I don’t normally cover British by-elections but yesterday’s one in Oldham East and Saddleworth is somewhat noteworthy as a barometer of political contentment.
Obviously Labour won, as you would expect them to, with an increased majority, but that’s not the full story.
This is my breakdown of the result:
The useless (Labour): 14,718 (42.14%, +10.27%)
The unprincipled scumbags (LibDems): 11,160 (31.95%, +0.32%)
The slash and burn party (Tories): 4,481 (12.83%, -13.62%)
The “we hate Europe, but like the gravy train” party (UKIP): 2,029 (5.81%, +1.95%)
The Neofascist nucklescrapers (BNP): 1,560 (4.47%, -1.25%)
Plus others. Electorate 72,788; Turnout 34,930 (47.99%, -13.19%)
Previously, 2010: Lab maj 103 (0.23%) – Turnout 44,520 (61.18%)
Woolas (Lab) 14,186 (31.86%); Watkins (LD) 14,083 (31.63%); Ali (C)
11,773 (26.44%); Stott (BNP) 2,546 (5.72%); Bentley (UKIP) 1,720
(3.86%); Nazir (Ch P) 212 (0.48%)
I think what is notable is how the LibDems have still kept a large chunk of their votes, which shows you how gullible some people are.
The Tories did badly, but not as bad as they should have.
The useless Labour Party should have swept the floor with all of them, yet under the pitiful leadership of Ed Miliband they can’t even do that.
The dregs of New Labour which are running that party now must go down as some of the biggest political incompetents in the last 111 years.
When the voters look between the Tories, Lib Dems and the Labour Party they don’t see much difference, rather grey men in suits, echoing similar arguments and certainly nothing moderately radical coming from the Labour Party. They can’t even muster weak-willed social democracy or a competent defence of the welfare state, that’s how pathetic they are.
Surprisingly, the BNP, although their vote is down, achieved over 10% of the Labour polled votes which is deeply depressing, and a bit worrying.
Still, on the bright side that bigot and racist, Phil Woolas was kicked out, some consolation.

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