The lion of Judah



Ben Shahn’s (1898-1967) Allegory (1948) depicts The Lion of Judah standing guard over the Jewish victims. Now, Israel has become the tyrant and the people of Egypt and an entire region the new victims, rising up against the Lion, weakened today by Zionist militarism and bigotry.

As the Egyptians prepare for gigantic protests to force out the Zionist dictator Mu-Barak, a legacy of neglect, blood, and death will live through the coming centuries.

The victims are honored as events unfolding in Egypt have injected in the people the giddy feeling one gets when changing history by standing with brothers and sisters against tyranny.

Israhell fears a people refusing to remain victims.

One hopes its fears are justified.

Now is the time for action, for millions in the street demanding democracy and justice, as the people instruct the world.

The time for reasoning with this regime is long past.

Negotiation and silence are betrayal today, comfort to the creatures of oppression.

The image below is Goya’s The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters.

Goya’s The Sleep of Reason

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