The Nazi occupation forces arrested 17 Palestinians from different areas of the West Bank

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


The Nazi forces arrested on Tuesday night 17 Palestinians during a raid campaign in various governorates of the occupied West Bank

The Nazi army said in a statement that its forces arrested 17 Palestinians during night raids in various parts of the illegally occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, allegedly participating in acts of popular resistance, adding: “The detainees were transferred for investigation.”

The Nazi soldiers raided Palestinian houses and arrested Zaid Ahmed Ba’jawi, 15, from Ya’bad village, southwest of Jenin .

Also in Jaba ‘, Jenin, the Israeli occupation forces arrested: Murad Fashafsheh and Bahaa Salatneh, and Nablus’ Omar Al-Shakhshir from Nablus .

The Nazi occupation forces are conducting a campaign of arrests and daily raids during which they work to arrest dozens of Palestinians, confiscate their property and tamper in their homes, in addition to looting money .

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