The occupation proves the administrative detention of the prisoner Hiba Al-Labadi

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Illegally Nazi occupied West Bank: The Ofer Nazi Military Court has issued a decision confirming the five-month administrative detention of Palestinian-Jordanian prisoner Heba al-Labadi, who has been on an open hunger strike for 24 days, according to the Prisoners ‘and Editors’ Affairs Authority.

The Nazi tribunal’s decision came after a closed session held to consider the administrative detention of al-Labadi, after efforts by the legal department in the commission, which coincided with Jordanian interventions and pressures to release her, but all allegations made by the defense About her refused.

“The confirmation of the administrative detention right of the captive of Labadi at this difficult time it is going through, reveals the extent of the rudeness and criminality of the occupation.”

The Commission held the occupation government fully responsible for the life of the captive Labadi, stressing that the uniqueness and pressure on them, and placed in a healthy and complex life, may have serious repercussions on them.

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