The Jewish Crackdown On the Pro-Palestine Left


The prominence of the organized left has reached an inflection point.

Seemingly out of nowhere, leftists taking a principled position against Israel’s genocidal brutality and the US-enabled Jewish supremacist doctrine of Zionism have found themselves targeted by the same anti-intellectual current their handlers have long deployed against us: words are violence, we feel unsafe, no platform!

Perhaps the biggest story on the left right now is the shunning of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). Maurice Isserman, a Jew who helped found the DSA, wrote a public account of his resignation following the group’s initial refusal to condemn the Palestinian freedom fighters.

According to Isserman’s account, “tankies” — Marxist-Leninists who embrace the Soviet Union as a model — infiltrated the group and used their superior organizational capabilities to take the largely incoherent DSA over in recent years. Isserman’s original purpose for the DSA was to capture young radicals and turn them into a loyal Democrat voters, but “tankies” thwarted this mission by establishing full support for the Palestinian cause as a litmus test, which ended up dislodging Jews and liberal gatekeepers from positions of authority.

The DSA’s position on Palestine has caused most of its high-profile and politically connected supporters to ditch them. Card carrying members such as Sarah Silverman, Joshua Leifer, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Michigan Representative Shri Thanedar, Nithya Raman and Rep. Jamaal Bowman — all individuals who enthusiastically cheered when leftists were killing white people and looting across America during the 2020 riots — have either resigned from the DSA or condemned the group’s pro-Palestine national statement and protests.

At CUNY, a network of public universities known for churning out frothing at the mouth communists, a Jewish Republican Councilwoman named Inna Vernikov successfully pressured Brooklyn College President Michelle Anderson into flagrantly violating the First Amendment rights of pro-Palestine students by banning their rally from the campus. When the protest went on as planned off the campus, Vernikov appeared at the demonstration with an illegal gun in her hand. Left-wing pro-Palestine faculty were left flabbergasted, not just by the political power a Republican all of a sudden can wield over them, but also by the fact that a woman arrested for publicly flashing her firearm in New York City can somehow retain her city council seat.

On Palestine, the left feels like it has spontaneously lost all of its superpowers. The mass media is usually eager to provide wall to wall coverage of a white on non-white hate crime murder, but not when a Zionist fanatic stabs a 6-year-old Muslim boy to death in Chicago for being Palestinian. In Cleveland, CAIR is demanding the FBI investigate a driver who ran over an Arab man while screaming “Kill All Palestinians,” but it’s unlikely Merrick Garland and the rest of the Jews at the Department of Justice will be answering their calls. Multiple attempts to kill Palestinian protesters by running them over are being treated with kids gloves by authorities.

Almost all of the interracial political violence and terrorism happening right now is Jews or pro-Israel lackeys targeting pro-Palestinian protesters and Muslims, yet we are saturated with out-of-context clips of Jewish students “hiding” in libraries and calls to arrest people just for making them “feel unsafe.”

At “woke” MSNBC, every Muslim anchor has been suspended since the start of the Israel-Palestine conflict, a textbook violation of the Civil Rights Act that does not appear to be leading to any lawsuits or DoJ investigations. The Daily Beast has taken a break from doxing right-wingers to set its Israeli sniper scope on former Bernie Sanders press secretary Brianha Joy Gray, who has been defending the Palestinian cause as co-host of The Hill’s Rising. Judging from the history of Rising on Israel-related issues, she should not expect her contract to be renewed.

The list of pro-Palestine leftists being blacklisted, fired, doxed, and repudiated by otherwise friendly institutions and enabling powerbrokers is too long to even cite. Conservative ass-munchers, from Andrew McCarthy to Josh Hawley, are actively siccing the FBI they spent years pretending to criticize on Americans critical of Israel. Failing presidential candidate, Governor Ron DeSantis, has implemented by decree a brazenly unconstitutional ban on anti-Zionist activist groups operating on Florida’s college campuses.

The conservative theory that America has been taken hostage by the moral and protest power of academic left has been thoroughly debunked. Anti-Israel students using their tried and true protest playbook — sit-ins, pushing cops around, intimidation of opponents — are now facing mass arrests all over the country, revealing that America’s leaders were only pretending to be afraid of them.

The Jewish power structure is currently reorienting itself away from arresting Trump supporters and towards suppressing the anti-Zionist left. A recent resolution labeling anti-Zionist sentiments expressed on campus as ” anti-Semitism” and synonymous with terrorism passed with overwhelming support in Congress. The repression we have seen so far is only the beginning.

Some on the right see what is unfolding as an opportunity. They feel the Jewish boot lifted from their neck and being used to now attack certain low level left-wing opponents, and want to get a little cathartic kick in.

But not so fast. Just because Nikki Haley is promising to defund universities that allow anti-Zionist dissent if president doesn’t mean she has any interest in doing it for their illegal anti-white practices, like Affirmative Action. Separating Jewish students in Critical Race Theory exercises is getting professors fired, but the FBI will still be knocking on your door if you dare voice concern about your white children being treated this way. As word gets out that being pro-Palestinian will get you blacklisted by the Jews who hand pick tomorrow’s elites, casual leftists (the majority of them) are likely to break from the ideologues and drop the issue or take a heavily watered down stance.

We can already see this unfolding with some of the most odious groups on the left, like Antifa. In a widely circulated statement released by the Atlanta chapter of the anti-white gang, they attacked Hamas, pro-Palestinian white nationalists, pro-Israel Christian Zionists, and “war crimes by Israel,” but stopped notably short of condemning the ideology of Zionism, the Israeli state’s inherently genocidal ethos.

Do they expect us to believe former DSA member Jamaal Bowman votes for more Iron Dome funding or meets with Israeli officials because he is beholden to the Christian Zionist lobby?

Antifa accounts across Twitter have largely remained silent on the big city rallies by Jews on their turf openly celebrating the racial extermination of Palestinians. Their sole agenda on the subject is to act as interloping Jewish political police nobody called, looking to hijack events about Palestinian dignity and make them about gay sex, or attacking pro-whites who seek to support the Palestinian cause. It is worth noting that Muslim leaders and states currently battling Zionism in the Middle East are friendly towards and actively seek cooperation with individuals and groups gay and Jewish anarchists call “neo-Nazi.” By filling this role, Antifa groups will continue to enjoy the systematic protection those on the honest left are currently losing.

The sole outcome of this crackdown on the left will be to further erode the civil liberties of those who dare criticize what Jews are doing to both whites in the occupied West and Palestinians in the occupied territories. In America, power is neither left nor right. Jews decide who can and cannot speak.

The Zionist Occupied Government has shown that it can both walk on whites and chew Israeli bubblegum.

(Republished from National Justice Party by permission of author or representative)

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