365 AM: the Gaza war, live

365 AM Teaser
from Abdallah Omeish
on Vimeo.

In the winter of 2008, two days after Christmas, Israel launched one of it’s deadliest and most controversial wars. Whilst preventing the people of Gaza from fleeing the territory it proceeded to rain missiles down on them using some of the most sophisticated weaponry available. Trapped with them, were the only two foreign reporters inside Gaza at the time.
They found themselves locked inside a war zone as the only voices able to reach the English-speaking world. This is their incredible, and as yet untold, story.
Ayman Mohyeldin, a 30-year old American citizen and Sherine Tadros, a 29-year old British national lived through the war – for three weeks reporting for Al Jazeera English amidst an international media blackout.
Now, they want to tell others what they witnessed – raw and uncut. 365 AM will stimulate audiences with exclusive footage and images captured in different formats from professional cameras to mobile phones. The film draws on powerful images from over 100 hours of footage, mostly from Al Jazeera English, and never-before-seen personal video of Ayman and Sherine during the war.

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