The Nazi occupation army arrested 5 young men from the West Bank

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The Nazi occupied Bank: The occupation forces arrested a number of young men, during raids in the cities of the Nazi occupied West Bank, at dawn today.

According to local sources, the Nazi occupation forces arrested the young man, Muhammad Amin Lahlouh, after storming his family’s home, in the town of Arraba, south of Jenin.

While the occupation forces arrested two young men from Nablus governorate, at dawn today.

The sources said that the occupation forces arrested the liberated prisoner, Badr Hussam Al-Raza, from Al-Makhfiya area in Nablus.

She indicated that the force that arrested al-Razza entered disguised as sanitation workers and carried sterilization tools.

The Nazi occupation forces also arrested Muhammad Walid Sawalmeh, after they raided his home, in the northern town of Asira.

The Nazi occupation arrested the two young men, Yaqoub Abu Lawy, and Ihab Al-Kalouni, from Ain Al-Sultan camp, west of Jericho.

It is noteworthy that the occupation forces launched arrests and raids campaigns in the occupied West Bank on a daily basis.

30 Palestinian prisoners spent more than 25 years in the occupation prisons

The captives

Gaza: The specialist in the affairs of prisoners and freedmen, Abdel Nasser Farwana, said that (30) Palestinian prisoners have been detained in the Nazi occupation Camps for more than 25 years continuously, and these Palestinians call them the term “generals of patience.

Farwana added in a statement, today, Monday, that the two prisoners Karim and Maher Younes, who have been detained since January 1983, are the oldest, as they have been detained for nearly 38 years, and they are the most continuously imprisoned throughout history.

He explained that (12) prisoners among these are residents of the West Bank governorates, and (12) others are from the occupied territories in 48, and (5) prisoners are from Jerusalem, in addition to one prisoner from the Gaza Strip, indicating that these old men belong to Various Palestinian factions.

He pointed out that among these prisoners (24) prisoners were sentenced to life imprisonment, one time or several times, and the rest (6) are prisoners who are serving prison terms ranging between (35-45) years.

Farwana called on all concerned authorities to give these prisoners more attention in highlighting their aggravating suffering and harsh conditions of detention, keeping their case on everyone’s priority list, and working seriously to break their record and release them.

The Al Al-Akhras prisoner continues his strike since 21 days


Nazi occupied Palestine: Prisoner Maher Al-Akhras (50 years) from the town of Silat Al-Dhahr in Jenin continues his open hunger strike for the twenty-first day in a row. Rejection of his administrative detention in the Nazi occupation Camps.

The prisoner club pointed out that the mute prisoner is being held in the cells of Ofer Nazi Camp, and several days ago, the military court of the occupation confirmed his administrative detention order, which lasted for four months.

The Nazi occupation forces arrested the Al-Akhras prisoner on July 27, 2020. It

is noteworthy that he is a former prisoner who spent a total of four years in the occupation prisons between sentences and administrative detention. He is married and the father of six children.

The Nazi occupation has issued 665 administrative detention decisions since the beginning of the year


Nazi occupied Palestine: The Palestine Center for Prisoners Studies has monitored the issuance of 665 administrative detention decisions by the Nazi occupation military courts since the beginning of this year.

The center confirmed in a statement today, that despite the spread of the Corona virus and calls for the release of administrative prisoners detained without charge, the occupation military courts continued to issue administrative orders against Palestinian prisoners.

The center said: “The occupation has not stopped issuing administrative orders against prisoners on a large scale without taking into account the standards and conditions laid down by international law that limited its use, except in a narrow framework, as the orders affect all segments of Palestinian society from; Representatives, faction leaders, women, children and sick people, to become a sword hanging over the necks of the Palestinians.

Researcher Riad Al-Ashqar, the media spokesperson for the Center, explained that among the administrative decisions issued since the beginning of the year 426 were the decisions to renew administrative detention for other periods that extended between two to six months, and reached 6 times for some prisoners, while 239 administrative decisions were issued against prisoners for the first time, most of them. Of the editors who were re-arrested.

Al-Ashqar considered that the continuation of the occupation in issuing administrative orders in light of the exceptional circumstances that the world is experiencing with the spread of the Corona virus, disregarding all customs and laws and disregarding international institutions that called for their release out of fear for their lives, instead of the occupation using administrative detention as a collective punishment against the Palestinian people.

PCHR indicated that the Nazi occupation is still detaining 370 administrative prisoners in its prisons, most of whom are freed prisoners who spent different periods in prisons and were re-arrested again, and most of them were renewed for other periods, including two deputies in the Palestinian Legislative Council. 

The Palestine Center for Prisoners Studies called on international institutions to urgently intervene to release administrative prisoners who have been detained without charge, in light of the concern for the lives of prisoners from the arrival of the Coronavirus to prisons.

Prisoner Amir Kulaib from Jerusalem was infected with the Corona virus

Corona prisons

Nazi occupied Palestine: The Prisoners and Executives Affairs Authority reported that the prisoner Amir Kulaib, from the village of Issawiya, north-east of Jerusalem, had been infected with the Corona virus.

The commission clarified that the prisoner Kulaib was subject to house arrest, and an actual five-month detention order was issued against him, as he surrendered himself three days ago to the Nazi occupation police and intelligence in Nafha Nazi Camp.

She indicated that after undergoing a corona virus examination, it was found that his result is positive, that is, he carries the virus.

The authority revealed that the administration of Nafha Nazi Camp, as soon as the result of the Corona examination of Prisoner Kulaib appeared, transferred him to “Raymond” prison, where the place reserved for stone.

Prisoners’ institutions: the Nazi occupation arrested 429 Palestinians during July

Prisoners’ institutions reported that the Nazi occupation forces arrested 429 Palestinians during the month of July.

In its monthly report, released today, the Prisoners’ Institutions stated that 32 children and 10 women are among the detainees.

 The Prisoners’ and Human Rights Institutions (Prisoners’ Affairs Authority and Executives’ Affairs, Palestinian Prisoners Club, Addameer Prisoner Care and Human Rights Foundation, and Wadi Hilweh Information Center – Silwan) indicate that the Nazi occupation forces have arrested (201) Palestinians from Jerusalem, and (46) from Ramallah and Al-Bireh. (35) from Hebron, (34) from Jenin, and (22) from Bethlehem.

It also arrested (20) Palestinians from Nablus, (15) from Tulkarm, (17) from Qalqilya, eight from Jericho, (15) from Tubas, three from Salfit, in addition to (13) from Gaza.  

During the month of July 2020, the number of Palestinian prisoners in the Nazi occupation Camps reached nearly 4,500.

Among the prisoners are (41) female prisoners, while the number of child detainees is about (160) children, and the administrative detainees are about (360), and the number of administrative detention orders issued reached (98) administrative detention orders.

Prisoner Abdel Fattah Zamel .. 18 years of deprivation from meeting his mother


Exclusive to Al-Quds Al-Akhbariya : They all visit him except her, and she has not had any meeting with her son since his arrest in 2003, but his voice remains what makes her savage whenever she yearns for his life, all of them return from the visit to reassure her of his condition, and she waits for the phone ringing every day, perhaps it will be him.

Prisoner Abdel Fattah Riad Zamel (45 years), from Nablus, was arrested by the Nazi occupation forces from his home on the 29th of May 2003. After a period of investigations by the Shin Bet, he was sentenced to 24 years in prison for carrying out operations against the Nazi occupation.

Eighteen years in captivity did not see Nour Aynah and his mother, Souad (72 years), who did not give birth to him, but she is still hoping to meet him, despite the occupation’s refusal to visit him because of the lack of “proof of lineage” (as she breastfed him). He spoke on the phone with grief and pain over his absence, and longing To him, and he speaks to her, and he confides about her and laughs at her.

Prisoner Abdel Fattah made his marriage to one of his female relatives in captivity, while he was on a date with freedom and his wedding after serving the remainder of his judgment or perhaps it would be released before he makes up for it.

The brother of the prisoner, Tariq Zamel, told “ Quds Al-Akhbariya ” that Abdel-Fattah moved between several prisons and is being held today in the “Negev” desert prison, where he received many courses during his detention, including courses in; International and humanitarian law, cultural creativity, national constants, strategies of popular resistance, principles of political action, at a rate of 60 hours per session.   

He adds that four years ago, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in history from Al-Aqsa University in Gaza with good grades, and more recently he obtained a second bachelor’s degree in education / social education from Al-Quds Open University in Nablus.

He confirmed that he plans to continue his education and obtain a master’s degree in the occupation prisons, and that he is currently giving organizational courses for prisoners.

Tariq confirms that his brother Abdel-Fattah is very patient. His health and conditions. ”

The oldest prisoner of Jerusalem in age .. The Nazi occupation extends the administrative detention of MP Abu Tir


The Nazi occupation Court renewed the administrative detention of the deputy deported from Jerusalem, Sheikh Muhammad Abu Tir (70 years), for a second period of four months.

MP Abu Teer is one of the symbols of the captive movement inside the occupation prisons, and he spent nearly 36 years in captivity castles, and he has been deported from his city, Jerusalem and his hometown, Umm Tuba (to the south) since December 8, 2010.

He was subjected to many arrests, summons, and harsh investigations at the hands of the occupation intelligence, and he also moved between several prisons and spent his detention periods between an actual and administrative prison, to spend half of his life in prison bars, and he is considered the oldest prisoner of Jerusalem in age.

Abu Tir was born on the 16th of April 1951 in the village of Umm Tuba, south of occupied Jerusalem, and completed his secondary education at the Al-Aqsa Islamic School, and worked as an imam, teacher, and preacher in the village mosque.

He traveled to Beirut in 1972, and joined the ranks of the Fatah movement in the name of Harki (Tariq bin Ziyad), then he met Saad Sayel and began the phase of military work until his arrest in 1974, and his sentence to 13 years imprisonment.

He was released in (Operation Galilee) in 1985, in conjunction with the escalation of the Islamic work that culminated in the launch of the “Hamas” movement, so Sheikh Abu Tair worked early under the name (Sidi Omar) to prepare for military action with “Hamas” in coordination with the Popular Front, the General Command, until He was arrested in 1989 and imprisoned for 13 months.

He was re-arrested in 1990 after completing an arms deal in favor of “Hamas” movement, and he was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment. During the period of detention, he got acquainted with a large number of leaders of the military action who worked from inside the prison to establish a central military wing, but the discovery of the matter led to the imprisonment of Sheikh Abu Tir 7 Other years spanning 2006.

After his release from prison, Sheikh Abu Tir was elected on January 25, 2006, as a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council for the Change and Reform Bloc, and he was the second person on the list that Hamas nominated to run in the legislative elections after Ismail Haniyeh.

However, this did not prevent him from being re-arrested on June 30, 2006, and then in 2010 he was deported from Jerusalem to the occupied West Bank.

And the occupation authorities decided to withdraw his identity and those of the Jerusalem representatives and the Minister of Jerusalem Affairs also after their victory in the Legislative Council elections, accusing them of not being loyal to the occupation state.

The detention stations of MP Abu Tair:

He was arrested on 9/12/1974 and released on 5/20/1985 (exchange deal)

He was arrested on 1/2/1989 and released on 3/1/1990

He was arrested on 3/9/1990 and released on 2/28/1991

He was arrested on 3/11/1992 and released on 1/2/1998

He was arrested on 9/21/1998 and released on 6/6/2005

He was arrested on June 29, 2006, and released on May 20, 2010

He was arrested on June 30, 2010 and released on December 8, 2010 

He was arrested on 6/9/2011 and released on 5/9/2012

He was arrested on July 2 2013 and released on July 30, 2015

He was arrested on January 28, 2016, and released on May 30, 2017

He was arrested on 4/8/2017 and released on 1/2/2018

He was arrested on 3/13/2019 and released on 10/10/2019

He was arrested on 4/13/2020 … and he is still under administrative detention

Prisoner Nidal Abu Aker … constant suffering due to medical negligence

Bethlehem – Quds News Special: Prisoner journalist Nidal Abu Aker, from Aida camp in Bethlehem, suffers from health problems, in light of intentional health negligence by the occupation prison administration.

His son, Muhammad Abu Aker, told “Jerusalem News” that his father suffers from “ulcers”, and the administration of “Ofer” prison, where the occupation is currently holding him, does not provide him with adequate treatment and medication.

A special force from the Nazi occupation army arrested the prisoner Abu Aker, from Bethlehem, at the beginning of last July, then the intelligence services transferred him to administrative detention for a period of 6 months.

Muhammad indicated that his father is boycotting the occupation military courts, just like a number of administrative prisoners, who refuse to appear before them.

Muhammad, who was arrested by the occupation, also said that his father has spent more than 16 years now, in several arrests, most of them administrative, “without a case or charge.”

Days after the arrest of the prisoner Nidal Abu Aker, his father, Haji Naim Abu Aker, passed away, without being able to cast his last farewell look at him.

The suffering of repeated arrests began with Nidal when he was a 14-year-old boy, whose brother Muhammad was shot by the occupation forces in the first intifada.

Five prisoners will continue their strike until their demands are met

11 thousand Palestinians have been arrested by the occupation from occupied Jerusalem since 2015

Prisoners Authority: The deterioration of the health status of the sick prisoner, Mohamed Salah El-Din

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