The Majority of Jews, 8 Million, Have No Wish to Live in a Conflicted 'Israel'

By Hans Stehling

Global Research,

Out of a global Jewish population of 14.8 million, over 54% do not, and presumably have no wish to live in the hard-Right, Likud-dominated, settler-controlled, extremist state that is today’s Israel.

These population figures, recently published in the American Jewish Year Book, are instructive because they prove that Netanyahu’s claims to speak for the worldwide Jewish Diaspora, are demonstrably false.

But that should not come as any surprise to us about a failed politician desperately trying to avoid prosecution for alleged bribery and corruption during his term in office as Prime Minister.

Many Jews around the world, in New York, London, Paris and other centres of Jewish life, find the Netanyahu political influence both in Israel and outside, a shocking example of racist, even Fascist, political ideology – and are acutely ashamed by his actions.

The reports of heavily-armed IDF soldiers shooting young Palestinian protesters dead at the Gaza border, are repulsive and appalling to many thousands of observers worldwide, both Jewish and Gentile, who believe in human and civil rights for everyone – even protesting Palestinian schoolchildren with their mothers and fathers.

These observers of Netanyahu’s politics know full well that in addition to flouting U.N. Security Council Resolution 2334 that demands the repatriation of all illegal settlers in the Occupied Territories back to their homes in Israel, the continued blockade of essential goods against 1.8 million in Gaza is a shocking stain on the claimed democratic principles of the Israeli state under Netanyahu’s influence.  The sooner he is gone and a true democratic leader elected, the better will be the future for both Jew and Arab in the land of Palestine and within the international Holy City of Jerusalem.

We can but hope that the international community of nations will come to a consensus that will condemn the illegal settlements and annexations and take concrete steps to bring about a long overdue equity to the indigenous peoples of Palestine.

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