The Nazi occupation forces arrest two Palestinian youths, east of Jerusalem

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Nazi Occupied Jerusalem: This morning, the Nazi Occupation Forces arrested two Palestinian youth, after they raided their homes east of occupied Jerusalem.

The Quds News correspondent reported that forces from the Nazi occupation army stormed several neighborhoods in the towns of Al-Eizariya, Abu Dis, and Al-Sawahrah, east of the city.

He added that the occupation forces arrested the two young men, Ahmad Al-Khatib and Hassan Abu Al-Rish, after they raided and searched their homes in Al-Eizariya.

During the storming and withdrawal, confrontations broke out between the youths and the occupation forces, who fired sound and gas bombs at the place.

In Issawiya, the occupation forces launched a campaign of arrests in the village north-east of Nazi occupied Jerusalem yesterday, and arrested each of: Fadi Abu Al-Homs, Noor Muhaisen, Hussam Alyan, Muhammad Musa Mustafa, Majd Derbas, and David Derbas from the neighborhood of the martyr Muhammad Obaid.

The Nazi occupation forces stormed the village of Al-Issawiya throughout the day and spread among its neighborhoods claiming that the residents did not adhere to the house quarantine.

However, Palestinians in the village say that the forces storming the neighborhoods in large numbers during the day cause them to fear the transmission of the Corona virus infection to them due to the high injuries in the ranks of the occupation forces.

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Prisoners Authority: Injury of the released prisoner Noureddine Sarsour, “Corona”

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Nazi occupied Ramallah: According to the Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority, the results of the tests conducted by the freed prisoner, Noureddine Sarsour, showed that he was infected with the Corona virus.

And the commission stated that Nour Al-Din is from Petunia, west of Ramallah, and he was released from the Ofer Nazi Camp on Tuesday, and spent all his detention, in the “14” section, and the Benjamin Gestapo Investigation Center.

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