The Messengers Of Evil


by Daniel Mabsout

As far as the world order is concerned , there is one general plot targeting humanity. What we see as a series of separate events – threatening humanity through a definite social group – is nothing but strands of a wholesome conspiracy whose events are seen separate because we are unable to see the threads that link them together.
Just link all the events of the Arab Spring together, from Tunisia to Egypt to Libya, and don’t forget to pass by the Ivory Coast then again by Mali and Sudan from where all has started . Then link all what you have seen and known and maybe witnessed and experienced; you will see that the Arab Spring and the slandering movie and comic strips are not disconnected. You will see Bernard Henry Levy – the source of inspiration and conspiracy of the Arab Spring – delighted by the thugs of the Arab revolutions and also by the slandering of the Prophet of Islam. These are two faces of the one coin .
The slandering is not an isolated event but a part of a big strategy with definite steps and different scenarios which serve the purpose of the powerful ones , the masters of cheat and deceit.
After picturing Muslims as killers of black Africans and killers of children and slaughterers of families by the dozen- whether in Libya or in Syria – it became high time to expose the Holy Prophet of Islam, just to make this thing look plausible and feasible .
According to the masters of cheat and deceit , this comes in the natural development of things because this slanderous, unruly behavior of the thugs must look as originating from to the nature of their religion and the character of their Prophet (God prevents).
The masters of cheat and deceit of this world are not dormant. They keep full vigilance over their business . They conspire day and night and night and day, from the morning till the evening and then during the whole night they conspire. They will not stop and cannot afford to stop because their lies and cheat and deceit cannot be maintained otherwise , they will crumble once for all.
Is naïve who thinks that the masters of cheat and deceit leave anything to fate or to nature. Not at all , everything is the fruition of deeply calculated operations and minutely arranged. From Palestine to 9/11 to Iraq to Lebanon to Libya and Syria and the fatal Arab Spring, everything has been planned and carried on to the letter .
It is almost a piece of art achieved by the enemies of humanity except for the final outcome that is and will remain alien to them and totally out of their control . This is to say that the friends of humanity are also keeping vigil . The party of God known as Hizbullah is keeping full vigilance and highest awareness and total inspection of the field . With God’s help , nothing can escape its vision or hinder its intuition .Truth has the final say and speaks the last word and even punctuates what has been said

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