Persians expressed their dissatisfaction with their meager share of 16% of the net profits a British caused coup in 1925 got rid of Shah Mozzafar al-Din and installed Reza Pahlavi in his place. Pahlavi served the British until WWII during which he became friendlier with Germany after it invaded USSR in 1941. The British and the Red Army, then, invaded Iran, got rid of Pahlavi and installed his 22 years old son Mohammad in his place. American forces also entered Iran and operated the southern part of the Trans-Iranian Railway that transported oil. After the war the allied forces withdrew from Iran but AIOC kept its monopoly over the oil
Iranians kept asking for a fair share of their oil industry, but the AIOC refused to re-negotiate and rejected all proposed compromise. In 1951 the pro-Western Iranian Prime Minister Ali Razmara was assassinated and replaced by Mohammad Mosaddegh. The Parliament created the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) and the oil fields were nationalized.
The United Kingdom was furious and raised an anti-nationalization case at the International Court of Justice at The Hague. After losing their case British Prime Minister Winston Churchill resorted to the US for help, but president, then, Harry Truman was very busy with his war in Korea. However, in 1953, Dwight Eisenhower became the president and authorized Operation Ajax, a joined British MI6 and American CIA coup led by Kermit Roosevelt, which overthrew the democratically elected government of Mosaddegh and transformed the government into an oppressive constitutional monarchy led by Mohammad Pahlavi until 1979. As a result of the coup AIOC returned to Iran but accompanied with five other American oil companies including Royal Dutch Shell with their own shares of Iran’s oil monopoly.
In January 1978 the Iranian Islamic Revolution ignited causing the Shah to leave the country in January 1979, and an Islamic Republic with Ayatollah Khomeini as supreme leader was established. On 4th of November 1979 a group of Iranian students seized the American embassy in Tehran taking 52 American hostages accused of being CIA operatives plotting to overthrow the revolutionary government as was done to Mosaddegh’s government in 1953. President Carter’s military and diplomatic rescue attempts failed and the hostages were not freed until January 1981 according to the Algiers Accords.
Encouraged by the CIA and financed by Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, CIA man Saddam Hussein, then President of Iraq, engaged Iran into what is known as the Eight Years War 1980 – 1988. The aim was to engage both countries into a war of attrition that weakens both countries and brings huge profits to the Western military complex. To lengthen the war and to increase the casualties and the devastation both Israel and the US provided intelligence information to both parties and sold them weapons including chemical weapons, sold by Donald Rumsfeld to Saddam Hussein, that resulted in, among many, the massacre of Halabja. The war finally ended in August 1988 according to UN Resolution 598 without any territorial gain by either party.
The CIA had also failed to topple Ahmadinejad’s administration during the 2009 Iranian election through the use of social media; internet, twitter and facebook, to push people into the streets demonstrating against the election.
Iran had become a real thorny bone in the throat of Zionist controlled American administrations when the Iranian government financed and armed Lebanese Hezbollah, whose armed struggle forced Israeli occupation forces to withdraw from Lebanon in 2000, and also inflicted heavy casualties on the Israeli tanks during Israel’s aggression against Lebanon in 2006.
Iran had to be dealt with. Iran became the target of huge media propaganda attempting to demonize its leadership especially Ahmadinejad, who was accused of anti-Semitism, holocaust denying, and threatening to wipe Israel off the map. Iran also was accused of developing nuclear weapons without any real evidence and even with continuous sudden and stringent IAEA inspections. Economic sanctions and oil embargo were imposed on Iran.
Penalty and punishment was imposed on countries who would buy Iranian oil, although lax exemptions were later granted to virtually all countries due to failure of the embargo and to the rise of oil prices. Iranian nuclear scientists were assassinated by Mossad/CIA backed assassins. American-backed terrorist Mujahadeen-e-Khalq (MKO) conducted terrorist attacks against government buildings and against ethnic civilian minorities to incite ethnic conflict. American administration has just removed the MKO from its terrorist list. Cyber war had been waged against Iranian nuclear facilities, and nuclear equipment sold to Iran by German Seimens company contained explosives aimed at sabotaging Iranian nuclear facilities.
In violation of international laws Israel continues to threaten to attack Iran and bomb its nuclear facilities. Israel is the only country possessing nuclear weapons in the Middle East as revealed by their own nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu. There are indisputable evidence that Israel had stolen weapons-grade uranium for its nuclear weapons program from American Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation in Apollo, Pennsylvania in 1950s and 1960s.
Israel did not just build nuclear weapons but is also proliferating nuclear weapons as evidence show that Israeli Shimon Peres, now Israel president, was trying to sell three sizes of nuclear bombs to apartheid South Africa’s defense minister PW Botha in 1975. This was also documented by the book “The Unspoken Alliance: Israel’s Secret Alliance with Apartheid South Africa” by Sasha Polakow- Suransky. God knows who else had bought nuclear weapons from Israel. Israel did not sign, and refuse to sign the NPT.
Not mentioning its many wars of aggression against Palestine and its neighboring Arab countries, its violation of international and humanitarian laws and daily terror attacks against Palestinian civilians, its assassinations of officials and terror attacks all over the globe, its illegal bombardments of Iraq and Syria, its illegal piracy against freedom flotillas in international seas, and its international laws violating threats to devastate Lebanon and to nuke Iran, Israel is accusing Iran of being threat to the region and to the world, although Iran have not committed or threatened to commit any war of aggression against any other country during the last 200 years.
One can easily discern who is the war mongering threat to world peace when comparing Iranian Ahmadinejad’s speech to the UN with Israeli Netanyahu’s pathetic “this is a bomb, this is a fuse” speech. When Ahmadinejad addresses heads of states with logic and respect, Netanyahu insults their intelligence by his condescending demeanor as if talking to third grade students. When Ahmadinejad talks peace, Netanyahu talks war. When Ahmadinejad talks global interests, Netanyahu talks Israeli only interests. When Ahmadinejad talks harmonious religious utopia, Netanyahu talks racist religious elitism.
When Ahmadinejad talks global consciousness, Netanyahu talks egocentric Judaic consciousness. When Ahmadinejad talks global holocausts, Netanyahu talks Jewish only holocaust. When Ahmadinejad addresses the concerns of all nations, Netanyahu addresses only Israeli concerns and talks us vs others. When Ahmadinejad speaks of citizenship of the whole world, Netanyahu speaks Jewish only state. When Ahmadinejad calls for return to monotheism and cites Jewish, Christian, and Moslem prophets and messengers such as Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad, Netanyahu cites his racist god and Jewish only prophets; Isaiah, Amos and Jeremiah.
Netanyahu accuses Iranian leaders of waiting for a medieval holy man to appear after a devastating holy war to spread radical Islam, yet he forgets that Zionist Israeli Jews are waiting for a Messiah, a cosmic terrorist, who would wage a holy war to purge the promised land from all non-Jewish heathens; Christians as well as Moslems, and build a temple, from which to rule the whole world.
Iran poses a great threat to the present Western hegemonic world order because its leader is pointing to the utter failure of the present world order in maintaining peace and prosperity and is calling for a new joint global management of the world with fundamental changes and structural reforms to the UN and to the Security Council based on real democracy and equal rights to all member nations by eliminating the veto power of few countries, who dominate and manipulate global politics, economy and culture to attain their racist ambitions. Iran is calling for an end to expansionist capitalism, to the elimination of all nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, and to a return to monotheism to eliminate sectarian wars.
Iran is also calling for reforming the current unjust and unfair economic structures and setting up a new international economic order based on human and moral values and obligation to allow potential talents of all nations to flourish. Ahmadinejad called for the elimination of present centers of power that seek supremacy based on domination and conquering of others through wars.
What makes Iran more dangerous is not the fact that it possesses advanced long range weapons that could destroy American military bases in the Arabian Gulf States and all the foreign naval armadas crowding the Persian Gulf and could also reach and devastate the state of Israel, but the fact that Iran will be heading the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) for the next three years. 
NAM consists of 120 member countries from across the globe making two thirds of world countries and 60% of world population and represents the biggest single voting bloc in the 193- member General Assembly at the UN. NAM countries support Iran’s call for the new joint global management, assert Iran’s right to pursue peaceful nuclear technology, oppose war against Iran and deplore Israeli continuous threat to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities. Iran has become a major global player that could not be isolated nor ignored on the global theater.
Of course the present pro-Zionist Western hegemonic world order will not sit idle and will muster every way to ruin Iran. Western military has been very busy devising military actions against Iran and studying their costs and effects. “Weighing Benefits and Costs of Military Action Against Iran” is an analytical report by the Iran Project and authored by 32 respected national security experts such as former security advisers Zbigniew Brzezinski and Brent Scowcroft, and military generals such as Anthony Zinni.
The report indicates that military action against Iran would be very costly to the US. “Given Iran’s large size and population, and the strength of Iranian nationalism, we estimate that the occupation of Iran would require a commitment of resources and personnel greater than what the US has expended over the past 10 years in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined” the report stated. Despite this analysis the US and Israel continue to conduct war games in the Persian Gulf testing the feasibility of each new war scenario drawn by American military.
The big question that poses itself is whether Iran would become the nucleus of a global spring that would create a real democratic new world order, or would it be the target of a comprehensive Middle Eastern war, possibly nuclear, whose devastating effects would hit all
countries without exception.

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