The Nazi occupation forces arrest two young Palestinians from Silwan

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Nazi Occupied Jerusalem : The Occupation Forces arrested two Palestinian youth, Thursday, after they stormed their homes in Jerusalem.

The Nazi occupation forces stormed at dawn today several neighborhoods in Silwan, and raided a number of Palestinian homes.

He added that the forces arrested the two youths, Baha Abu Tayeh and Nasrallah al-Awar, after they raided and searched their homes and tampered with their contents, and then took them to an investigation center in the city.

Other elements also stormed the village of Al-Issawiyah, northeast of Jerusalem, and stormed the homes of the young men whom the Nazi occupation authorities ordered to detain them at home during the night hours.

The Nazi occupation forces arrested the young man, Saed Yusef Obaid, at the eastern entrance to his neighborhood, after he was beaten.

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One thought on “The Nazi occupation forces arrest two young Palestinians from Silwan

  1. You would be more accurate calling this kidnapped the two youth. There is no mention of a warrant arrest in the story. A typical Israeli army practice.

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