The Zionist Mafia is Not a Religious or Racial Label


by Mike Stathis


As influential as these segments of society are, the control held by the Jewish mafia certainly does not end there. Their influence can be found in virtually every aspect of U.S. society. The same applies to Canada and Europe.  

The Jewish mafia works in a unified manner in order to more easily achieve its objectives. Over the decades, this mafia has caused U.S. society has become weakened and perverted, both economically and morally, all while Jewish-controlled Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, media and government continue to defraud and deceive the people.

Perhaps the most tragic aspect of the Jewish mafia is that it has successfully duped the U.S. to fight wars for Israel. This has cost millions of lives, trillions of dollars, and a life time of suffering for the survivors. Without a doubt, America is headed towards complete economic and moral insolvency if something is not done to radically alter the power structure of the Jewish mafia from its reach into Washington.

As one delves into each segment of society to identify control by the Jewish mafia, we cannot forget that this vast crime syndicate rarely acts alone. Without the greed and criminality of gentiles, the Jewish mafia would be much less effective. Much of the same can be said about the victims of the Jewish mafia. As long as greedy, dishonest and naive people exist, the Jewish mafia will have plenty of victims.

The Jewish mafia continues to gain more power each day, without any challenge whatsoever. In past decades, they were careful to rule from the sidelines so as to avoid any notice by others. With each passing day, this mafia continues to take the spotlight as if to deliver the message that they don’t care if people realize they are in control of things.

Even Jewish-run New York Magazine recently published an article admitting that Obama was America’s first Jewish president. This is something I have been saying for a while now.

The arrogance exhibited by the Jewish mafia is somewhat justified. After all, they continue to defraud, exploit and deceive gentiles over and over without punishment or detection. Indeed, it would appear that the Jewish mafia has managed to cover all of the angles. This arrogance has extended into the deepest layers of the Israeli government.

One cannot criticize the control of the media, banking system, Wall Street, corporate America, the federal government, the educational system or corporate America by the Jewish mafia without facing a backlash of smearing, name-calling and threats. One cannot even raise the controversy of the Kosher tax by the Jewish mafia without being labeled as an anti-Semite.

In fact, simply for posting this article I have officially disqualified myself from ever being able to land a job in corporate America if by chance I would someday become desperate enough to want one.

Publishing articles exposing the Jewish mafia certainly has not helped my business since I am in the financial industry. In fact, I have sacrificed a huge amount of business as a result of exposing the truth few dare speak of. This is a direction I have chosen to take while realizing the consequences.

Does this sound like freedom to you?

Welcome to the United States, a nation that claims to offer democracy, freedom, a free market economy and the pursuit of happiness, but really only permits fascism, brainwashing and exploitation by corporate America and the Jewish mafia.

People had better damn well wake up and realize the root source of world destruction, decay and white-collar crime. Until they do, things will only get worse; that I will guarantee.

Whenever someone mentions the crimes of the Jewish mafia, criticizes their control over media, banks, and governments, most Jews feel the need to protect the Jewish name for fear of growing anti-Semitism. Some cry racism when they see the word Jews or Jewish discussed in the same sentence as crime, control, deceit, manipulation and every other designation that is not complimentary.

Often times, these accusations are made by Jews. Other times, these accusations are made by gentiles who have been brainwashed by Jewish control over media, pop culture, education and other variables that form societal norms.

While there are some Jews who courageously stand up against the Jewish mafia, unfortunately, most instances are directed specifically towards Zionism.

Whenever authors dare to expose the realities about Israel’s ethnic cleansing, 911, Wall Street fraud, control by the media and Washington corruption, they feel the need to replace the word “Jews” with “Zionists” for fear of being labeled an anti-Semite. However, the Zionist designation is often misused because it implies the villains are motivated to carry out crime and deception for the purposes of strengthening Israel or adding support to ethnic cleansing by Israel.

The problem is that much of the criminal activity committed by the Jewish mafia has little to do with Zionist or religious interests. The Jewish mafia consists of both Zionist and non-Zionist Jews. It also consists of both religious and atheist Jews. Finally, this mafia also consists of gentiles who have been recruited through the lure of money and power.

Just like every Jewish person is not part of the Jewish mafia, the crimes committed by Jews are not always inspired by Zionist or religious agendas. Wall Street and commercial banking fraud, media control and workplace discrimination are not necessarily Zionist-inspired conspiracies. Thus, I want to encourage people to not be afraid to link Wall Street fraud, Federal Reserve fraud, media fraud and manipulation to the Jewish mafia because Zionism is not a prerequisite for fraud.


When I speak of Jews with regards to criminal activity, I am not referring to the Judaism or Jews as a race (for those who hold the view that Jewish people are a distinct race). I am referring to the solidarity and cohesiveness which is responsible for the inner workings of the Jewish mafia. I am referring to Jewish networking that links both Zionist and non-Zionist Jews.

Whenever we see a collection of Christians or Muslims, or Blacks or Whites that have committed large-scale fraud or some other criminal or devious act, we normally do not think of the villains as a cohesive group bonded by race or religion (although there are certainly some exceptions). Therefore, in such cases, the criminals are identified as individuals, not their race or religious designation.

In contrast, when Jews are involved in criminal activities, many observers realize it is a result of a Jewish conspiracy. The reason for this is because no other group of people comes remotely close to the extent of networking and cooperation as the Jewish people. This is part of the Jewish culture that unifies both religious and non-religious Jews. In some respects, Jewish networking and criminal activities have also been encouraged from writings in the Talmud. In other cases, these criminal activities are unassociated with the Talmud.  As a result, whenever individuals point out the control over society by the Jewish mafia, people must not allow themselves to be fooled by the racial and religious shield of blame that is always utilized by the jewish mafia. We must focus on the criminals, their mechanisms and motivations.

That said, I would like to encourage all Jewish people who view themselves as honest individuals to first acknowledge the overwhelmingly disproportionate involvement of Jews in large-scale criminal activities, as well as economic, political and societal control over populations by Jewish mafia.

Next, these individuals must speak out against the countless crimes of the Jewish mafia rather than denying the facts and infiltrating groups in order to deflect criticism of the crimes of this mafia.

This is the only mechanism by which honest and noble Jewish individuals can distance themselves from any ties to the Jewish mafia. Otherwise, even the most innocent Jews who fail to acknowledge and protest the control and crimes of the Jewish mafia will be seen in the same light as the criminals, even if they have been exploited to the same extent as the rest of the 99%.

I know there are plenty of honest, hard-working and noble Jews out there. It’s time for you to come out and distance yourselves from the Jewish mafia before you are labeled as facilitators of this group.

When a Jewish individual denies the role of the Jewish mafia in world suffering, crime and exploitation as a manner by which to protect the Jewish name, they will be viewed as accomplices to these crimes even if they have suffered at the hands of the Jewish mafia. Attacking the police instead of the criminals only implicates the attackers as accomplices. This is a very important point that must be emphasized.

In my opinion, most people become anti-Semitic because no one likes to be exploited, defrauded and controlled. No sane person can claim that anti-Semitism has existed for centuries due to religious reasons.

The real source of anti-Semitism is a natural response to persistent crimes and exploitation at the hands of Jewish mafia. The Jewish mafia has throughout history pulled the same tricks. The U.S. just happens to be the latest victim.

“Anti-Semitism is nothing but the antagonistic attitude produced in the non-Jew by the Jewish group.  The Jewish group has thrived on oppression and on the antagonism it has forever met in the world…  the root cause is their use of enemies they create in order to keep solidarity.”

Albert Einstein, quoted in Collier’s Magazine, November 26, 1938

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