The Nazi occupation transports 23 prisoners on hunger strike for solitary confinement


By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Palestine: – The Nazi Camp Service on Wednesday transferred 23 Palestinian prisoners of solitary confinement in Nazi camp Ramon after announcing an open-ended hunger strike to protest the installation of carcinogenic jamming devices.

This comes at a time, gave the prisoners in the camp “Raymond” management of the occupation prisons for 24 hours to respond to their demands to activate the public phone for five days, remove jamming devices, and return the strikers who were transferred from the Camp to the “Nafha” Nazi camp number of 23 prisoners, in addition to Stop the inspection campaigns .

The Prisoners Club said in a statement on Wednesday evening that the decision of the prisoners came after a meeting held today with the administration in the prison “Raymond”, stressing that the prisoners continue in their struggle, including a hunger strike .

 He confirmed that 23 prisoners have been on hunger strike since yesterday, including five stopped drinking water in a decisive struggle, after a crackdown carried out by the administration of the detainee against them, where they oppressed and arbitrarily transferred from the Nazi Camp “Raymond” to the prison “Nafha”, after they announced the open strike In response to the administration’s repudiation of an earlier agreement with the prisoners, the same demands were made .

The Prisoners Club said in a statement that “it is clear that the situation is moving towards escalation, especially as the prisoners informed the administration that they are developing a series of steps to struggle to resolve the confrontation around the jamming devices .”

In April, hundreds of prisoners carried out a struggle that lasted for days and ended after an agreement was reached between them and the Camp administration, which included meeting a number of their demands, most notably the installation of jamming devices, and the beginning of installing and activating the use of public telephones.

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